How To Be A High Value Woman: 10 Traits Of A High Value, Superior Woman

Author: Martha Dugeri

There are different kinds of women in this world, but the kind of woman you should be is the high value woman. 


Because that’s the woman every man wants, and everyone wants to be friends with. 

A high value woman is the “un-messwithable” woman people love and respect because she embodies value and grace.

Apart from attracting high value people and effortlessly winning the hearts of people, being a high value woman will help you love yourself more and live a richer life. 

In this article, you’d find out who a high value woman is, the traits of a high value woman and how to be a high value woman.

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Who Is A High Value Woman?

A high value woman is a woman with a deep-rooted sense of self. 

  • She knows who she is and what she wants. 
  • She understands her innate worth; and 
  • She doesn’t need approval from other people. 

A high value woman is aware of her power and wonder as a woman. She doesn’t bother with distractions or things that do not align with her purpose. 

She is focused, she’s unafraid to face challenges head-on and keeps at whatever she does until she gets results. 

A high value woman is a woman that doesn’t dim her light to please men. 

She is not just beautiful, she is intellectually sound and emotionally intelligent.

This intellectual and emotional intelligence also contributes to her high value mindset, which every high value woman has.

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How Do You Become A High Value Woman?

To be a high value woman, you must first know who a high value woman is and then familiarise yourself with the traits of a high value woman and intentionally embody these traits until they become you.

Just before we get into the real traits of a high value woman, here’s a good video from The Feminine Woman on How To Become A High Value Woman:

What Are The Traits Of A High Value Woman?

#1: She Is Full Of Respect For Herself And For Others

One of the most obvious traits of a high value woman is how much respect she has for herself and other people. 

She doesn’t demean herself by staying in toxic relationships. 

She pays attention to her feelings and expresses them honestly. As soon as she notices disrespect and abuse, she walks away or addresses it as the occasion demands. 

She takes care of her body, soul and spirit. She feeds her mind with nourishing words. She eats healthy foods and exercises her body. 

The respect she has for herself compels other people to respect her and she reciprocates accordingly.

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#2: She Is Not Ashamed To Show Vulnerability

Although bold and confident, a high value woman understands that vulnerability is strength and wields it with grace. 

She is not ashamed to show her genuine feelings. She is kind, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of other people. 

She doesn’t feel the pressure to be strong all the time, because she knows that is not real. 

She understands that it’s okay to cry. She’s not shy to admit that she’s tired. She takes breaks when necessary. 

As Eugene Therapy says:

“Vulnerability also is a sign of courage. We become more resilient and brave when we embrace who we truly are and what we are feeling.”

Knowing that vulnerability is a strength, a high value woman is not a hypocrite, she’s honest about her struggles and methods of dealing with life. 

In fact, vulnerability actually teaches you how to be a high value woman by helping you see the power of honesty and openness.

#3: She Is Committed To Growth And Learning

The power of knowledge is not strange to a high value woman. She’s committed to lifelong learning and open to learn from everybody that comes her way. 

When she finds someone that knows more than her on a particular subject, her response is not insecurity or jealousy, it’s curiosity. 

She invests in both her spiritual, physical, emotional and financial growth. She makes conscious efforts to know better and do better.

#4: She Is Open Minded And Not Judgemental

As much as she understands that her opinions matter, she doesn’t think her opinion is superior to the opinions of other people. 

Here’s how you can send the message (through your behaviour) that you are open minded and not judgemental:

  • Give grace to people and encourage them to be themselves. 
  • Be open to all levels of thought and don’t have a shallow mind. 
  • Weigh and analyze information logically. 
  • Listen to opinions that contradict your own with curiosity, and try to avoid feeling threatened by opposing opinions. 
  • Be great company and make people feel comfortable by opening your mind to them rather than passing judgements.

#5: She Embraces Her Femininity

Femininity is a set of attributes and behaviours generally associated with women and girls. 

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Feminine energy refers to a specific set of traits, considered to be the opposite of traits associated with masculine energy. 

Here’s a nice infographic by The Feminine Woman, showing you the typical traits of the feminine energy versus the typical traits of the masculine energy…

Masculine VS Feminine

A high value woman understands and maximises the above feminine energy traits. 

She learns to be more feminine by allowing herself to be and honestly expressing her feminine nature. 

Here's how you can exude more of your natural feminine energy: 

  • Bring pleasure to your body
  • Spend time in nature 
  • Spend time with girlfriends 
  • Wear things that make you feel more feminine
  • Praise yourself

A high value woman is comfortable in her innate feminine skin. She loves her body and pays extra attention to it. 

She is not ashamed of her femininity, instead she appreciates it. She’s elegant and graceful. 

In terms of expressing her femininity on the outside - she never tries to imitate someone else’s style or become someone else. Instead, she dresses in what makes her feel good on the day, and so she’s her own fashion inspiration.

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#6: Her Self Worth Is Not Determined By External Validation

A high value woman does not live to impress others. She understands that when it comes to the decisions she makes in her own life, her opinion is what matters most. 

Her self esteem is not dependent on the approval of other people. 

She embodies a strong sense of self worth and deals gracefully with negativity. 

