1111 Angel Number Twin Flame: What Is It Telling You?

Author: Grace Puskas

The topic of twin flames is deeply entwined with angel number 1111. This is because 1111, also seen as 11:11, is the number of twin flame love.

The 1111 angel number for twin flames is a portal to your: 

  • Higher self
  • Ideal love; and 
  • True love

You can learn a lot about yourself through this 1111 phenomenon.

First and foremost, 1111 symbolizes higher consciousness and spiritual ideals. It is a portal or bridge to subtle and spiritual awareness, and to your Higher Self.

1111 is the number of both twin flame love, or twin flame soul union, and synchronicity. 

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Seeing 1111 frequently and as a regular occurrence signifies that your twin flame is near!

In other words, you are almost ready to come together physically. And you are about to come together because you have both been on your own journey of spiritual growth, integrating your mind, body, & spirit.

Now you are very nearly ready to unify in the flesh, joining forces in sacred union. Divine love is symbolic of 1111 as an angel number.

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What Does 1111 Mean Emotionally?

Emotionally, this sacred number suggests you have a well-developed sense of emotional wisdom, maturity, and intelligence. You vibrate on an evolved emotional frequency.

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And Psychologically, What Does It Mean?

Psychologically, seeing the number 1111 repetitively can mean you are capable of telepathy. 

Simply put, you are able to receive subtle and psychic impressions, because you’re connected to the over soul (your Higher Self), and to the collective consciousness energy field.

You are more than likely clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient too. This allows you to tune into a higher frequency. 

Thus you will be able to receive subconscious, subtle, and astral messages and insights from your twin flame.

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1111 In The Physical Plane

On the physical plane, being so in tune with the spiritual world amplifies the chemistry and connection you feel.

Strong and burning desires of seeking soul union, wanting to make love, and being taken to the supreme heights of passion and ecstasy overcome you. Your cells tingle and come to life with excitement when you think about your twin flame.

1111 Synchronicity

1111 is ultimately a sign of spiritual awakening, and this involves synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a seemingly random occurrence of events that feel deeply interconnected. There’s an unexplainable sensation of: 

  • Sublimity
  • Deja vu; or 
  • Like there’s some profound insight inherent

Twin flames are connected to synchronicity and angel number 1111. The 1111 angel number twin flame spiritual meaning is actually synchronicity itself.

Immersed in synchronicity, we begin to awaken to the universal laws; the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Correspondence, and the Law of Attraction…

Two twin souls (or twin flames) only come together in the physical realm when they have healed all of their wounds and trauma. Also, after they’ve been on an authentic and often long journey of personal healing & spiritual enlightenment.

It’s important to know that everything in the subconscious realms wishes to be illuminated, which is what leads to synchronicity and interconnected events.

It doesn’t matter how far apart across the globe twin flame soulmates are, they will be experiencing identical or strongly similar events. All of these experiences lead to their awakening.

Interestingly, you cannot actually be in a twin flame relationship unless and until you’ve been in a karmic relationship, as this is something we must all experience before finding a divine twin flame soul union bond.

Personal and Collective Evolution

This topic wouldn’t be complete without a mention of personal and collective evolution. If you’ve started to see 1111 on your journey, you are likely experiencing collective energies (and so is your twin!).

Your personal awakening is harmonious with the collective awakening amongst all star seeds, walk-ins, gaia warriors, and light beings alike. Basically any ascended or advanced soul with a “spiritual mission.”

This is a huge part of the twin flame soulmate bond, and what angel or sacred number 1111 teaches. 

It teaches you that you are destined to create good in the world, as part of the same or similar soul purpose with your divine counterpart.

This may be through: 

Humanitarian or environmental means

  • Art
  • Music
  • Teaching; or 
  • Joining forces and your skills together

This is no ordinary love, however.

Your bond is so deep and advanced that your souls have agreed, before incarnation, to contribute to a more beautiful world, further helping to raise the collective vibration of humanity. And to actively and consciously contribute to the global planetary awakening…

So, the 1111 angel number twin flame bond is quite out of this world. You are here to bring in a higher consciousness, create lasting change, and inspire and teach future generations, also healing the earth.

You do this through healing yourselves. As you’ve both healed, you naturally start embodying more frequencies of light and higher vibrations.

How to Enhance Your Connection With Your Twin Flame?

Finally, you can enhance and amplify the connection you have with your twin flame (through angel number 1111) through the following.

1. Conscious Dream Work

Prayer, intention setting, and meditation before sleep will allow you to connect with your twin on the astral and spiritual planes…

Consider cleansing (water) and charging (sunlight) an Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli crystal. Keep it on or under your pillow at night.

You can also listen to binaural beats to increase your susceptibility to receiving wisdom and insight through your dreams. 

Binaural beats promote peace of mind and raise your inner vibration, for self-alignment!

2. Tantric Breathwork

Tantric breathwork and healing your sexuality is a key route to wholeness. When you’re whole and healed within, you are better able to communicate with your twin flame.

Research tantric breathwork and apply some of the exercises and techniques in your own life. Journal, reflect, and look back on your past for sexual healing too.

Of course, some healthy and high vibration self-pleasure helps to awaken your kundalini (your divine feminine energy), and activate dormant psychic, spiritual, and sexual energies.

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3. Chakra & Kundalini Healing

To really make the most out of the 1111 angel number twin flame phenomena, engage in regular chakra and kundalini healing.

Learn about the colors and crystals associated with each chakra, activate and unblock your chakras, and do things that stimulate your kundalini.

So what would help to activate your divine feminine, or your kundalini?

You can do the following to help it along:

  • Dance
  • Paint
  • Draw
  • Recite poetry
  • Be sensual
  • Exercise
  • Engage in gentle martial arts like tai chi or yoga; and 
  • Practice psychic self-development

The truth is, there are a number of things you can do, so make sure you try to do at least some of them, in order to maximise what you get out of this 1111 angel number!

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Be Receptive to 1111 Angel Number Twin Flame

Ultimately, the angel number 1111 for twin flames is here to give you the message that you’re on the right path, and that you’re getting closer to meeting your twin flame.

You can either take the suggested steps I just mentioned in order to enhance your connection with your twin flame, or you can choose to leave it and wait for angels to speak to you further. 

If you’re seeing 11:11 a lot and you know deep in your gut that it’s not a coincidence, then you’re likely very receptive to the messages from the universe and your higher self regardless. 

You should be happy, because the fact that you may soon meet your twin flame in the flesh says a lot about you and the spiritual work you’ve done on yourself. 

Not everyone can choose and be receptive to a twin flame relationship. But if you’re ready for it, keep your eyes and your arms open!

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a passionate Reiki Master, Astrologer, Dream therapist/interpretor, Holistic Healer, and Herbalist. She is also a visionary poet and published author, who enjoys gardening, caring for others, healing the earth, and creating educational & spiritual videos on Youtube. 

Grace Puskas

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