Soulmate Vs Twin Flame Vs Karmic: KEY Differences
Explained by An Expert

Author: Grace Puskas

Soulmate love, twin flame bonds, and karmic love bonds, or karmic soulmates; we have many connections in this life. All are defined by an inner pull towards growth and self-development. 

They all ultimately help us answer this integral question: 

How can we evolve?

This article aims to cover what soulmate vs twin flame vs karmic love is. Let’s get right into it!

What Is Karmic Love?

Karmic love is the type of love that sets your soul and world on fire. If you’ve experienced (or are experiencing) a karmic love, you’ll feel that there is: 

  • Instant attraction
  • Deep feeling of knowing each other from previous lifetimes; and 
  • Even a strong past-life connection

Karmic love is no ordinary love, and this is because it is infused with passion and chemistry. There are highs, lows, and real struggles and heartaches.

All of it is meant to steer you in the direction of your soul, to push you to new levels within yourself and in your life in general. 

Karmic love always gravitates you towards self-mastery.

But what’s self mastery?

It’s a sense that you can move beyond just your “lower vibrational” impulses.

When exploring the key differences between soulmate vs twin flame vs karmic love, it’s very important to be aware of the following:

Firstly, karmic love is a soulmate connection.

Can You Have More Than One Karmic Love In Your Life?

We can have multiple karmic soulmate bonds in life, whether it’s lovers from our youth to our mid-twenties, or our 30’s and onwards. Each relationship represents a stage in our evolutionary cycle.

For example, you may have a karmic soulmate in your early to late twenties, and learn significant lessons from them.

The next karmic love bond you have may not present the same challenges and opportunities for growth- because you’ve already learned that lesson- but instead a different set of distortions may arise.

I say distortions because this is the key: karmic love bonds are full of distortion, disharmony, and conflict. 

In fact, disagreements, tension, and chaos are necessary for soul growth and self-mastery.

Though you may want to stay with your karmic lover, it’s common to feel like you can never be truly secure in their emotional commitment to you.

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Conflicts In Karmic Bonds Are Here to Serve You…

Of course, there will be some incredibly blissful moments, as a karmic love connection is a soulmate bond; and all soulmates are here to show us the depths and beauty of our souls…

Yet you should be aware that just because there are blissful moments, doesn’t mean you can’t also have lots of conflict in a relationship, and there’s good reason for this.

Namely, certain toxic cycles or themes will continue to present themselves until we have integrated what they are here to teach us. 

Further, without disparity or disharmony there would be no chance for unity.

Unlike soulmate bonds, which can be romantic, platonic, animals or family members, karmic soulmates are almost always sexual. 

Again, there is incredibly chemistry and sexual attraction!

Sex and intimacy is the missing link when comparing the bond to soulmates generally. 

A karmic love bond alights your soul, awakens your kundalini (which we will define shortly), and stimulates all of your chakras.

(The chakras, as defined by the dictionary, are each of 7 centres of spiritual power in the body.)

There is also a strong aspect of awakening the Rainbow Body in a karmic love relationship.

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The Awakening of The Rainbow Body!

Soulmate vs twin flame vs karmic love… All of these will include some aspect of your rainbow body and chakra system. 

But karmic love is specifically designed to stimulate great awakening and internal shifts.

Why is this? 

Because karmic love stimulates all of your chakras, thus activating and energizing kundalini energy.

If you don’t yet have a deep relationship with your kundalini, I strongly advise you start to work with her. Kundalini is your divine feminine energy, your Shakti; the divine life force that flows through your spine and energy system.

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Kundalini energy represents: 

  • Primal instincts
  • Psychic abilities
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Creative life force
  • Intuition; and 
  • The holistic self

A strong and healthy kundalini means all of your chakras are balanced and active, and your life is symbolized through a healthy flow of energy through each.

This means that each chakra and its associated attributes & qualities gets “attention,” or recognition, in life.

In terms of a karmic soulmate love bond, your rainbow body ‘aka’ chakra system is very significant. 

Each chakra will be reflected in your karmic partner.

