18 Unmistakable Signs He Wants You to Notice Him

Author: Oscar Stevenson 

Trying to find the right guy can be a stressful and frustrating process, am I right ladies? 

What’s worse is that sometimes it can be really hard to tell when a guy is into you. 

We’re not all experts on body language, so how do you spot the signs he wants you to notice him?

Is it the way he looks at you, the things he says or the games he plays? How do you recognise the hints he’s dropping for you? 

Look no further, because in this article we break down this mystery and talk about the science behind it all!

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When a man wants you to notice him, his posture will tell you even if he doesn’t. 

He’ll lean in closer and generally have a more open posture when facing you. Holding an open and relaxed pose is a clear sign that he wants you to notice him, so listen to what he’s saying and keep your eyes on him.

2. Angling Towards you

It’s not just the openness of the posture that gives off signals that a man wants you, it’s also how he turns towards you. When a man angles his body towards you, chances are that he wants to get to know you a bit more.

3. Eye Contact 

This is an obvious one and possibly one of the most important ones. Experts agree that eye contact is the most vital aspect of non-verbal communication.

So, if he’s looking at you and trying to catch your gaze, chances are that he’s trying to get your attention. 

Looking towards you for your reaction to his presence or to something he has said or done is one of the strong signs he wants you to notice him!

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4. A Friendly Touch

A guy trying to touch you, sounds uncomfortable right? 

But there are types of touch that can be ok when a friend does it. Like when you have something in your hair and they take it out for you, or when you’re going in for a picture and they put an arm around you. 

These are all platonic ways of creating a physical bond, and humans use these methods especially when we’re wanting to get closer to someone. 

Studies show that the smallest physical contact can create a stronger bond and change your perceptions about the relationship. 

This is something guys might use intentionally or otherwise to gain your trust and get you to look at them as more than just a friend.

5. Making an Appearance

One of the major signs he wants you to notice him is that he will put in an effort to look nice for you! 

Like the flamingo male, men might not put on a dance show to get your attention (although that would be fun to see!) but studies have shown that men do put in an effort to look nicer for the woman they want to woo. Not only that, but dressing well makes men appear smarter, sexier and more successful to women. 

The next time you notice that he seems to be dressing better than usual, or that he’s put in an effort to look good for you, take note! Chances are that he did that so that your eyes would stay on him.

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6. You Want it? He’ll Get It

Men have a natural tendency to be providers, particularly for that woman they want to make their own. 

It’s in their DNA to be ‘the man’ you turn to if you ever need anything. This need to be there for you is known as the hero instinct and is activated when men want to ‘claim’ a woman for himself. 

A guy can be plain shy or not know that you’re interested but still display certain behaviours stemming from this instinct. 

When a man wants to show you that he can be ‘the one’ you can rely on, he’ll do things that make you feel safe and cared for. 

So, how does this manifest in a man’s behaviour? It shows up in behaviors like:

  • Making sure you have eaten
  • Making jokes to cheer you up when you’re down
  • Going to get you something you need from the shops
  • Helping you get somewhere 
  • Helping you work out your toughest problems in life

A man that wants you and wants you to notice that he’s worthy of your attention will put in a lot of effort to be that guy you can turn to!

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7. Being the Funny Guy

Falling in love can be intense, but it’s also supposed to be fun! 

A good sense of humour is always at the top of women’s list of what their perfect partner should have, and there’s a reason for that. 

Studies have found that a man with a good sense of humour is more appealing to women. 

Men are also quietly in on this secret which is why, if a man wants to signal to you that he likes you, he’ll crack jokes and try to make you laugh!

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8. Mirroring

One of the classic signs that he wants you to notice him will be that he’ll start mirroring you. 

Science indicates that we unconsciously tend to mimic those we want deeper connections with. 

So, he might not even know that he’s doing it but this tell-tale signal will help you decipher whether he’s interested in you or not. 

But be careful, we also tend to mirror our friends when being empathetic and understanding towards them, so make sure you don’t confuse his friendliness for something else!

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9. Compliments

Doesn’t it feel great when someone makes you feel good about yourself? 

Men also know this and they often make sure to use this tool to attract your attention. 

A man who’s interested will use compliments to make you feel special and keep your focus on him. He will make sure that you are more inclined towards him with flattery and praises that’ll make you feel good around him.

