20 HOT Signs a Younger Man Likes an Older Woman

Author: Renée Shen.

Ah, the joy of receiving the affection of a younger man. Traditionally, people talk about older men desiring younger women - usually for their radiance, youth and energy.

But the truth is that older women are also garnering the attention and affection of younger men these days. You can say it’s their life experience or the fact that women are ageing differently these days, as they are taking better care of themselves. 

It could also be the fact that older women may have the appeal of having already become mothers (and therefore they’ve developed the value of their nurturing, maternal instinct and depth of feminine energy).

Of course, older ladies also have the appeal of sexual maturity, sense of humour and earned wisdom. 

Contrary to common beliefs, women don’t always lose their value as they age. Certain women actually increase their value, and believe me when I say that the smart younger men notice this value!

It’s important to know that love knows no age difference. It is a feeling that can be developed between any two individuals. Your landing on this article shows that you might already have developed a special fondness for a younger guy.

However, you need to be aware that a young man can be the wolf in sheep’s clothing just as much as an older man can be!

Sure, younger men are more likely to be more innocent in general, but they can also be players with a well rehearsed pick up game.

So it is important to know his true feelings, and you must look for the real and sure-shot signs a younger man likes an older woman.

Let me clarify this first: 

Younger guys fall in love with older women all the time. 

So, if you have developed a special bond with a younger man, there is nothing controversial about it. 

There must be a very good reason for him to choose you when he could have easily found someone his own age.

If this young guy constantly flirts with you, seems to always be available to help when you need it and genuinely cares about your feelings, then my dear, you may have mesmerised him with your charisma and maturity.

However, if you find his signals confusing and are not sure if he’s actually serious about you, check out these twelve hot signs a younger man likes an older woman.

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Sign #1: He Can’t Stop Himself From Touching You Delicately

One of the clearest signs a younger man likes an older woman is that he likes touching you gently. 

Touching shows that he is trying to get close to you, and it is one of the ways he would use to check if you like him back. And if you do like him, he may expect you to reciprocate the touch.

Young men use touching as the lead form of flirting with older women. Whether it’s a soft touch on your hands or friendly hugs - when you see these frequently happen with him, understand that he likes you.

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(Why is this important? It is because your core attachment style largely dictates and influences what happens in your relationship. Thus it’s imperative you understand your core attachment style!) 

Sign #2: He Sends You Flirty Texts

When this young guy doesn’t shy away from sending you flirty texts, it is a clear sign that he likes you. 

Guys use texting as a form of flirting with women, and when the texts or WhatsApp start getting naughty or flirty, understand that he is into you!

The texts might sometimes not be too direct but in the form of jokes or quotes that have dual meanings. 

Being a woman, you would easily be able to understand the difference between regular messages and flirty ones. Am I right?

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Sign #3: He Softens When You Are Near

Masculine men are rough around the edges and more careless about their actions when women aren’t around, or when they are around women they don’t care about.

If you find that he changes his body language when you’re around to become softer and more sensitive, then he probably has a deep respect for you and wants to do the right thing by you.

What are signs that he softens when you’re near?

  • His voice increases to a higher pitch
  • If he’s tall, he stoops over to look less intimidating
  • His gestures are more gentle than usual
  • He becomes more affectionate and loving

Sign #4:  He Makes Fun Of You

Yep, guys poke fun at women they like. This is how masculine guys express their fondness for you.

It doesn’t always have to mean he likes you more than a friend, but with this particular sign, the difference between liking you as a friend and liking you more than a friend lies in the frequency in which he makes fun of you.

If he does it once in a while, it’s most likely just who he is.

But if he does it a lot - it’s because he finds you endearing and wants to have more influence over your feelings and ‘push’ his way into your life.

Let’s get one thing straight here: guys don’t express their ‘like’ or their ‘love’ for you the same way we do.

They know that if they came outright and professed their deep admiration and love, that that may make them look weaker or lower value, or worse still - they may come across as a player!

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So if a guy genuinely does like you, he will exert his playful dominance upon you in order to see how deeply you feel, and in order to see how willing you are to respond to him.

It’s how they weave their way into your life and see how feminine and vulnerable you are!

You can call it cruel, but there’s also lots of things that women do to men that are cruel. 

