12 Guaranteed Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You & FAQ

Author: Jerri W

There was once a time when the knowledge of twin flame relationships was limited to small religious and spiritual communities. 

Over time, more and more people are sharing and experiencing the twin flame phenomenon. 

With a wider awareness of spiritual dating, spirituality and recent pop culture references, all powered by the far reach of the internet; many people are wondering if it’s possible that they could be in a twin flame relationship.

If this is why you are here reading this, then you have come to the right place. it is not unusual to be looking for signs your twin flame loves you.

We know that the average relationship can be complicated enough, yet twin flame connections are a whole next level of confusion. They certainly cannot always be measured by the usual relationship standards.

What do I mean by this? 

We will get into it a little more deeply in a moment, but for now you can think of twin flames as being a type of soul connection, like soulmates, but even more intensely connected.

I first came across this topic by accident some time ago. Being somewhat drawn to spirituality and faith my whole life I was surprised to have never come across this term before. At the time I was searching the internet for answers about:

“What does it mean when you meet the male version of yourself?”

Little did I know this curious, albeit strange enquiry, would lead down a path of self-discovery (and on a spiritual rollercoaster journey!).

If you are curious like I was, and you need straight answers about twin flame connections then keep reading because I have it all summed up here for you as well as 12 Guaranteed Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You.

What Does Twin Flame Mean?

A twin flame is an intense type of spiritual connection shared with another person, also referred to as twin souls. 

Twin flames are often described as being somewhat like soulmates, but while soulmates are defined as two souls who make the perfect match, twin flames are two people who share the very same soul.

Let me briefly explain how this could be and how this concept came about...

One of the most popular twin flame origin stories is from Greek Mythology. In this story the first humans were like two people conjoined. They had two heads, two bodies, four legs, four arms and so on.

To put a long story short there was a power struggle between the humans and the gods where the gods felt threatened by the strength of the people. 

The gods considered destroying the human population completely, but they were too dependent on the labour and resources that they provided. So, they came up with another solution.

Zeus decided to split all the humans in half and Apollo sewed them up, leaving a belly button as the only sign they were ever once connected. 

This initially worked well for the gods but nevertheless, it backfired when eventually many of the humans succumbed to immense depression and starved themselves. 

They truly could not go on being separated from their other halves.

Now, it is believed that these original separated humans (in particular their souls), were fated to spend eternity longing and searching for the other half of their soul. 

Lifetime after lifetime these split souls will attempt to (and sometimes successfully), find one another and reunite.

This other half of the soul is what is commonly referred to as a twin flame.

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What Is A Twin Flame Relationship?

So now that we have a basic idea of what a twin flame is and how it compares to other spiritual connections, you may be wondering how this applies to modern relationships.

Perhaps you think you have met your twin flame, or you have a compelling feeling that they must be out there somewhere. 

Maybe like I was, you’ve never even heard of it before, but the concept or story resonates with something within you.

As I mentioned to begin with, a twin flame relationship is not your average relationship. 

While it can be easy to romanticise this type of connection (and romantic feelings between twin flames are common), the true purpose of a twin flame is not specifically romantic.

A twin flame relationship is, by design, meant to bring you back to yourself.

How does this work?

It is said that meeting your twin flame will turn your life upside down, and this is true in my experience. 

When I met my twin, everything changed, and very rapidly too! 

Here are a few examples of what this spiritual upheaval can look like:

  • You begin to question some things about your purpose and place in the world
  • Old wounds and traumas begin to surface
  • You experience strange signs and phenomena (read about some of these soon in the 12 signs your twin flame loves you)
  • You start taking steps to improve yourself and your life

A good way to think about it is to consider that your twin flame is like a mirror (this is also why they are often referred to as mirror souls). 

As they are the other part of your soul, upon meeting them you are faced with a reflection of yourself like you have never seen before.

Not just a surface reflection but all the deepest stuff you hold. All your secrets, wounds and trauma are shared by your twin and projected straight back at you. 

This is how a twin flame connection triggers personal growth and healing!

Your twin will induce in you a feeling of having come home. 

You might feel like they are extremely familiar to you or that you share many uncanny similarities (also known as synchronicities).

You will feel an intense and overwhelming attraction to your twin.

Both twins will then begin a journey of personal growth and spiritual ascension. In which they must learn important lessons to come into true alignment with themselves and the other half of their soul.

The answer is that, although you may feel an intense and overwhelming romantic attraction to your twin, the twin flame relationship is about yourself and reaching your highest good. It is never really about the other person (however pivotal the twins' role!)

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Is Twin Flame Your True Love?

