What Does 1111 Mean In Love? 10 Things It’s Telling You

Author: Lyndol Lyons & Renée Shen

If your love life has been a little wonky lately, chances are you might see the number 1111 all over the place. 

When checking your watch, you notice it's 11.11 am or, on your way to work, you spot a number plate with 1111 in its sequence. 

At bedtime, you check the time and it's 11.11pm.

Weird right?! Is this a fluke or is there a deeper meaning to it?

If you’re looking for answers, the universe has guided you here on purpose. This article reveals what 1111 means in love.

Let's go!

This deeply spiritual angel number has strong mystical esoteric and spiritual connotations especially in the love department.

When you find 1111 repeating itself in different places throughout your day or life, it's telling you that it's time to get ready for some serious changes.

#1. A New And Unexpected Romance

Something or someone will come into your life very soon to help sort everything out, or in other words fix the broken love life you have been experiencing.

It might not be what you had hoped for, but a new romance is coming! Within days perhaps so you might want to keep your eyes peeled.

Also, this new love interest could be coming from an unexpected place, so in terms of what does 1111 mean in love, it means you should embrace the unknown and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

#2. You Have A Lesson To Learn

1111 is a master number like the numbers 222, 3333 or 4444. It speaks of Karmic lessons that need to be learned as well as encouraging you to learn more about compassion. 

Everyone has their own karmic lessons they need to learn in life. 

And oftentimes these lessons happen through our relationships. If you keep seeing these numbers on a repeated basis, it may be an indication that you need to learn a new lesson.

So with this in mind, know that besides pursuing an understanding of the 1111 meaning, love is ready to teach you a lesson. Specifically, 1111 is largely associated with intensifying the karmic lessons.

Introspection is key here so you're going to have to take a look at what you're doing in your relationships and how you can change it. 

There are always lessons to learn in life and if you have been repeating a lesson it might mean that you need to intensify the lesson.

How do you do that?

Easy. Feel into the lesson a bit deeper. See it for what it is and accept the lesson as well as the role you had in the situation.

So, for example if you keep dating the wrong guy but never learn from your mistakes, then either you can intensify the lesson for yourself, or the universe will intensify this lesson for you. 

One big thing that I find many women need to learn when it comes to their love life is the art of saying “no”.

No to toxicity, no to abuse, no to one-sided relationships.

Ultimately, the skill of saying “no” prepares you for the right relationship, the healthy one.

And when you can do this, then at one point or another, you will meet your soulmate and everything will be right with the world.

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Because playfulness is the precursor to falling in love and connecting with men - and especially to men falling in love with you!

Here’s something I want you to understand;

A narcissist or toxic man will never have the goal of falling in love, nor will they have the goal of actually connecting with you when dating you.

Which means you’ll reveal them easily by watching them respond poorly to your playful banter.

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#3. You Will Find Love Again Soon

No, you're not going to be alone forever, even if you often feel like there's absolutely no one out there for you!

This could be a reason why you're seeing the number 1111 repeatedly. 

The Universe is showing you that you will find love again soon and this time around, it's going to be different than before because you have learned the lesson the universe has set out for you to learn.

There might have been past relationships in which there was a lot of negative energy between two people and therefore, they could not work out. 

But you will find love again where there is mutual understanding, an intent to add value as well as lots of positive energy.

So when trying to figure out what does 1111 mean in love, especially when you feel alone, one piece of advice is to simply surrender your worries to the universe and try to trust that all will be revealed soon.

#4. Some Relationships Will Come To An End

The breakdown of a relationship is never easy, yet it's one of those experiences we will all encounter. 

Just like falling in love, you will find yourself falling out of love and will have to navigate your way through that.

The universe is showing you that some relationships will be coming to an end soon, so prepare yourself for it emotionally.

There is no good or bad in this, it's just what needs to be done for you to move forward and experience a new relationship which will be better than before. 

It may take time (perhaps a few months) but when the time is right, there will not be any trouble finding love again because the universe will put you where you need to be! 

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#5. A Vibration Aligning With Your Desires

1111 is a high vibration energy that helps to manifest your desires

It signifies love, healing and divine order. And it may be that you want a more loving relationship more than anything right now and so this number could be letting you know your desire will soon come true.

11 is a special number of divine order as it represents the Master 11:11 a sign of cosmic order and spiritual awakening.

So what should you do? 

Now has never been a better time to manifest the love you desire: 

  • Recite affirmations
  • Heal your attachment style if you have insecure attachment (so that you can receive love openly and vulnerably)
  • Journal your feelings
  • Focus on love and trust in the universe
  • Get clear about what you are looking for in a relationship
  • Turn up your energy and keep your eyes peeled for 1111 

Pro tip - don't forget to meditate!

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#6. Feeling Closer To Your Soulmate

So, what does 1111 mean in love when it comes to soulmates? 

This is a sign to remind you that you have already met your soulmate, but perhaps it's time to get in touch with them again. 