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Sign # 5: He Jokingly Tells You That He Fantasizes About You

If he can’t get you off his mind, then it is possible that he wouldnot be able to resist the urge to share his fantasies. 

And if he jokingly tells you that you were a part of his fantasy, he is trying to see if his desire is reciprocated. 

If you don’t give a positive reaction, he might decide to distance himself. However, if you like him back, it would be a good time to encourage him to tell you more about what he fantasized about!

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Sign #6: He Tries To Impress You With His Masculinity

He is a man, and showing off his masculine features is one of the things he would use to impress you. 

If you find him: 

  • Flexing his muscles
  • Bragging about or his achievements
  • Flaunting his problem solving ability
  • Rolling up his sleeves; or 
  • Opening the chest buttons of the shirt when you are around

Then he is trying to impress you, and wants to know that you are impressed by him! 

Showing physical strength and attractiveness is one of the hottest signs a younger man likes an older woman.

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Sign #7: He Always Watches When You Talk To Other Guys

When a guy likes you, he won’t be able to help but to dissect your body language and find out more about your relationship with other guys when you’re talking to them!

This is a subconscious thing that guys do when they want to possess you and make you their very own!

Here’s what he’s doing when he observes you talking to other men:

  • He’s working out how much you like them
  • He’s seeing if other guys might sneak into what he considers to be ‘his’ territory
  • He is learning more about what makes you smile, laugh and feel happy (if other guys are indeed doing that to you)

Sign #8: He Always Maintains Eye Contact With A Smile On His Face

Want to know how to tell if a younger man likes you? 

When a younger man likes an older woman, he cannot keep himself from constantly trying to make eye contact with you. Even when you are sitting within a group of people, he would frequently steal stares at you.


Well, because he wants your attention on him, that’s why! Even better if he could steal all of your attention for himself!

It shows he likes you so much that he cannot get enough of you. 

If your guy constantly maintains eye contact with you accompanied by a cute smile, consider him smitten by your charm.

Sign #9: He Introduces You To His Homies

If a younger man truly likes you, then he wouldn’t hesitate to show you off in front of his closest friends. In fact, he will be waiting impatiently to do so!

When you mean a lot to him, he would want you to get into his inner circle of close friends and become involved in his life more deeply. 

He wants you to know more about him through his friends so that you can become more invested in him and decide if you want to take this further.

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Sign #10: He Does Things To Please You

If he constantly does things to make you happy and to see a smile on your face, then he is showing you that he’s willing and ready to invest in you, and perhaps he is also trying to impress you. 

If he’s actually investing time and energy into pleasing you, helping you out or seeing you smile, then you can conclude that making you happy is one of his top priorities. 

You may find that he would also try to please you with his charm and do things that you will find alluring. 

It is one of the subtle signs that a younger man likes an older woman and is trying to win her over!

“When you truly love someone, age doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a difference of 2 years or 30 years, love is love.” — Unknown

Sign #11: He Is Always There To Help

This is one of the signs that will help you discern whether he’s just interested in sex with you, or whether he likes you a little more than that.

When you need him, he will be there – no matter what! 

He will leave no opportunity to get close to you if he really likes you. If you call him up when you need help, he would jump off his couch and be on the way to help you pronto! If your guy does that on a regular basis, then consider him infatuated with you.

Doing this tells you that he will be there for you whenever you need him because he likes you too much. A guy would only take out time for you if he really likes you. For insights on how to tell if a guy likes you over text, read these 15 insights on how guys text when they like you.

Sign #12: He Checks You Out Whenever You Meet

It is one of the hottest signs a younger man likes an older woman. Whenever you walk into the room, he would immediately divert his entire attention to your physical appeal. He would check you out from top to bottom – period!

“Love knows no age. When you find true love, you will not care about the age difference. All you will care about is spending forever with them.” — Unknown

If you observe him doing that every time you meet, know that he really likes you. It is just a matter of time before he asks you out. If your guy is shy, and you’re keen to ask him out, then this may be the best time to take the initiative with a flirty comment or some high value banter.

Learn about how to use playful banter to build romantic tension in this article.

Sign #13: He Has A Cheeky Smirk Whenever He Walks Past You

As you may already know, younger men carry the gift of a little more innocence and desire to take risks and than older men.

