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What makes a man want to kiss a woman?

The answer, like many aspects of human behavior, is much more complex than a simple checklist.

With a multitude of factors at play, the truth lies in a combination of physical attraction, emotional connection, and a sense of approachability showcased by a woman.

A man may be drawn to a woman’s physical features, but let’s not forget the powerful role of emotional attraction.

An undeniable shared chemistry, commonalities, genuine empathy, and the way she communicates can create a bond that men yearn to deepen with a kiss.

Also, a woman’s confidence and flirting abilities can also pique a man’s interest, with her scent and touch further compelling him to make a move.

Key Takeaways

  • Physical attraction and emotional connection both play a vital role in making a man want to kiss a woman.
  • Confidence, flirting abilities, scent, and the way a woman uses touch can be significant factors in attracting a man’s interest in kissing.
  • Creating opportunities for connection is vital to inviting that special moment to share a meaningful kiss.

Let’s explore the first aspect of what makes a man want to kiss a woman, physical attraction.

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Physical Attraction

The First Impression Counts

Physical attraction plays a significant role in making a man want to kiss a woman.

This usually begins with the impression a man gets when he first meets a woman (and they say you only get one chance to make a good impression, which makes this part super important!)

The way a woman dresses and carries herself, how confident she seems, and the way she talks all contribute to that initial spark of attraction.

Obviously if a woman talks in a brash, robotic, masculine manner, that won’t draw a man in. But if she’s got a nice feminine voice with a strong hint of confidence, that’s highly desirable to a man.

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Having a nice sense of humor and being engaging add to the list of impressive qualities that can encourage a man to want to lock lips with you.

Now, you might be wondering: what makes a woman engaging to a man? Quite simply, it’s her:

  • Smile
  • Her laugh
  • Her ability to make eye contact; and
  • A high level of feminine responsiveness in a woman

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It’s In Your Body Language and Eye Contact

A woman’s body language also communicates a lot about her level of interest and attraction toward a man.

And this “interest” that you signal as a woman will of course fuel his desire to kiss you. After all, it’s no fun trying to kiss someone who isn’t interested in you…

Things like flirtatious gestures, subtle touches, and maintaining eye contact can make a man feel instinctively drawn to a woman.

If you showcase the following body language signals, it will highly increase a man’s desire to “lean in” and pursue a kiss with you:

  • Open body language (open palms, feet facing him, nice open and tall body posture, for example)
  • Leaning in to listen while he’s talking, and
  • Mirroring his actions all indicate interest in a man, making him more inclined to initiate a kiss.

Remember this:

Words only make up 7% of all communication. And 55% of all human communication is nonverbal. In fact, human communication is broken down into what is called the 55/38/7 formula.

55% of all communication is non verbal and 38% is vocal. This means that body language plays a huge role in your overall communication with a man.

So, it’s a good idea to be aware of this and to use it to your advantage! Your open, inviting body language will contribute greatly to a man’s desire to kiss you.

what makes a man want to kiss a woman

The Hormonal Influence

Hormones and neurotransmitters play a vital role in the magnetic chemistry that exists between a man and a woman.

And of course, this magnetic chemistry is what pulls a man into you as a woman and makes him want to be intimate with you, including kissing you.

Three essential hormones are involved when it comes to falling in love and feeling attracted to someone: oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.

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These hormones can create a sense of euphoria and emotional connection, often leading to a desire to share intimate acts like kissing.

  • Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone” due to its crucial role in bonding and attachment. It’s released during physical touch, increasing feelings of trust and connection between partners.
  • Dopamine is responsible for the “feel-good” sensations experienced when we’re attracted to someone. It triggers the reward system in our brains, encouraging us to seek more of the pleasurable experience, like kissing or being close to a person we’re attracted to.
  • Serotonin helps regulate our mood, and when we fall in love or become attracted to someone, serotonin levels increase, creating feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

Emotional Attraction

Emotional attraction is a key ingredient in what makes a man want to kiss a woman. 