Perhaps there are some issues that need to be settled, or perhaps it's time you tell them how much they mean to you.

It might be time for a reconnection of some sort. Or it could also be that the universe is giving you a reminder of this person so as to reignite your interest in them.

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You see, the 1111 meaning for love and soulmates is so much more than just finding love or realizing you're soulmates. 

It's also about believing in your soulmate and letting them know how much they mean to you. 

So if you're feeling as though 1111 is a sign of things to come, keep your love alive and don't take them for granted!

#7. Intuition - Coming In Hot!

True love and intuition often go hand in hand. 

Having the number 1111 show up in front of you means that you're going through a period of exceptional clarity where your intuition and vibrational energies are at their peak.

With this new light and clarity, you'll have a chance to see the world in a whole new way.

You'll be more open to the idea of love, more aware of what's happening around you and even more sensitive than ever before.

Having such a high level of intuition is something special and should be taken seriously. It means that someone or something is trying to get your attention in some way or another.

So listen to it carefully!

#8. A New Beginning Is Here

The 1111 meaning in love along with acknowledging the start of a brand-new phase is the biggest message for you if you're looking for signs in the number 11:11. 

So what can you expect? A time of emotional ups and downs as you learn to grow, change and meet new people.

You've been through a lot lately and now have entered a brand-new stage of emotional development and maturity. 

Your life is beginning anew, just like a brand-new leaf on a tree that's being reborn during the changing seasons.

If you have been feeling stuck in a rut, this sign is telling you that things are about to change for the better. Everything that has been going on up until this point in time is about to come to an end and a new beginning is here! 

So, if you have been single for a while and want someone special, keep your eyes open as love could be coming your way soon.

You just have to make sure that the love you attract is real, and is full of emotional attraction and emotional connection rather than just passing feelings of infatuation (which is one-sided).

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#9. All You Need Is Love

It sounds cliche and even a bit cheesy but it's completely true. Love is a powerful force that can't be stopped.

If you're feeling like you need more love in your life, then this could quite possibly be the sign. 

The universe is going to send you the love that you need and the more you express and animate the love within you, the more it will come into your life.

It's not only in the form of romantic love but also the love that is between friends, family and even strangers. Due to the way 11:11 works, it’s best to open yourself up as much as you can and connect with your feminine energy, so that your love flows freely in all directions.

You'll have a chance to not only feel more loved but you'll be doing something good for others too.

To connect with your feminine energy and animate the radiance of love within you, you can:

  • Focus on feeling pleasure
  • Let yourself feel vulnerable; and
  • Dance in whatever way you want to whatever music you want, in order to let the feminine energy flow through you

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#10. Twin Flame Awakening

This number is the sign that the Twin Flame connection has been ignited. 

The 1111 meaning for love is also known as the 1111 meaning for twin flames according to angel number expert Kyle Gray. 

He says:

"It's a sign of the incoming energies of your twin flame coming together to get you ready for the next step of your journey.
You are being guided to trust in these energies, to believe in what you feel, and to keep an open heart ready for love to flow through." 

To create a twin flame connection is a very special thing.

It's important to remember that finding a twin flame is not something that happens overnight. 

It often takes many years of searching, but when you find them, you'll understand why it took so long and you’ll be grateful for its existence.

Having 11:11 show up in your life means that this person is on their way to meet you, and this could never have happened if your hearts hadn't been ready to receive them at exactly this moment in time.

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#11. An Awakening In The Heart Chakra

1111 is a powerful number that signifies awakening in the heart chakra

Have you been going through life feeling as if something was wrong or missing? 

This could be a sign that your heart chakra is awakening and you're slowly starting to feel more in touch with your emotions and perhaps also your feminine energy. 

You are able to express yourself more easily, feel connected to others and have an understanding of the world around you.

#12. You’re Free To Be The Real You.

And...to start expressing yourself authentically!

This number is a sign that you're really starting to see yourself for who you really are as a person and this is a good thing. 

You've always been a good person but perhaps you have allowed others to define you. 

With regards to the angel number 1111 meaning in love, you're finally beginning to realize that it's not necessary for anyone to define who you are; it's actually your choice whether or not you want to be the way someone else wants or expects you to be.


So, what does 1111 mean in love? 

Hopefully this article has helped you piece together the puzzle of this auspicious number and the journey of love that you're on. 

As a final take-away, know that you are moving forward with love and coming into a better understanding of what it really takes to connect deeply to a potential lover as well as to who you really are.

You're ready to let all the love in, so go out, be authentic and experience life fully. 

The 1111 meaning in love is all about being more conscious and capable in the quest for love, improving your self expression as well as living your life to the fullest. 

Love is a beautiful thing. We sometimes just don't allow ourselves to feel it fully until we're ready for it.

Lyndol Lyons
Renee Shen

Lyndol Lyons

Elder millennial with a love of all things spiritual and esoteric. An old soul and a firm believer that there are forces at work that science cannot explain.

Renée Shen

Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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