As such, a younger man may feel free and naughty enough to always have a little smirk on his face every time you show up or walk past him.

It’s kinda sweet, don’t you think?

Sign #14: He Gets Nervous Or Fidgety When You Show Up

If your younger guy is inexperienced with women yet likes you and is eager for your approval, then you may catch him getting nervous and fidgety when you show up.

He might really like you but also feel intimidated by your mature confidence and sexual maturity, so this is why younger guys sometimes get fidgety and nervous.

Sign #15: He’s Always The First To Watch Your Stories Or Like Your Posts

Being of the younger generation, younger guys are used to using social media to find out information about people and to spy on the women they like.

If you find his name pops up in the viewers or in your ‘likes’ section very quickly after you share on social media, then he could very well like you.

It also indicates that he gets excited when you share something, which is a positive sign that he wants to know more about you and get to know you.

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Sign #16: He Frequently Compliments Your Physical Beauty

If he has the hots for you, he will spare no time complimenting your figure or your beauty. 

This is one of the clearest signs a younger man likes an older woman. If you reciprocate with a smile and a flirty gaze, he will take it as a sign that you like him back.

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Sign #17: He Flirts With You In Public

Does he hesitate to flirt with you in public, or do his actions show that he is very comfortable doing that? 

If a guy is really into you, he wouldn’t mind trying his moves on you even when others are around. It shows that the age gap makes no difference to him. 

“Love sees no gender, status, and age. Actually, love doesn’t look at all because love feels.” — Reymon Iglesia

He likes you and is trying to seek your response when he flirts with you in public. If you flirt back, he would consider it a green signal to move on to the next step. Don’t be surprised if he asks you out soon!

Sign #18: He Connects To Your Feelings

It takes a lot for most guys to care about a woman’s feelings. For most men, feelings are a bother - an extra distraction in the day that just holds him back from the important things he needs to do.

But if you find that he cares when you’re sad, listens when you’re upset, or celebrates just as much as you do when you’re happy, then perhaps you have a younger guy who likes you right there!

Sign #19: He Values Your Opinion

Does he really enjoy your wisdom? Value the thoughts and opinions that you have gained through life experience?

And does he really take the time to listen and take your opinions on board?

If he does, then this is one of the definite signs a younger man likes an older woman.


Because men usually like to have their own direction - it comes with the territory of being a man with predominantly masculine identity. They usually don’t like to take in the advice of others, and if they do, they don’t always fully listen.

(This is because most masculine men prefer to finds things out for themselves).

But if he deeply respects you and cares how his actions make you feel, then you’ll find that he listens intently to your opinion and takes your thoughts to heart.

Warning: Some men do this to seek your approval. And despite the fact that it might be a good ego boost for you, it’s important to remember that if a man is addicted to seeking your approval, that is lowkey toxicity.

We all seek approval sometimes - that’s normal. But some men make a bit habit of it and cannot seem to stop. You don’t want to get entangled with one of these men, no matter how sexy and exciting he is!

Sign #20: He Frequently Tries To Be Physically Close To You

If you observe that he frequently tries to come nearer to you, then consider it an indication that he likes you. 

For example, he may always choose to sit beside you, or while helping you out with something, he might try to smell your hair. These are things that a man does when he is attracted to you and really wants more of you. 

Coming close to you physically is always on his mind, and if his actions show that he is constantly trying to do it, he really likes you. 

The ball is in your court now, and how you react to his closeness would determine the course of your relationship.

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Final Thoughts On Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

They say “love is blind,” but I would dare to go a step further and say love is blind, deaf, and knows no bounds, as you can see from the above signs a younger man likes an older woman. 

Age is actually just a number; what matters is the feelings you share with him. If you both like each other, nothing should stop you from committing to each other, or simply enjoying your time together.

You just need to be sure that you don’t misinterpret his actions, jump the gun to soon and end up doing something that pushes him away. 

I recommend that you test his feelings with playful comments or texts to get a better idea of where he’s at, and to bring his feelings to the surface. The Feminine Woman has 3 low risk and high value ways to tell a guy you like him. 

Live long and love deeper!

Renee Shen

Renée Shen

Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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