The short answer is yes, but also not quite. Let me explain…

While it is possible to unite with your twin romantically and live out your days in cosmic twin flame bliss, more importantly the twin flame journey will lead you to lessons about the ultimate love of all, self and unconditional love.

We have all different types of love in the world. Most are what would be considered transactional or conditional love. It is love that comes with terms and conditions. 

For example, we have our needs met in exchange for meeting the needs of others. Whether it’s:

  • Romantic
  • Sexual
  • Familial
  • Platonic; or
  • Professional relationships

Love in general is conditional (it must be to some extent, otherwise we might tolerate a whole host of bad behaviours in the name of love!).

The truest form of unconditional love is love for self. Your twin flame journey will indirectly teach you about unconditional love, both for yourself and for your twin. After all, how could one not love all of themselves? Including the other half of their soul.

Let me quickly clarify that having unconditional love for your twin does not mean staying with them or hanging around them regardless of what they do. 

As your love for yourself grows, you will learn not to tolerate less than what you deserve. 

As you ascend through higher states of self-awareness and healing you will learn how to have solid boundaries with people, even if you love them deeply.

To bring it back to the point, your twin flame could be your true love match, but they might not be either. The unconditional love that you will learn on the twin flame journey is the key.

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So now we’ve got all of that out of the way, let’s get into the 12 guaranteed signs your twin flame loves you.

Sign #1. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

While these signs are in no particular order, this is definitely one of the top signs your twin flame loves you. 

Naturally you might wonder how is it possible that your constant thinking of them is a sign of their love? It’s because if you are thinking about them, then they are also thinking about you!

How is this possible?

If you understand that you are connected to your twin at an eternal and soul level, and as we discussed earlier, they are the other half of you, then it's easier to consider that many of your thoughts and feelings are shared.

Twins are also always connected energetically. This means that both twins will be able to sense shifts in the other, including thoughts and feelings. 

Basically, anything you may feel or think, your twin will too (even if you are not aware at the time of where the thoughts and feelings are coming from).

If you can’t get this person off your mind no matter how hard you try, then this could be the first sign of true twin flame love.

If you open yourself to the love fully, no matter how intense or scary it is, you will find great rewards.

A lot of people have a deep fear of intimacy with others, (but especially when it comes to being forced to look deeply into themselves).

If this is you and you would like to reap the full benefits of your twin flame love, it will help if you discover whether you have insecure or secure attachment patterns.

If you have insecure attachment patterns, you may well be too afraid to surrender to intimacy and twin flame love.

If you want to discover your attachment style, we have a special quiz for you:

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(Why is this important? It is because your core attachment style largely dictates and influences what happens in your relationship. Thus it’s imperative you understand your core attachment style!) 

Sign #2. You Have Vivid Dreams About Them

The dreamscape is believed to be a part of the spiritual plane. 

To help clarify this point I want you to think of the world we live in as being like the tip of an iceberg. 

Our physical world and what we see is believed to make up only a very small part of our experience and reality.

You’re probably already aware that many people believe in interpreting signs and subconscious messages from our dreams. 

Psychologists and philosophers have hypothesised for centuries about the purpose and meaning of dreams, and the jury is still out.

Given the spiritual nature of a twin flame relationship (and the multiple levels of shared energy and connectedness) it is often easier for twins to communicate to one another in their dreams.

The more real and intense these dreams are, the more likely they are a sign that your twin flame is visiting you. Most likely, because they love you.

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Sign #3. They Run From The Connection

It wouldn’t be a twin flame connection without going through a runner and chaser type dynamic to some degree.

Twin flames as we know, share a soul. One person has the feminine side of the soul and the other the masculine (Please note: This doesn’t mean that twins must be male and female, the physical gender is irrelevant! (It is about the dominant energy of the soul).

It just so happens that the masculine soul is more often the one to run. 

In saying that, throughout the journey the twins may switch places as far as who runs and who chases, but one thing will remain; the connection will be so intense at times, your twin will feel compelled to run from it.

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So how is this one of the signs your twin flame loves you?

Well, they only run because their love is so intense that it scares them, and they don’t know how to deal with that. They also run because:

  • They’re not ready
  • They feel unworthy of such a deep love
  • They still have wounds to heal and lessons to learn

Regardless, they don’t run to hurt you. Most often it's quite the opposite - they avoid the connection and the difficulties it brings because they love you so much.

Sign #4. They Can’t Stay Away From You

Contrary to the last sign and almost contradictory, another obvious sign of twin flame love is that they cannot stay away from you. 

