14 CLEAR Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

Author: Paul R. Brian & Renée Shen

The signs that the universe sends us are not always immediately obvious. 

They can be confusing, subtle and cryptic. 

But sometimes they’re as clear as day. 

Here are 14 very clear signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

14 CLEAR Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

#1. You Feel It In Your Gut

The emotion we perceive as intuition or foreboding is actually usually a sign from the universe.

You generally experience this intuitive feeling when you have a high level of awareness about what you feel in your gut and your heart.

This high level of awareness isn’t too common nowadays, as many people have become less sensitized to the signs from the universe as well as their own gut feeling.

But if you reduce the noise, distraction and overthinking in your day to day life and just feel what’s around you - little messages will come to you as signs.

When your heart feels light and joyful, it means that you are on the right track and about to accomplish something good or find the love of your life.

This is one of those self-evident signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

#2. You've Dreamed Of Them More Than Once

Dreaming of someone is one of the top signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

This doesn’t mean that you want to be with everyone you dream of (how preposterous!), but if you repeatedly dream of someone despite your best efforts not to, there’s definitely a message you need to heed.

Whether you know the person well or not, it’s a very convincing phenomenon.  
If you don't know them and that person seems so special to you, it’s a big tell that the universe is working to set you up with a soulmate or twin flame who’s coming your way. 

This is because your subconscious mind already knows that someone you will love is in your way and as the image of that person is not yet stored in your mind, your subconscious creates an image and brings these vivid and pleasant dreams straight to you.

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#3. You've Accepted Being Single

If you've been looking for love and it's never worked out, it can lead to a feeling of giving up. 

It always seems to be the wrong person, wrong place or wrong time and you’ve had enough…

Except eventually, instead of complaining, you reach a point where you truly have accepted it. 

This is exactly one of the top signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

The forces of positive growth are clearing a space for something new to grow and a new love to come your way. 

This is because often when we run after something we create a vibration of lack, of absence.

This vibration of lack leads to us approaching dating in a very value-extracting way.

This vibration of value extraction leads us to show up low value - which then tends to push good people in the opposite direction.

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Why does showing up with this energy of value extraction push potential lovers away?

Because it doesn’t add value to their lives.

However, when we truly give up focusing on trying to ‘get’ into a relationship and reach a place of peace, we become more relaxed and happy with where we are. 

This happiness then raises your vibration, but it also leads you to be more focused on creating value in your life and in the lives of others. 

So it is no accident that this is often the time that somebody special comes our way. 

#4. You Feel Like You’ve Met Them Before

You may meet someone new and after having a conversation with them for a short time, you get a weird feeling of DejaVu, like you’ve met them before, or you knew them in a past life.

Perhaps you feel like they seem so familiar that it’s odd - but in a good way.

Whatever it is, this feeling can’t be seen or witnessed by anyone but you (and perhaps them)!

    #5. You Show Up At The Same Random Place At The Same Time

    I’m not talking about just showing up at the same party at the same time, although that could be one of the signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

    I’m talking more about those synchronicities that you cannot ignore, because it’s so close to impossible that it just doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

    For example, when you both show up to inspect a rental property at the exact same time in an area you both don’t usually frequent.

    Or perhaps when you run into each other at an odd place at an odd time in another town.

    Or take this for an example: you break up with someone, but sometime after going no contact or not speaking to them, you both show up at an old place you enjoyed together in the past at the exact same time, alone.

    It takes it to another level if you both show up seemingly in the same emotional state, like you both show up at the same place feeling despondent, angry, or even hopeful.

    This is definitely no coincidence. 

    Feel into what these synchronicities are telling you!

    #6. You Feel A Strong Urge To Ask Somebody For Forgiveness

    If you have begun to think of someone you have fought with, and are filled with a sudden and strong desire to ask forgiveness, know that it is one of the common signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

    This is because the energy of true love is waiting for you and urging you to let the hate go. 

    When unfinished things from the past begin to reappear so that you can resolve them, it’s often one of the strongest signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

    Does it always have to be your love interest specifically? 


    It could be your love interest or another person. 

    What’s important is that the urge is there for you to clear up past problems in your life so that a weight is lifted, and your body can be free to emit the attractive energy of love.

    If you’re a woman, lifting this weight likely means that you’ll become more feminine and therefore more attractive to your love interest, and to men in general. 

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    #7. Someone From Your Romantic Past Shows Up And You Don't Feel The Same Anymore

    This sign is related to the previous one, but different.

    Events and people from the past that are unfinished reappear in your life with the intention of being resolved to release the old energy.

    If someone you've had a relationship with has reappeared in your life, but now it seems that what you've felt has gone, this is a sign that the universe is getting you ready for somebody new. 

    If you don’t feel anything, no more good, nor bad for that person, it's a sign that your heart is energetically free and the right person will soon reach you.

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    #8. You Dream That You’ll Soon Get Married Or Have Children

    If you dream that you are getting married or having a child, it is a sign that you are attracting an important person into your life.

    This is one of the most important signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

    This is because the energy of love is around you and someone who is meant for you is about to show up as that perfect person for you. 