Of course, we want to be careful not to get too sucked into such compliments. It’s our big blind spot as women, and it’s a classic tool the narcissists use to manipulate you. So watch out for this red flag!

10. He’s Interested in Your Interests

Isn’t it the best when someone shares the same interests as you? It’s exciting! 

Especially when you find someone who shares an interest with you that most other people don’t. You can end up talking endlessly about a sport, a movie, a book or song that you loved so much but couldn’t find the right person to share that love with. 

Well, the guy who’s interested in you will make sure that he finds out your areas of common interest and enjoy it with you! 

Men can do this subconsciously or consciously, but it’s common for people with common interests to feel higher attraction to each other. It’s called similarity-attraction effect.

Furthermore, we tend to intuitively feel less attracted to those who are vastly dissimilar to us - because it increases the chances that we will be rejected by them.

But when a guy wants you to notice him, he’ll definitely be finding common ground with you.

It’s one of the ways he’ll try and hint to you that he’s possibly interested in something more than friendship.

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11.  He Keeps the Conversation Going

Another one of the signs he wants you to notice him is that he’ll try to keep you hooked to the conversation with him. 

He’ll want you to spend more time with him (not any other guy), and what better way to do that than by chatting away with you endlessly! 

It won’t seem like it, but if he’s doing things like asking you questions and wanting to know details about your day, you can take these as some of the small ways he’ll try to get you to notice him, and keep you talking to him longer.

12. He Puts you in a Good Mood!

A man who wants you to see him the way he sees you will try his hardest to make you feel good. He’ll joke around and be witty around you. 

Your laugh and general approval of his goofiness will be the encouragement he needs to keep you smiling.

The last thing a man wants when he likes you is to see you unhappy around him - it reflects badly on him!

13. Aligning Opinions 

Men who want you will appreciate your intelligence and not just listen to what you say, but also find the similarities between your opinions and his own.

He will also find similarities in both of your judgements and outlook. This is because we focus on being agreeable in front of those whom we want to impress.

14. He Notices Small Things About You

Ok, he remembered that you prefer a latte over a cappuccino - so what? 

Well, the fact that he’s paying attention to your choices and making sure you get what you want is him trying to show you that he cares for you! 

How could you not notice him when he does something sweet like this?

It’s the sweetest gesture, one that will definitely make any woman think of him again.

15. Thoughtful Gifts

Aren’t expensive gifts the best? But what about thoughtful gifts? Ones that are based on an inside joke or something that’s really significant for you? 

According to most experts, giving thoughtful gifts are a way in which we try to connect with others on an emotional level. 

So if he’s giving you sentimental or very thoughtful gifts, maybe there’s something more he’s trying to say!

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16. He Puts you First

A key aspect of getting involved with someone is that they make a point to prioritise you and make sure that you feel like you come first. 

Signs that he wants you to notice him are all about putting him in a better light so that your attention goes towards him. 

By putting you in the spotlight, what he does is he makes you feel like a superstar, and when you feel like a superstar, you associate positive emotions with him. 

And he’s just as happy basking in your glory, as long as you know that he thinks you’re great.

17. He Stands Up for You

As women we sometimes have to fight battles throughout the day in order to achieve small wins. 

Some men, however, will see our struggles and help us in these situations because they secretly like us. 

Or better yet, they’ll stand up for us - sometimes to a fault. Men who want to show you they’re serious about you will be by your side and be the boost you need in order to keep on going.

18. He Makes Sure You Know You Are The One

If he wants you to notice him ladies, he will make sure that he gets the most important point across to you - that he has eyes only for you18. 

Whether he decides to be more daring and boldly show signs that he’s into you, or whether he’s more subtle and leaves hidden messages for you to decipher, one thing is for sure; he’ll make you feel like you are the only woman he has eyes for. 

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Final Words The Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

There are many ways to tell whether he’s interested in you or not. The most important thing is to not make assumptions or jump to conclusions about his feelings.

If you do get ahead of yourself, you could ruin something good. Remember, love needs time to move through all the stages. 

However, if you are feeling a little impatient, that’s ok, there are things you can do! How about you consider telling him that you like him in the perfect, high value way? 

Here are 10 High Value Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him.

Oscar Stevenson

Oscar Is a freelance writer living in Sydney, Australia. He Is a father of one and a former magazine editor. He loves hiking and kitesurfing in his free time.

Oscar Stevenson

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