This is true even if they run from you and your connection, because a true sign of twin flame love is that you will continue to cross paths with them (remember your souls are destined and desperate to reunite, even if the physical reality doesn’t always reflect that!).

Therefore no matter what you do, how hard or fast either of you run, you will never truly get away from each other.

If your twin flame keeps popping back into your life and awareness, to the point it’s like they can’t stay away from you, then this is a sure sign that the love you feel for them is probably reciprocal.

Sign #5. You Share A Deep Emotional Connection

Emotional connection is one of the most crucial aspects of any relationship and a twin flame relationship is no exception. 

In fact, just like everything else when it comes to twin flames, you will probably find that you share an emotional connection that runs deeper than usual too!

As you can see throughout this article and all the signs so far, spiritual relationships and soul connections differ quite a lot from conventional relationships. 

But when it comes to love, there will always be overlap!

Check out this article I wrote with Renée about signs of emotional attraction, and if you see any of these in your twin flame connection, then these are powerful signs your twin flame loves you.

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Sign #6. They Challenge You

If you’re in a twin flame connection then you will be challenged to grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Your twin will be a catalyst for revelations and healing wounds you may have never even known you had.

Why does this happen?

We touched on this a bit earlier but let’s dive in further.

The ultimate purpose of a twin flame journey is for the twins to unite themselves with unconditional love, self-love.  

This is why they mirror all the good, and the not so good, parts of us.

This is why they run, trigger us and make us face difficult lessons about life and ourselves.

It is essentially your twins’ job to challenge you (whether directly or indirectly) to reach your ultimate fulfilment of self.

I know how hard it can be to be pushed so far out of your comfort zone and to be so confused by another person. But when it comes to twin flames, it is only ever done with love.

Sign #7. Looking Into Their Eyes Is Intense

I can pull from personal experience for this sign. 

I remember once describing looking into my twins’ eyes as being like looking out into space and seeing all the planets and stars at once. As if they were the most awe inspiring and magical things I had ever investigated. 

It felt breathtaking, like I should not be looking so deeply inside of somebody, but I couldn’t look away either…

…It was intense.

Now you might not see planets and stars like I did, but you will feel or see something. 

Here are a few different ways I’ve heard this described by other twin flames:

  • Seeing yourself in their eyes (and no, not just a regular reflection, but all of yourself!)
  • Feeling unable to look away from their eyes
  • Feeling unable to maintain eye contact with them at all
  • An intense feeling of connectedness when looking into their eyes

However it manifests, if looking into their eyes has an extra feeling of intensity, then this is one way you feel your twin flame’s love.

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Sign #8. You See Signs About Them Everywhere

This is a such a strange and unmissable phenomenon, also known as synchronicities

Suddenly you see signs of them everywhere. It could be their favourite song coming on the radio, car number plates with their initials or the like. 

For me, one time while thinking about my twin I looked over at a small bookshelf. 

I saw his name spelled out dozens of times between all the different titles and authors names. Although admittedly he has a common name, it was still freakishly uncanny!

You could try ignoring the signs and palm them off as coincidences, but the more you do, the more signs you will see. 

It can be a truly maddening experience, but these signs are coming to you for a reason.

These signs are a form of communication from your twin flame, and they may very well be telling you that they are thinking of you, and that they love you.

Sign #9. You Frequently See Angel Numbers

This is another one of those strange phenomena I mentioned above and very similar to the last sign. This is another form of synchronicity.

If you don’t know what angel numbers are, they are basically repeating numbers with specific meanings from the angels or universe (depending on your personal spiritual beliefs). 

They can also be messages and signs from your twin flame!

The Angel number 1111 is said to be the number of twin flames, but any repeating number can be significant to a twin connection, for example 222. 555. 7777 and so on.

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If you’re seeing these repeating numbers (particularly the time 11:11), on an unusually or noticeably frequent basis, then this could be your twin flame trying to send you some love!  

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Sign #10. You Can Feel It In Their Energy

We touched on the energetic connection between twin flames in the first sign. 

However, this goes far beyond being able to feel each other’s feelings and thoughts (if that wasn’t deep enough!). 

If we’ve learned anything thus far it’s that, sharing a soul with another person comes with its own set of rules entirely.

This point is about being able to feel waves of love energy being sent to you from your twin flame. 

(This will often happen at the most random and unexpected times!). 

It will take time and practice to learn how it feels so here are a few examples of ways you might experience this:

  • An immediate sense of warmth and calm washes over you
  • Your heart fills with a sudden burst of joy
  • You feel the physical and/or emotional sensations of being embraced
  • You have very positive and loving thoughts about yourself

If any of these resonate (and you’ve experienced them especially while thinking about your twin), then these were quite possibly, energy exchanges of twin flame love.

