123 Angel Number: What It Means For Love, Twin Flames & Life 

Author: Sage "The Mystic" Simpson

Have you been seeing the number sequence 123 all around you?

Perhaps you’ve seen it on your phone, a digital clock or on licence plates as you drive.

I remember when I first encountered this number sequence. At first I saw it on my phone during a busy day at work. 

Later that night, I kept waking from disturned sleep, and I happened to look at the clock and see it: 1:23 AM.

Just a coincidence, I thought.

But that very next morning I was due to visit a friend’s new apartment for the first time, and when she texted me her address, there it was.

Her apartment number, 123.

That was 3 times in less than 24 hours! That’s when I knew I had to investigate the meaning of this special number sequence.

But first, what are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are a new age term given to number sequences that keep appearing repetitively in your life.

They can show up in sequences of three or four. For example, 222 or 2222.

Angel numbers can also appear as split numbers, as the 123 angel number clearly shows us.

Angel numbers can have different meanings for different people, but each number has an energy of its own.

These numbers have a specific purpose: to convey a message to you from your guardian angel or angels.

Some people believe that these number sequences are a way in which a deceased loved one connects with them and sends them guidance.

Others believe that they are a message from the universe at large, the cosmos or the divine. 

In another theory, you can consider that seeing the same number sequence again and again is a reflection of the supersymmetry that exists in the universe.

This supersymmetry connects you to another entity or even another person beyond the earth plane.

Either way, you are never truly alone on your journey and there is energy connecting you to things and entities beyond yourself. 

Of course, not all of us are feeling this energy or really listening, so that’s the key that makes all the difference. 

If you are listening and watching, you will see the synchronicites and messages from your angels.

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What Do The Numbers 1, 2 And 3 Represent?

The number 1 represents a connection to your higher self, the part of you that knows there is a universal life force guiding you, rather than just you being alone with your thoughts. 

It’s also a calling for your soul to connecting to people and energy beyond yourself.

The number 1 is also a reminder to rise above your ego to see yourself as not separate from the people in your life, but rather as a link, and a crucial part of the bigger picture.

The number 2 is telling you to keep an eye out for chances to connect deeper in your relationships.

The number 3 is telling you that you’re ready to grow and that you’re on the right path to greater spiritual growth, especially in your relationships.

Attachment style quiz

The 123 Angel Number Meaning In Love

The 123 angel number has the most poignant meaning for love and relationships.

If you are seeing the 123 angel number everywhere, this means that divine guidance is here for you in all matters in love.

It is urging you to see that no matter what has happened in your past relationships, no matter what heartbreak you may have experienced, you are still a soul that loves love and has the capacity to be at one with love.

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(It’s important to utilise the energy of the 123 angel number at the same time as seeing the sequence, to take full advantage of this positive energy in your life).

    If You’re In A Relationship:

    If you’re in a relationship currently, then 123 angel number is telling you that the time is now to harness the life force within you, and to see your relationship’s problems through the lens of love and understanding.

    Remember how we discussed that the number 2 is telling you to keep an eye out for opportunities to connect deeper? 

    Well, it’s always tempting to solve the problems in our relationships from a place of fear and separation. 

    But when that is done for too long, we run the risk of losing something extremely precious: the bond and the trust that we may have worked hard for in our existing relationship!

      What You Should Do Next:

      Lead with your understanding, as this is a form of great value in a relationship.

      Become a high value woman, because when you bring value to your partner, this carries with it the intention and energy of love.

      The 123 angel number is reminding you to not let your lover down, but most especially, to not let yourself down.

      Because there’s nothing worse than seeing your relationship spiral into a deep, dark hole and knowing that you didn’t do your best to save it. 

      One thing that helps you improve your relationship is discovering your attachment style, and your partner’s attachment style.

      Our attachment styles can mean the difference between a relationship fraught with anxiety and stress, versus a relationship overflowing with trust, love and positive energy.

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      If You’re Single…

      If you’re single right now and have been yearning for love and companionship, this is exactly what the 123 angel number is here for!

      It’s made for you and your guardian angels or the cosmos has made it show up for you for good reason:

      Because it wants you to trust that regardless of your past hurts, you were still made from love, and therefore, there's infinite love within you to give!

      With this infinite love, you can connect to anyone, even the people you would normally overlook.

      Knowing that you are aligning with the powerful energy of love will give you the confidence necessary to know you can attract anyone you wish.

      There’s nothing more attractive than a human who believes in love and aligns with love, so have hope and don’t let fear drive your actions.


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        What You Should Do Next:

        Let the powerful energy of the 123 angel number give you the confidence to speak to more people and meet more people with the hope that romance will come to you.

        Remember that the number 3 in the 123 angel number is telling you that you’re ready for growth?