Especially when we consider that emotional attraction is the thing that inspires a man to just want to be with a woman without having sex with her.

And this is a crucial factor if you want a real commitment from a man, not just a kiss.

Emotional attraction also plays a key role in building a strong connection between two people.

We’ll explore some of the essential aspects of emotional attraction that can make a man feel inclined to kiss a woman.

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Being A High Value Woman

Being a high value woman is a quick way to make a man emotionally attracted to you.

This emotional attraction in turn makes him feel romantic feelings towards you that inspire him to want to lean in for a good kiss!

But what does being a high value woman have to do with it?

Well, women who present with value naturally attract men and are more likely to make men fall in love at first sight.

But of course, there’s a catch here, and that is that it has to be value “in a man’s eyes”.

Of course that sounds like it’s pandering to the patriarchy, but it’s the simple truth.

Men choose – and fall in love with – the women they see value in – and they discard the women they don’t see value in.

It’s exactly the same in reverse though. Meaning, women fall in love with the men they see value in.

The more value you present with, the more likely a man is going to fall for you emotionally.

See, emotional attraction is a lot more than just emotional connection.

It’s romance, it’s excitement, and it is the type of connection that makes a man choose you as his ‘one and only’ woman. (Not just “one of many” women.)

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Connect To His Soul

When you connect to a man’s soul, of course he will want to give you a long, passionate kiss.

And when you have that soul to soul connection, it will feel like the perfect kiss – like everything just falls into place.

Because then it’s not just physical, it’s deeply emotional and that in itself is infinite.

So how do you connect with a man’s soul?

Well, one of the most male-specific and skilful ways to do it is through the use of high value banter.

Banter is playful back-and-forth with a man that encourages him to go beyond small talk with you and opens doors to deeper conversation and brings in the playfulness necessary for emotional attraction to occur.

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Common Interests

Common interests are essential for building rapport and connection, and can greatly influence the level of emotional connection between a man and a woman.

Obviously this is different to emotional attraction, as you can have emotional connection and emotional intimacy with a friend.

Emotional attraction is what makes the connection romantic.

But a relationship is of no real value unless it also has emotional connection in it.

The more interests a man and woman have in common, the more likely they are to feel drawn to each other to connect on an emotional level.

Whether it’s a shared love for a particular type of music, similar hobbies, or aligning life values, these shared interests can foster emotional connection, making a man feel the desire to express his affection through a kiss.

Approachability and Passion

Approachability and passion are important factors in creating emotional attraction.

A woman who displays confidence, a passion for life and a positive attitude can make a man feel comfortable and drawn to her.

Her ability to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere can significantly increase her approachability and make her more attractive to him.

A woman’s enthusiasm for life, interests, and her own happiness can enhance the emotional attraction, making a man more likely to want to kiss her.

Being a Good Listener

It’s obvious that guys love a woman who can truly listen.

And being a good listener is crucial for fostering emotional attraction. Empathy and understanding can make a man feel truly seen and valued.

When a woman actively listens to what a man has to say, it shows that she cares about his thoughts and feelings, and this emotional connection can create a powerful desire for a man to express his appreciation and affection through a tender, meaningful kiss.

Confidence And Flirtatiousness

It’s In Her Esteem For Herself

A woman’s confidence and self-esteem play a significant role in attracting a man, but especially self esteem, because when you have esteem for yourself, you naturally bring more value to all those around you.

When a woman is esteemed, it draws a man in and makes him feel more secure interacting with her.

This sense of security inspires feelings of comfort and relaxation in him, which is part of what creates the right environment so that a man kisses you out of desire.

So let’s talk about a few of the typical traits of confident, esteemed women…

An esteemed and confident woman will often have an open posture, a genuine smile, and she’ll maintain eye contact relatively easily (compared to a woman who is lacking in self esteem.)

These subtle cues signal that she is approachable and comfortable in her own skin.