Sign #11. They Do The Work

It is one thing to meet your twin flame, experience weird signs and have your world as you know it turned upside down. 

It is entirely another to become aware of what is happening and rise to the occasion.

What I am trying to say is, although the purpose of your connection is for you to reunite, it doesn’t mean both parties will realise this and do what it takes to make that happen.

At least not at the same pace (and when we are talking about eternity, it could mean multiple lifetimes!).

If you notice your twin flame actively participating in the journey and doing the work, then this means they are getting ready to reunite with you.

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What does it mean to do the work?

Well, they will become more awakened, and perhaps more spiritually or emotionally available. 

They will have worked through their wounds and healing and be continuing a path of betterment and enlightenment. 

They will be working towards their own highest good and learning self-love.

If it appears that your twin is doing the work then you can rest assured, this is one of the signs your twin flame loves you.  

You may also be curious to know whether your twin is committed to you. 

If you are curious, we have a quiz that will show you exactly how “commitment friendly” your man is. QUIZ TIME: Is your man serious about committing to you? CLICK HERE to find out with this specially crafted quiz!

Sign #12. You Just Know That They Do!

This sign can be hard to tell because it cannot be observed or explained very easily. 

You could say it is a deep knowing inside of you, like an undeniable truth or an intuition perhaps. 

Either way you just know at the core of your being that they are your twin flame and therefore they love you.

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Let me answer all the frequently asked questions on twin flames and twin flame love.

Does Everyone Have A Twin Flame?

There absolutely could be a twin flame out there for everybody!

According to the origin story I referred to at the beginning of this article there were originally 72,000 souls split by the gods, resulting in 144,000 twin flames. 

While some spiritual and twin flame communities maintain this number as the exact amount of twins that can exist at any one time, many others claim that the amount is limitless.

From what I can observe anecdotally and online, it appears that the twin flame phenomenon is very widely experienced. 

This makes me believe it is unlikely to be limited to such a small number of the population (plus, I think spirituality is open to interpretation depending on your culture, background and own personal beliefs).

For these reasons I think the answer is that it is highly probable that there is a twin soul out there for everyone! Although it doesn’t necessarily mean you will cross paths in this lifetime.

attachment style quiz

Who Is My Twin Flame?

I can’t tell you exactly who your twin flame is (or confirm you have one), but I have heard that if you believe you have a twin flame, then you do! To answer this question let's look at some signs that you are a twin flame:

(These signs apply even if you haven’t met them yet, or have no specific person in mind)

  1. You feel like there must be more to life
  2. You have been through a lot of difficulties in life
  3. You feel compelled to help people or change the world in some way
  4. You have a very strong intuition (perhaps it almost borders on psychic ability!)
  5. You have dreams about having a relationship or connection with someone unknown to you in person.

To take another step towards attempting to answer this question, here are some signs that a person you have already met is your twin flame:

  1. You feel an instant pull of emotional attraction and connection to them
  2. You feel a sense of having known them your whole life (or perhaps over many lifetimes!)
  3. Meeting them accelerates your spiritual or self-growth journey
  4. You feel from very early on that this person has entered your life for an important reason

Does Twin Flame Love Go Away?

Twin flame love is eternal, and it can never go away. 

This doesn’t mean we have to be in romantic love or in a relationship with our twin flame, but it does mean the love we have for them will never cease to exist (even if it isn’t always at the forefront of our consciousness).

To not love our twin would be to not love a huge part of ourselves. 

The whole purpose of reuniting with our twin soul is to learn growth, self-love and how to heal old wounds so that we can be whole within ourselves.

It is our lifetime rejection of all these parts of ourselves that leaves us open to a catalyst like a twin flame to shake our worlds up.

Final Words…

I remember at the beginning of my own journey looking for and analysing every single sign. 

It is easy for me to tell you what I have learned to be the purpose of the journey - but this is your journey.

If I could go back and take any advice particularly seriously, it would be to trust the process! 

Whether you have a twin flame or not, whether they awake to your connection or not, everything has a way of working out exactly as it is meant to.

I hope you enjoyed this article on 12 Guaranteed Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You. If you did, please leave a comment below to share some other signs of twin flame love.

Jerri W
Renee Shen

Jerri W

Jerri W is a hospitality manager, hostess, writer and busy mum of 3 from Melbourne,  Australia. With a keen interest in femininity, personal development and the psychology of love and relationships, Jerri is passionate about helping women to get to know themselves and enjoy better relationships..

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