10 Indisputable Signs He Caught Feelings For You

Author: Stef Zisofska

Men are lovely, inspiring, but often hard to read (which can be annoying).

If you have a guy in your life and you suspect has caught feelings for you, there are a few obvious signs he caught feelings for you, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to read them. 

Nevertheless, it's challenging to deal with a guy who is withholding his true feelings. 

Even worse, if you’ve dated the guy for a while, yet he still doesn't express how he feels about you - that’s a headache to say the least. 

Don't worry, you are not the only one. All of us have had similar struggles at times (speaking of yours truly), and it's great when we can learn from each other. 

I consider myself to know a thing or two more about how to read men, so let's dig in together.

Men don't show their feelings as we do. At least not with words and not perhaps as soon as women do. 

One of the first signs he caught feelings for you is when you notice that he can't take his eyes off you, just like in the song “Can’t take my eyes off you”. 

Men are visual beings, so when a guy likes you, he starts following every move you make and always seeks eye contact. Don't feel awkward about it, just relax and enjoy - he really likes you!


#2: Kissing, Kissing, And More...Kissing!

When a guy is into you, he needs physical nearness. Now, when his feelings are real, he won't be in a rush for a sexy time, but he'd kiss you as often as possible. 

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You see, guys show affection in many different ways other than words, so if you're up to exchanging mouth fluids, then you'll be lucky to uncover one of the simplest signs he caught feelings, and that's kissing.

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#3:  'I Just Called To Say... ' Uhm To Hear Your Voice!

Wow, this is one of the clearest signs that your guy can't get you off his mind. In other words, he can't wait to see you again, so he's calling to 'just hear your voice'! 

Girl, this phrase is screaming in your ear that he has deep feelings for you, and he can't stand a minute more without seeing you. 

If he never said he loves you, but you hear 'I just called to hear your voice' often, then you can be sure that he's right down your alley.

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#4: He Is Worried When You Get Sick

Well, this one is big! If he freaks out when you sneeze on the phone, or when you don't feel your best, that’s one of the clear signs a guy likes you.

If you’re unwell and he runs to your door with a soup, tea, flowers or vitamins, then you know he is fully into you, and he wants to be your saviour. 

It's in his nature. Even without bells and whistles, if he calls you ten times a day when you're feeling ill to ask you if you're feeling better, then you can be sure that this guy has deep feelings for you.

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#5: He Gets Nervous Around You

So, let's imagine that you're still not dating, but you're interested in him and would like to know if he feels the same way. 

Start noticing if he gets nervous around you, especially when it's just the two of you. 

If he starts mumbling or getting confused around you, then it's clear that he has feelings for you, but your nearness blocks him so badly that he can't even speak. 

Make sure you don't mock him or make him feel even worse, he's already suffering enough.

#6: You Are Not His Secret

One of the clearest signs he caught feelings is when he is not hiding you from his friends and loved ones. 

If you notice that every now and then, he introduces you to the people he loves, it is obvious that you are not his secret. 

If he's proud to show you off around his nearest and dearest, and makes sure that everyone knows you're with him, then he’s not only proud to have you in his life, he secretly likes you!

#7: He Shows You He's Vulnerable

Our society is somewhat still 'boys don't cry.' This, of course, has nothing to do with common sense. 

Men are vulnerable as we are, and when he shows you his 'feely' side from time to time, you should know that he completely trusts you. 

Sharing emotional stories with you and showing his vulnerable side means that he feels you as someone close. Trust is not an easy thing to build, so if he shares his soft side, be happy about it, because you mean a lot to him.

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#8: He Is Actually Listening

Many of you gals may say that men are not good listeners, and that is partly true (especially when he doesn’t see a point to the story - it becomes hard for guys to listen when they don’t see a point). 

But, when a guy is into you, he is all ears. When he pays attention to every detail of every word you say, when he is trying to motivate you and help you figure something out, then read the sign sister, he is eating out of your hand. 

However, if listening is the only sign you get from him, then he's maybe just an excellent friend.

#9: He Compliments You All The Time (And In Public)

When a guy gives you compliments for both your looks and your personality, then there is no doubt he likes you. 

If he does this in public, wow, he wants the world to know that he is interested in you. 

Men expressing their feelings in public is close to finding neverland, so if he compliments you in public it means only one thing - get ready for the church bells.

#10: He Asks For Your Opinion And Shares Big News

When a guy you're dating starts asking for your opinion about everything connected to his life (because it matters to him what you think), then that's one of the signs he caught feelings for you. 

When he can't make one single decision without consulting you, then you are already a huge part of his life. Calling you first to let you know he got promoted is another clear sign that this guy is 100% into you.

Stay Attuned And Focus On His Actions

If you notice that your guy does a couple or all of these things, then there is no doubt that you have love gods on your side. 

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Here’s the bottom line: if he likes you, he won’t always let you know verbally. 

So, focus on what he's doing rather than if he's going to say 'I love you' right away. He may not be comfortable yet. 

Guys show affection in many other ways than using words. Your best bet is to stay attuned to him, and when you’re attuned, you won’t have to ask about how to know if he’s into you, it will all automatically reveal itself to you.

Stef Zisovska

Stef Z is an Ecuador based writer dedicated to community work, writing, and theater. She's dedicating most of her time helping women go through difficult breakups, domestic violence, as well learn the secret language of men.

Stef Zisovska

Author For National Council for Research on Women

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