Because she already has innate value (and is not seeking approval and validation from outside sources), she can easily see through the lies and flattery of people because she’s not hungry for validation.

Being excessively hungry for validation and approval is a sign of a low value woman.

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#7: She Displays Maturity In Her Relationships

One thing that answers the how to become a high value woman question is to make sure you display a clear sense of maturity.

What does it mean to have maturity as a high value woman? 

It means that you’ve grown above and beyond pettiness in your relationships. 

As such, a high value woman displays maturity by doing the following:

  • She loves wholeheartedly and gives without holding back
  • She has no time for games
  • She’s not manipulative or unnecessarily dramatic (because she knows there’s no real value in manipulating people to get her way)
  • She doesn’t go into relationships exclusively for personal gains or selfish purposes (ie: she is not transaction-minded in relationships, but rather, connection-minded)
  • She’s honest about her feelings and intentions

#8: She Is Fierce And Unrelenting

A high value woman can not be bullied or intimidated, because she is so well grounded. Here’s how she shows she is fierce and unrelenting:

  • She is fierce, bold and interacts with others from a place of high self esteem. (In order to accomplish this, she knows that she has to put her intrinsic self esteem before her external image).
  • She’s not afraid to say what she thinks or speak her truth
  • She’s not aggressive but she doesn’t shy away from confrontations when they come up. 
  • She is unrelenting about her goals and the challenges she takes on
  • She doesn’t hesitate to defend herself or others from bullies, because her values and boundaries are clear.

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#9: She Adds Value To The Lives Of Others

A high value woman is active rather than passive in the lives of her family and friends. 

She cares about them and shows it in more ways than one. Here's how she adds value to the lives of others, and in the process showing that she is a high value woman:

  • She supports, encourages and cheers them on
  • She shows up for them when they need help 
  • She deals kindly with all people 
  • She’s just as valuable to coworkers and strangers 
  • She’s amiable and reasonable; and
  • She’s ever willing to help and make life better for those around her

#10: She Doesn’t Settle For Less In Relationships

A high value woman understands that her self worth is not tied to her relationship status or her account balance but rather, the value she adds.

Because of this, she won’t settle for less in a relationship. She knows that she doesn’t have to tolerate toxicity just to ‘get’ a relationship or to feel loved.

As such, a high value woman is purpose driven and not pressure driven. She’s not desperate and she’s definitely not a people pleaser. 

She’s humble and accommodating whilst also being clear about her boundaries and standards.

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Your “High Value” Is Contained Within You

Now that how to become a high value woman has been demystified, it is not enough to want to be a high value woman just because you’re trying to attract a high value man. 

Knowing how to be a high value woman in a man’s eyes is not the only thing to strive for, because it is not only men to look for value, it is your friends, employers, co workers and family too.

It’s also important to remember that a high value woman is independent and self sufficient. 

Her value is not based on the kind of man or number of men she attracts. Her value is innate. 

She’s convinced of her worth and she doesn’t need to persuade others to see it because value speaks for itself. 

Her value is what makes her attractive and appealing to people. The aura a high value woman radiates is beyond sensuality, it’s beyond a nice body and a fine face. It’s tangible, unexplainable and irresistible.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Be A High Value Woman

How Do You Show A Guy You’re High Valued?

The best way to show a guy you’re a high value woman is by being your best self. 

When you're truly a high value woman, it’s just who you are. It’s your default identity and not something you need to prove you are. 

Remember this: value can’t be hidden. It shows itself. 

You don’t have to convince any guy that you’re a high value woman. He’d definitely see the traits of a high value woman in you.

What Is A Low Value Woman?

A low value woman is a woman that doesn’t know her worth. She has no personal values and her identity is grounded in what other people think of her. 

Here are the traits of a low value woman:

  • A low value woman is unsure of what she wants and has no boundaries
  • She lets people walk over her and will do anything to please people and keep them in her lives
  • She endures disrespect from people because she doesn’t want them to leave 
  • She’d rather be in a toxic relationship than be by herself
  • A low value woman is love starved 
  • She neglects herself and looks to others for things she should give herself first - like love, respect, compassion, attention and care

What Should You Never Do As A High Value Woman?

As a high value woman, you should never compromise your values and boundaries to please people. 

A compromise might be necessary when the feeling is mutual and the love is true. 

But you must never compromise your standards to keep a person that’s unwilling to stay in your life. 

A lot of people tend to think a high value woman is proud and too much - but you must never listen to these people. 

You must never let their words get you enough to make you blur the boundaries you’ve created. 

As a high value woman, you’ll come across many men that will call you uptight because you’re not willing to settle for the barest minimum they’re giving. 

Always remember: you must never give in to these men no matter how persuasive they are. 

They have nothing to offer you and although they may never say it, they secretly admire and appreciate your high value.

Martha Dugeri

Martha Dugeri is a medical student, part-time freelance data analyst and Creative Writer. She is currently studying to be a doctor at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. 

Martha Dugeri

Writer For National Council Of Research For Women.

Renée Shen

Editor & Writer For National Council Of Research For Women. Founder of the popular women's dating and relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman. 

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