12 Telltale Signs You Have a Spiritual Connection with A Man

Author: Varsha Asrani & Renée Shen

True, deep connection is rare in this life. It’s even more rare to find a real spiritual connection with someone. 

If you feel a strong and unexplainable connection with someone special in your life, and you’re wondering whether it’s a spiritual connection, read on.

Life has mysterious ways of connecting us to our soulmates. In fact, if you’re spiritually entwined with someone, then the mere presence of them is enough to overwhelm you with a feeling of deep spiritual connection. 

That feeling of completeness blended with passion, care, respect, and affection for each other reflects your spiritual love for someone.

“Soul Mates share complementary, compatible life goals and their spiritual natures are often in sync with ours. They also experience an immense level of comfort with each other that cannot be experienced in other relationships, and they complement each other in many ways through their strengths and weaknesses.” 
― Aletheia Luna

What is Spiritual Connection?

A spiritual connection is a feeling that you deeply know someone, and the feeling is mutual. 

You both share emotions, thoughts and unexplainable feelings. In some moments, it even feels like your behaviour is ‘in sync’ or guided by an unknown force.

This type of experience is common among people who consider themselves to be soul mates.

The feeling of spiritual connection is unlike any other feeling you would have ever experienced. This type of connection is felt only when you are with your true love.

The feeling of such a connection is just too magnificent. You do not need anyone’s approval to feel it, and knowing it in your heart is all that matters.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in such a connection, since the feeling itself is so gratifying that you feel as if you have found your universe in your love. 

Nothing else would seem important when you are mesmerized by a spiritual connection. But how would you know if you really have a spiritual connection with someone? 

My personal experience with love helped me pinpoint these 12 telltale signs that elucidate you have a spiritual connection with someone:

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Sign # 1: When You Love Unconditionally

Loving unconditionally is actually a very difficult thing to do. I know it from experience. And you know what else I know from experience – that loving someone unconditionally becomes effortless when you experience a spiritual connection.

"Real love begins when nothing is expected in return." — Thich Nhat Hanh

It is not that you will have to put any effort into showering them with unconditional love, but it would come naturally to both of you. 

Nothing is said or expected in such a pure relationship, and all you want to do is keep loving each other – no matter what!

This is likely because when you share a spiritual bond, your care for the person outweighs your fears.

Sign # 2: When Your Love for Each Other Never Changes with Time or Tide

Loving unconditionally means loving someone irrespective of any ups or downs and in sorrow or joy. No circumstances prove to be strong enough to break your spiritual bond. Such is the Spiritual Connection.

Sign # 3: When the Only Thing That Matters to You Both is Love

I am not trying to draft up a cliché here. That’s what you really feel like when you find a spiritual connection with someone. 

Your entire life is permeated and driven by your love for each other, which is the only thing that would matter. And all your actions, decisions, and even fights, for that matter, is circled around the love for each other.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that your ‘fights’ often occur due to you both wanting the best for each other.

Sign # 4: You Really Forget Everything Bad When in Each Other’s Arms

That’s what real love is like. 

No matter how bad your day was or how troublesome your situation is – a mere hug is reassuring enough that everything is fine. Resting your head in his lap might give you a similar feeling, but you get the point, right?

However, if you still feel concerned about your issues when your partner has held you in his arms or if you don’t feel like being in his arms at all, then girlfriend, perhaps you don’t have any spiritual mojo with him.

Sign # 5: When the Sex is Just Amazing

Now I am not just talking about bells-ringing or having multiple orgasms. 

When you actually have a spiritual connection with someone, you just cannot get enough of them. Sex itself would feel like being a part of each other, as if your souls are blending together.

"Sex is more than an act of pleasure, it’s the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you’re a part of them."
- Thom York

Even after the sex, your physical intimacy remains just as passionate. That’s what a spiritual connection would feel like, and trust me, It’s simply majestic!

Sign # 6: When You Share Synchronised Feelings

As well as intensity of the feelings. Life starts affecting you both the same way in every manner. Good or bad, you both feel the same and with equal intensity. 

Your reactions and responses would become so similar that it would feel like there is hardly any need for words for you to let your partner know about your feelings. 

You experience everything with the same intensity and face anything challenging with hands-held-together.

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Sign # 7: When There is No Limit to Things You Will Do to Keep Him Happy

Of course, I am not referring to mad infatuation or anything that could be inferred as a mental disorder. 

What I am talking about is this: 

Your motivation and willingness to keep your partner happy would be of prime importance to you when you have that spiritual connection.