To recap the traits that showcase your confidence:

  • Smile: A genuine smile is magnetic and can easily catch a man’s attention. It communicates warmth, happiness, and a sense of ease.
  • Eye contact: Maintaining eye contact signals interest and helps establish an emotional connection with the man.
  • Confident, open body posture: This showcases to a man that he’s accepted and that you see him as worthy and valuable to have a conversation with. (And of course men want to kiss an attractive, high value woman who accepts them and puts them at ease!)

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Feminine Flirting

Engaging in playful banter and flirting is another thing that makes a man want to kiss you.

It’s also a good way to pique a man’s interest and create attraction if you want to inspire him to kiss you!

Through flirting, you can showcase your sense of humor and personality, making the interaction more enjoyable for both of you.

Some techniques to consider when flirting include:

Here are a few more tips on incorporating flirting into your interactions:

  1. Be true to yourself: Authenticity is attractive, so don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Embrace your unique characteristics and let them shine.
  2. Create a sense of anticipation: Flirting should build anticipation and excitement for both parties involved. Subtly hint at the possibility of a deeper connection while still maintaining an air of mystery.
  3. Keep it light: Flirting should be fun, lighthearted, and devoid of pressure or expectations. Focus on forming a connection without worrying about where the interaction might lead.

Your Feminine Scent And Touch

The Power of Feminine Scent

A woman’s scent is a powerful force in attracting a man and making him want to kiss her.

Our sense of smell plays a significant role in attraction, as it is closely linked to emotions and memories.

Choosing the right perfume or simply maintaining good personal hygiene can enhance a woman’s appeal to a man.

An intriguing scent can have a man feeling a strong connection to the woman wearing it.

Fragrances have the power to evoke emotions and spark attraction, making it an essential aspect of a woman’s allure.

Be mindful when selecting a perfume to find one that complements your natural scent and enhances your overall appeal.

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Your Soft, Feminine Touch

There’s nothing quite like the touch of a feminine woman – especially to masculine men who so often pursue dry masculine things like problem solving and hard physical labour.

Physical attraction forms a crucial base for intimacy between two people. A vital element of this is touch, which has the power to create a feeling of closeness and connection.

Engaging in flirty touches during conversation can be a highly effective way of piquing a man’s interest and desire to kiss you.

Skin-on-skin contact can arouse feelings of desire for both parties, so it’s not surprising that many men crave this form of communication.

Make sure to maintain healthy skin and proper hygiene to ensure your touch remains inviting and pleasant.

Gentle, subtle touches during conversation or in casual settings can evoke a sense of intimacy without being overly forward.

So don’t be afraid to show a confident demeanor when you touch him. Gentle, brief touches or longer lingering touches are ok, depending on how well you know him and how comfortable you both feel with each other.

The way you touch a man can make a world of difference when it comes to getting him to lean in for a passionate kiss.

Also, if you like him, respond warmly to his touches! Responding positively to physical contact can make him feel more secure and drawn to you, further creating a strong desire to kiss you.

To sum up, a combination of a woman’s captivating scent, her confident touch, and maintaining good hygiene all contribute to a man’s inclination to kiss her.

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Creating Opportunities For That First Kiss

In this section, we will explore two key sub-sections: Setting the Scene and Seizing Opportunities.

Setting the Scene

To encourage kisses and emotional connections, you need to set the scene for a memorable and captivating encounter. Here are some tips on how to create a conducive environment for a man to want to kiss you:

  • Choose the right location: Choose a cozy and intimate setting, such as a candlelit dinner, a walk on the beach, or a quiet corner in a park. Avoid crowded or noisy places where it might be challenging to focus on each other.
  • Make sure it’s the right mood: Foster a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where both of you can be yourselves. A man is more likely to want to kiss you when he feels at ease in your presence.
  • Maintain impeccable personal hygiene and a lovely scent: Good hygiene is vital, as is a captivating scent. The right perfume or natural pheromones can make all the difference in attracting a man for that first kiss.