Sometimes you might get lost, circulating the primal and impulsive energies of the root chakra. 

Then you might find deeper intimacy, reflecting warmth and beauty through your emotional center (the sacral).

In other moments, you will be connected to your solar plexus, supremely confident, willful, and with a healthy sense of ambition and personal authority, which you are not afraid to show around your lover.

When playing out the energies of the heart chakra you will be loving, empathic, caring and nurturing. 

You genuinely respect your partner, and believe in mutual understanding and listening to the other’s needs.

Throat chakra expression in a karmic soulmate bond allows you to express and communicate your emotions, feelings, beliefs and desires…

While the third eye chakra (which is the chakra that leads to higher consciousness and enlightenment), when connected to, lets you both share in magical synchronicity, vision, and a joint love of subtle and spiritual activities or perception. 

Your intuition is amplified, which allows you to navigate the various currents of your relationship effortlessly. 

A crown chakra connection within this love bond opens doorways to unity consciousness, divine connection, and perhaps even a shared mission. Faith, purity, inspiration, and universal love are the keywords here.

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What Is The Aim Of The Karmic Love Bond?

As you can see, a karmic love bond is very unique! The aim of the game is to raise energies up and not get stuck or lost in lust, primal desires, and animalistic impulses.

But, because it is a karmic bond this will undoubtedly happen.

This is the main difference between a karmic soulmate and the others; sexual desires and libido are strong, while the connection is a manifestation of your soul’s need to transcend the purely primal inner animal in you.

What Is A Twin Flame Soul Union?

This brings us onto a twin flame bond, completely different to a karmic soulmate! 

A twin flame love is rooted in white light, which is the space within the universe that houses positive energies. 

Twin flame love occurs when you have transcended your lusty primal desires and excessive “solely sexual” wants.

Energy is free to flow up to the higher chakras and energy centers, because you and your divine lover have both worked on yourselves. Specifically, you’ve both done the following:

  • Healed your wounds
  • Looked deep into your karma and childhood, which includes ancestral and family trauma and karmic influences; and 
  • Have attained a mind, body & spirit connection (within)

This can then be reflected to your twin flame in a totally loving, harmonious, and conscious way. 

It is a very healthy love bond that is both primal and spiritual. I.e. you have both balanced your inner yang and yin energies.

Your kundalini is whole and energized, with life force energy non-stagnated. It flows where it needs to, making sure the connection is always rooted in some “higher” love, consciousness, and intention.

There’s little to no chance of getting lost in toxicity, lust, or detrimental cycles in a twin flame bond! Both partners have become self-mastered on their own. They have found that white light and divine love within.

So, when exploring the key differences between soulmate vs twin flame vs karmic relationships, it’s important to know that the type of sexual activity enagged in is very, very different.

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Soulmate Vs Twin Flame Vs Karmic Relationships: Differences Explained Simply

The best way to see the differentiations is as follows… 

  1. Soulmate can be sexual or non-sexual. If sexual, it is both romantic and karmic; the degree of which depends on the couple.
  2. A karmic bond is primarily rooted in primal, highly charged, sexual passion and desires. More of the connection is in the “lower chakras,” the root, sacral, and solar plexus. (With the heart as the bridge.)
  3. A twin flame bond is mainly rooted in the “higher chakras”- a shared mission, a completed soul contract, higher love, and evolved aspects of consciousness; self-evolution and self-mastery (with the heart as the bridge).

Twin Flames: A Symbol of Divine Love

Twin flames are essentially a soul union of the highest order. Universal love, unconditional love, and universal compassion flow in abundance.

It is not a struggle or “big deal” to connect on these levels, because it comes naturally to both twins. Purity is reflected through both soulmates’ eyes… you share deep love, true love, with one another.

You only have the other’s best intentions in mind and heart too, which is not necessarily true with karmic soulmates. 

Twin flames are a perfect mirror and reflection of one another.

Divinity flows through each twin individually, and through the connection or bond itself. So, this is one of those holy and higher vibrational love bonds.

You can have many twin flames in life, as there are a significant number of people who have done the inner work and evolved and reached ascension. But you only come together in soul union with one twin flame.