        Knowing that, it’s time to harness the energy of love in your life and make the effort meet more people and talk to more people.

        In particular, if you find online dating typically annoying and exhausting, perhaps it’s time to try it again, but with a purposeful intent: the intent to weed out the toxic people who may hurt you, and to draw the good people closer.

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        123 Meaning For Twin Flames

        The 123 angel number has interesting meaning for twin flame separation and twin flame reunion. 

        Let’s uncover these meanings now.

        123 Meaning Twin Flame Reunion

        If you keep seeing the 123 angel number and are hoping for a reunion with your twin flame, keep in mind that this number is asking you to focus on your spiritual growth.

        Your angels are reminding you that a twin flame reunion may not happen at the exact time that you hope for (not many things do). 

        However, the message from the number 123 is that if you focus on your own growth, you will be able to find better ways to connect with your twin flame.

        A part of focusing on your spiritual growth is the art of bringing value to your twin flame.

        If you focus on connecting to your twin flame’s soul and seeing their struggles, you will see and learn things you didn’t see before about them. 

        This will greatly improve your chances of reuniting with them.

        And if you focus on these important things, you will reunite with them in the most beautiful way. 

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        What You Should Do:

        Focus on bringing real value to your twin flame. Ask yourself:

        What does my twin flame need (not want) but need in order to grow and feel happier and more fulfilled?

        What can I do to support my twin flame right now?

        What is my twin flame feeling right now, and what does he or she need from me? 

        Perhaps he or she only needs my patience and for me to give them space.

        Perhaps they need me to respect them more and to open into my divine feminine more, so that they can open into their divine masculine, and vice versa.

        By the way, would you like to find out just how naturally feminine you are actually?

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        123 Meaning Twin Flame Separation

        If you are going through a twin flame separation right now, 123 is a reminder that sometimes the pain of separation is needed before true growth can come for you and your twin flame.

        Twin flame relationships are tumultuous enough without added problems. 

        However, though separations are painful, if you are seeing the 123 angel number, you can also be sure that this separation is purposeful, and you’re on the right track.

        If you’re currently reunited with your twin flame, the number 123 might be telling you not to fear separation, even if you’re scared that a separation is imminent. 

        Twin flame relationships are fraught with challenges and pain, but also lots of love and awe.

        If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know.

        But because the number 123 means that you’re aligning with love and expanding on your journey of emotional and spiritual growth, it is never perfect. Especially not your twin flame relationship.


        123’s message is this:

        Don’t expect a separation, but also don’t fear it, because whatever happens is exactly what needs to happen to serve you and your twin soul in your growth.

        MORE: 9 Spiritual Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You.

        What Does the 123 Angel Number Mean For Your Career?

        If you’re trying to interpret the angel number 123 for your career, know that your angels are sending you a message that it’s time for bigger things.

        Specifically, it’s time for you to move forward and take on a bigger, more important role, or to ask yourself how you can be of greater value in the workplace.

        Perhaps you’ve been working so hard that a promotion is around the corner.

        Regardless, once you grow your value to the workplace, you can take any step you wish. 

        You can ask for a promotion, step into a more senior role in the office, or if you want, you can even choose an alternative job more fitting to your value and talents.

        123 Angel Number Meaning For Your Finances

        You may think that the topic of money and finances is a bit too superficial for your guardian angels to care about.

        Nothing could be further from the truth.

        Money and love are connected in that when you are serving others at the highest level, money will come to you.

        Whether that’s in the form of a new promotion, a pay rise, unexpected money or a bonus, it’s all connected to the amount of love and value you put into the world.

        Your guardian angels care deeply about your financial future, and when they show you the 123 angel number repeatedly, they are telling you to keep serving the workplace, your employer, your clients, and the world in general at the highest level.

        Particularly, your angels want to remind you that when you’re down and exhausted, maybe even feeling hopeless, that money comes to those who serve from the heart.


        Approach your work with authenticity. Serve with love and care, and money will fall into place.

        Final Words

        The 123 angel number is a very special number sequence to be seeing, and if you are seeing it regularly, listen and keep having hope.

        Your angels are here to support you and they’re telling you that all aspects of your life are about to move to the next level.

        Things may not always look perfect, but sometimes you have to take a few steps back before you can move forward, right?

        Given that the 123 angel number is a forward moving sequence, know that your life is moving onwards and upwards with the guidance of your angels.

        But remember:

        Sometimes the key to growth and expansion in all aspects of your life requires some setbacks.

        Sometimes setbacks are exactly the energy you need in order to make bigger leaps forward. 


        Sage "The Mystic" Simpson

        Sage is an intuitive student of the universe. She is connected to all living things and deeply resonates with the number patterns of the cosmos. She studies the intricate details of supernatural patterns of the universe and teaches others to become aware of the powerful effects of these patterns. 

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