Seizing Opportunities To Create Emotional intimacy

Creating opportunities for a man to want to kiss you also involves recognizing and seizing opportunities to foster an emotional connection between you and him:

  • Flirting: Engage in light-hearted and playful banter to build rapport and establish a flirtatious ambiance. A good balance of humor and wit can make a man want to lean in for a kiss.
  • Physical contact: Light touches on the arm or hand during conversation can create a sense of closeness, sending signals that you are comfortable with physical affection.
  • Eye contact: Establishing and maintaining eye contact during conversations can intensify emotional connections. A lingering gaze or a meaningful look can communicate your interest in taking the relationship to the next level, such as sharing a kiss.

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In culmination of the insights gained through years of coaching women in dating and relationships, several factors can make a man want to kiss a woman.

These factors range from physical appearance to emotional connection and emotional attraction.

First and foremost, physical attraction plays a significant role in sparking the desire for a kiss.

A woman who is alluring and well-groomed creates an inexplicable attraction that can leave a man wanting more. The way a woman dresses, carries herself, and even her scent can all contribute to this physical allure.

Secondly, personality also has a considerable impact on whether a man wants to kiss a woman or not.

Having self esteem, a good sense of humor, a feminine touch and flirtatious interactions can make a man feel drawn to a woman and eager to initiate a kiss.

When a woman exhibits these traits, she creates a compelling connection, even if words are not being exchanged. This urge to feel connected is essential in the process of building a bond.

Moreover, a man’s desire to kiss a woman can also stem from how enjoyable and engaging her company is.

For instance, a memorable date where both parties are having fun and laughing together can leave a man desiring a moment to express his feelings through a kiss.

Lastly, while physical attraction, emotional attraction and a woman’s personality play significant roles in making a man want to kiss her, it is good to note that each man’s specific preferences may vary a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What signs indicate that he’s eager to kiss you?

When a man is eager to kiss a woman, he may display several signs, such as gazing at her lips and maintaining eye contact.

He may also move in closer, reducing the physical distance between the two of you.

Another indication is if he becomes more touchy or starts to fiddle with his own hair, which could be a sign that he’s feeling nervous and excited.

Why is aggressive kissing appealing to some men?

Aggressive kissing may be appealing to some men due to the intensity and passion it conveys. It may also be an expression of their desire, dominance, or arousal toward a woman.

However, if you’re not comfortable with aggressive kissing, you don’t have to say yes to it! Consenting to aggressive kissing should be a mutual decision, and it’s completely ok to put a stop to something you don’t feel ready for.

Can a man kiss someone he’s not attracted to?

Yes, a man can kiss someone he’s not attracted to. Sometimes the urge to create an emotional connection can prompt a man to kiss a woman.

It could also be due to social pressure or the heat of the moment. Physical attraction may not be the primary motivator behind a kiss.

Do guys develop feelings after a kiss?

While not guaranteed, it is possible for a man to develop stronger feelings for a woman after a kiss.

Kissing creates a sense of connection and intimacy, releasing feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, which can strengthen emotional bonds.

That being said, it is essential to recognize that not all kisses may lead to deeper feelings, and the emotional outcome varies from guy to guy.

What makes guys want to kiss on the first date?

Several factors can make a man want to kiss a woman on the first date, such as confidence, beauty, and attraction.

Other factors like matching energy levels, engaging conversation, and genuine connection may also encourage a man to desire a kiss.

Keep in mind that initiating a kiss on the first date is a personal choice, and there are no set rules determining when it’s appropriate.

Do men grow emotionally attached after kissing?

Men, like women, can grow emotionally attached after kissing. The release of oxytocin during a kiss can create a bonding effect and contribute to developing emotional attachment.

However, it is essential to understand that emotional attachment varies depending on the individual man as well as the circumstances. It is not guaranteed that kissing will always lead to an emotional attachment.

Penny Hoffman

Penny is a writer and part time dating coach. She lives in Brisbane, Queensland with the love of her life, their two daughters and their three dogs. Penny is passionate about helping women realize their high value and harness the innate feminine energy that they were born with.

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