This makes the bond extremely special. Twin flames share a connection throughout all time and space, and through multiple lifetimes.

It is a spiritual and euphoric connection that further allows you to play out certain archetypes. 

For example, Shiva and Shakti (masculine and feminine), the energy/frequency of a God and Goddess, and many other higher realm avatars.

Soulmates Explained In Depth 

A lot of the key differences between soul mate vs twin flame vs karmic love have already been covered. Soulmates haven’t been touched on too deeply, so let’s cover that now.

A soulmate is someone you share a significant soul bond with. You “just know” you’ve been connected throughout many lifetimes, instinctively and intuitively. It’s a feeling in your gut.

Soulmates can actually be: 

  • Animals
  • Family
  • Kindred spirits
  • Friends; and 
  • Lovers

They can even be plants if you are a highly sensitive person or empath!

Soulmates reflect our joys, strength, pain, weaknesses, and both what we need to heal, and how far we’ve come on our journey.

A soulmate connection involves a lot of: 

  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Care
  • Affection
  • Happiness
  • Friendship; and 
  • Kindness

Soul mates are often considered family, whether blood-related or not.

Soulmate connections can of course be tricky, however they primarily aim to serve our highest good. 

They reflect all the colors of the soul, the gray areas too. Soulmates can help us through challenging times.

For platonic soulmates, just know that you may have been lovers or even married in a past life, but not destined to be more than platonic in this one.

Soulmates serve many purposes and aspects of connection, therefore please don’t assume your feelings or instincts aren’t valid. 

What you need to remember about soulmates is this:

All elements of human emotion, love, and connection are important within soulmate bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Karmic Soul Mate?

A karmic soulmate is a soulmate with an often intense and highly charged sexual synergy. 

This is quite a lusty or primal connection, hence the “karmic” aspect. 

Imagine the kundalini: a karmic soulmate is someone who primarily reflects our lower human emotions and desires, so there’s a lot of sexual attraction and energy. 

The aim is when you meet a karmic soulmate is to evolve up to higher heights, thus finding deeper connection in other areas (and chakras).

What Is A Karmic Soul?

A karmic soul, not to be confused with a karmic soulmate bond or karmic love bond, is an individual who, quite simply, refuses to learn and evolve in this life. 

They prefer to stay connected to their karmic, toxic, or limiting cycles… 

They are given many opportunities to learn and heal in this life, but they resonate more with their dark side (than their light). 

MORE: Dark and Light Feminine: A Quick Contrast.

Enlightenment for a karmic soul is possible- sometimes it’s very close, and they may have glimpses of it. But, ultimately, they remain in a karmic cycle throughout their life.

What Is A Twin Flame Vs Soul Mate?

A twin flame is the highest form of love you can achieve on this earth plane.

It is only possible when two souls have evolved and elevated their consciousness to attain self-mastery, and thus choose to unite (in the physical) with their twin.

Soulmates are many with multiple variations of connection. There is unconditional love present in a soulmate connection, but it is not on the same frequency as a twin flame bond.

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What Is A Karmic Bond?

A karmic bond is a connection where both parties have chosen to grow. 

Each is the other’s mirror or reflection, so they are given many opportunities to transcend toxic or shadow cycles, outgrowing certain behaviors through the other’s assistance. 

They mirror what is in need of healing in the other…


Now you know the KEY differences between soulmate vs twin flame vs karmic love, if you need some help discovering exactly what your connection is, tune into your Higher Self.

Connect to your third eye, the seat of hidden and secret knowledge. Intuition flows from an active and awakened third eye, and you are able to see beyond the veil of illusion.

This allows you to determine the subtle energetic undercurrents of life and the relationships in your life. Seek to heal your chakra system too, awakening your own “Rainbow Body” within.

Through finding true love within and aligning with your own source of power, you can make decisions that are best in alignment with your soul…

Here at the National Council for Research on Women, we strive to promote positive self esteem and healthy interpersonal relationships for all females. It is our goal to give women the knowledge and empowerment to make better choices in their lives.

Grace Puskas

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