    He or she is sending a telegram through the universe and into your dreams. 

    The message? This is the start of a new cycle and new love is on its way.

    Attachment style quiz

    #9. You Have Romantic and Erotic Dreams About Someone

    Dreams are the most obvious signs in the universe. They can be simple and straightforward or complex and complicated.

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    But either way, there’s no doubt they’re meaningful. 

    Even if you have difficulty interpreting these dreams, they are signs that can change your life forever. And it's worth the effort of understanding them.

    Dreams can be about a stranger or a person you've met recently.

    If you dream about someone erotically or romantically, it’s a message from the universe that they will show up in your life in the future.

    How will they show up?

    It’s very hard to predict, and so you can’t be sure. However, just be ready to receive them when they do show up.

    Having extremely romantic or erotic dreams goes far beyond the simple desire to have a loving relationship: they are signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

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    #10. Feeling Inexplicably Happy And At Peace With Life

    Again, this is a very clear sign from the universe that love is coming.

    It’s one of the top signs the universe wants you to be with someone and that you're doing the right thing and progressing on the right path.

    Now, all you need to do is be aware of what's going on around you and proceed to add value to a man (or woman’s) life. 

    Going into new love with a value-adding mindset will help you gain confidence in a natural way, without having to pretend to be confident.

    Here’s the uncomfortable truth:

    When it comes to love and dating, most people enter it with a value-taking mindset, and this makes things extra hard for them.

    They expect others to add value to them and make them happy, but it should be the other way around.

    Regardless, if you’re feeling really happy and at peace, this is a very good sign that positive things are on the horizon.

    When you have found your inner peace, it means that you have put aside the bad experiences of your past.

    You finally forgave those who hurt you and managed to heal your wounds from the past.

    It's a good sign that you've abandoned all negativity and negative fixation. This is an essential precondition to manifest your desires.

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    #11. You Feel Strong Euphoria Out of Nowhere

    If you have begun to have moments of peak euphoria out of nowhere, these are some of the strongest signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

    Why euphoria though?

    Because when we are falling in love, euphoria infiltrates every cell in our body.

    If love is soon to enter your life, it’s definitely not uncommon to feel euphoric.


    If you feel inexplicable euphoria, it could be because the universe is preparing you to be in the perfect state for someone to fall in love with you (happy people are more likely to fall in love and have others fall in love with them).

    These changes are positive and indicate that someone special is about to come to your life.

    This enthusiasm will only increase when this special person finally shows up.

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    #12. You Get A Strong Sense Of What You Want to Do With Your Life

    If you are aimless in life, it usually seems that everything is stagnant.

    But then out of nowhere you begin to have clarity, decide things for your future and get a strong certainty about what you want to do with life.

    This is a powerful sign that your own vibration is definitely aligning with the vibration of love and soon someone special will appear to complete your happiness.

    #13. You Keep Bumping Into Or Being Reminded of Someone

    This is one of the biggest signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

    It can be very obvious, like bumping into someone over and over again.

    Or it could be that you listen to the same song over and over again by chance which reminds you of them. 

    If this just happens once or twice, obviously don’t overthink it. 

    But if numbers, places, memories, people and situations keep bringing someone specific back into your mind, you can be sure it’s not random.

    #14. You See Love All Around You

    Another of the clearest signs the universe wants you to be with someone is that you start seeing love all around you. 

    You notice romance in commercials, in other couples, in romantic music, you name it!

    Where you used to just see a blank canvas, you now see beautiful colors and connection. 

    The reason this is happening is because again, your vibration is aligning with the vibration of love.

    It’s the way the universe prepares you to receive love and appreciate the energy of true love.

    Love is on its way, you can be sure of that.

    The more you appreciate its presence all around you, the more love will show up for you.

    Trust In the Signs The Universe Is Giving You

    The signs I’ve written about above don't come to your life to hurt you in any way, so it's good to trust them.

    The choice to follow or believe in what the signals present to you is up to each person of course.

    However, it is always important to consider that these clear signs the universe wants you to be with someone, often appear after a request or a question that you have. 

    And finally, if you've noticed that there's been a lot of these signs in your life lately it's very likely that the universe wants you to be with someone in the near future.

    While they may not always be as clear as we want, having signs from the universe is a great way to understand a little more about our lives and the people who come into them. 

    I know you’re often too distracted to notice many of these important signs the universe is sending you. 

    It happens. It’s a part of being a modern day human living with a tonne of distractions. 

    Most of us miss the signs from the universe because its messages are drowned out by our busy lives and obligations. 

    We may forget to notice small details that keep occurring, dreams we are having or people we are bumping into inexplicably. 

    But by slowing down and noting the occurrences in our lives that form a pattern, we can gain much greater insight into who we’re meant to be with and why. 

    Paying attention to these signs, however, is a great way to gain more clarity and inspiration for the future. 

    Paul Brian
    Renee Shen

    Paul R. Brian

    Paul Rowan Brian is a freelance journalist, author and writer from Canada. He's written for Ideapod, Hack Spirit and Love Connection and is focused on culture, relationships and self-development. You can follow him on Twitter @paulrbrian.

    Renée Shen

    Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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