Moreover, since this bond is so strong, you would be very cognizant of all things that could make him happy.

You may even find that you know what would make him happy before he even knows it himself (and vice versa).

Sign # 8: When You Value His Advice & Support

It’s not always easy to find someone whose advice you truly value as a woman. 

Plus, there are plenty of men out there who give pretty bad advice (and consequently, terrible “support”) due to being too self-focused, too short-sighted, or just plain controlling.

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, his support would be extremely important to you, and it will fuel you. 

Whether it’s a small decision like changing your hairstyle or something major like changing your job, your partner’s support is what you would seek, because your spiritual bond makes you trust him deeply.

If you value his support, it infers that he is already important and special to your heart.

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Sign # 9: When You Find It Difficult to Lie and Hide

While some special-case people have these generic in-built qualities fueling them to lie and hide - and they can keep up the charade for an eternity - when you share a spiritual connection with someone, even pinocchio himself would find it hard to lie.

When you actually find someone with whom you share that special connection, something inside you will constantly push you to be honest and open with them. 

You don’t mind being emotionally, spiritually and psychologically revealed to them.

It would seem like you want him to know everything about you. Such is this miraculous bond of love.

Sign # 10: When You Both Are Similar in So Many Ways (Made for Each Other)

Now, I don’t want you to go crazy over the things that you find similar in each other.

Nor do I want you to try to change him to be just like you. This is not a competition where you jot down the things that you are similar in. It does not work like this.

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, your tastes, habits, choices, pet peeves, etc., would blend in magically. 

There is no need for external efforts to make this happen. After all, spiritual love is never forced out of someone! Don’t you agree?

Sign 11: When He Brings Out the Best in You

I mean it! When you truly love someone, the level of adoration is immense to the extent that you admire and worship each other. 

They keep you honest, and they inspire the best from you just by being who they are.

Not to mention that when you’re in love, you naturally want to be a better version of yourself. 

As a woman, if this spiritual connection brings out the best in you, know that he is the one!  

"Love is the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth." — Dr. Scott Peck, MD

Sign 12: When You Are Extremely Comfortable with Him

Once again, I don’t mean being slutty with him. But even when you do become slutty, you are consciously okay with it. Such is the comfort of spiritual connection.

You are extremely comfortable being yourself and acting freely when you are with your soulmate. And not in an “I don’t care” attitude, but “I feel safe with him” and “I trust him” kind of comfort.

How to Become More Spiritually Connected?

You can become more spiritually connected by simply existing as love (rather than expecting it). By radiating the love you expect from your partner, you bring out the best in him and inspire him to connect deeper with you. 

Here are some of the things that would help you become more spiritually connected:

  • Consciously work on building an emotional connection with your partner. The best way to do it is to bypass social norms and connect with the soul of your partner. In fact, the most “high value” way to do this with a man is through the dark feminine art of High Value Banter. D.Shen and Renée have a free class on this for you. 

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  • Be more emotionally and physically intimate. Physical affection and emotional intimacy help to develop a deeper and more meaningful connection.
  • Remove any baggage from the past. It is one of the major hiccups that hinder your chances of having a deeper spiritual connection.
  • Remember that staying spiritually connected requires consistent efforts from both.
  • Do not let your partner face his demons alone. Be each other’s partner in crime.
  • Prioritize each other by taking out “us-time” frequently and regularly. Don’t let the spark vanish.
  • Dream together. Seeing and planning your future together improves the spiritual connection.

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How To Know If Two Souls Are Connected?

If your souls are connected, your thoughts would be the same, and your happiness would be a level beyond comprehension. You will live with the inner knowing that you were “meant to be”. 

Even if life circumstances get in the way, you both find a way back to each other (even if it’s not physically). 

You would also have an almost immediate emotional attraction towards each other, making you fall deeply in love.

If the feelings mentioned above are mutual between both of you, you can know that the two souls are connected.

Final Thoughts

If this write-up felt like a déjà vu of your current relationship, consider this as great news! You have already found a soulmate with a spiritual connection. If not, then now you know what to look for!

Keep loving, keep living!

Varsha Asrani
Renee Shen

Varsha is a writer and mother of a beautiful son. She has a dual Master’s degree in Business Management (Finance & Marketing) and Career Counselling certification. Her passion for learning led her to the teaching domain, where she shares the knowledge she gained over the years through education and personal life. She teaches students of ATMC College Melbourne (as a Management Faculty).

Varsha Asrani

Author For National Council for Research on Women

Renée Shen

Author and Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of The popular women's dating and relationship website, The Feminine Woman.

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