9 Spiritual Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

Author: Grace Puskas

Twin flames, soulmates, and kindred spirits, we have many connections in this life. These connections transcend the mundane and trivial- the regular aspects of human life, where there is often a lack of mystery and magic…

Twin flame connections are intense, powerful, and undeniably special. You just know, instinctively, that you have been connected throughout time and space. You've been bonded through multiple lifetimes.

Given the strength of this bond, your twin will be communicating with you via many levels, and you may think you’re being delusional, but you’re not.

So, there are signs your twin flame is missing you that you will be picking up on. Let's explore these.

Just quickly, it's essential to get really clear on what a twin flame bond is. 

Your twin flame is your divine counterpart, the yang to your yin; or the yin to your yang.

Twin flames are perfectly balanced beings, people who have worked hard on themselves to evolve. They are balanced emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and physically; they have integrated their holistic body.

This means that they have embodied both their divine masculine, or yang attributes, and their divine feminine, or yin attributes.

Once a person has achieved this state of inner balance and harmony, they are ready to meet their twin flame.

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Twin flames can be seen to be one soul in two bodies. They are duality and oneness, yin and yang, and the unficiation of the divine feminine and masculine.

It is a special and sacred connection that involves numerous lifetimes of challenges, trials, level-ups, and hard work and growth. Two twin flame souls must be totally committed to self-evolution and finding true love in this lifetime!

You can develop an awareness of the signs your twin flame is missing you to understand the connection deeper, as the signs are doorways and portals to growth. 

Ultimately, a twin flame love and bond is the highest expression of true love, and soul union, available on the earth plane. Your twin flame is your higher level soulmate.

It is your divine and sacred lover, life partner, and timeless divine counterpart…

9 Spiritual Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

#1. You Are Reminded of Synchronicities

Flashes of inspiration and synchronicities from past times begin to fill your conscious mind. You are reminded of the power of spirit, human connection, and deep timeless love.

Because twin flames only unite when they are healed and whole themselves, there is a strong link to nature.

For this reason, you may start to become aware of wonderful memories in nature, including times you've taken plant medicines and felt the magical infinite and ethereal energy of life…

Or when you´ve been connected to your inner child, carefree and supremely joyous in forests, national forests, nature reserves, and the like. Oceans, beaches, and camping trips too.

Your twin flame and yourself are connected through time and space, and through the infinite and interconnected energy field that transcends this physical realm.. 

So, nature revitalizes and refreshes, clearing and cleansing your energy.

This puts you into soul alignment.

Synchronicities are, of course, the simultaneous occurrence of events, almost always with a surreal sensation, a feeling of knowing there is a more divine or celestial phenomena at play, or a deja vu-like moment.

Pay attention to memories flooding back from such experiences, because this is a sure sign your twin flame is missing you. 

Your inner child wants to be free with your twin flame; it is a joyous, blissful, and incredibly liberating connection.

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#2. You Receive Psychic Images & Visions!

Linked to the first sign is the actual visions and imagery you are shown in your life. 

You may receive images, steal scenes, flashes of your twin’s emotions and conversations- happening in real-time, and visionary glimpses of their intentions.

A twin flame who misses you and is thinking about you projects an intense current of energy. It's unmissable.

Their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires and intentions towards you ripple through time and space. So, you pick up on these, receiving sensations that are felt both physically and visually.

Physically, you should know that you are an instinctive being. You possess bodily wisdom that can sense and feel other people's energy towards you, especially within a bond as powerful as a twin flame.

Visually, you simultaneously receive mental imagery and visions that are picked up on the psychic, astral, and psychological planes.

Be open to receiving these astral visions and insights. How can you increase your openness to such spiritual messages from your twin flame? 

  • Through greater attunement to your twin flame (always try to attune to their thoughts, feelings and reality); and
  • Through third eye chakra self-development
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#3. You´re Filled With Unconditional Love and Warmth…

Quite simply, your entire being is filled with warmth and loving vibrations. It's a wonderful sensation you can't miss, although you may not be totally conscious of it.

The truth is you don't need to be completely conscious of it, you just need to know that it's one of the signs your twin flame is missing you. A twin flame bond is rare, and it's rooted in true love.

Therefore, unconditional love is present, and no sane and open-hearted being alive cannot pick up on unconditional love vibrations…

To fully embrace this love, you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable. A lot of people create unnecessary blockages to such a love and connection with their twin just by being stuck in fear or closing up to them.

Being stuck in these lower level vibrations will reduce the likelihood of your twin committing to you long-term. 

Would you like to understand more about being vulnerable and how it can increase your twin’s deepest desire to commit to you emotionally?

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You want to allow your twin's love to fill your body, mind, and spirit. 

This will increase your connection, further amplifying telepathy between the both of you. 

Telepathy in itself is one of the powerful signs your twin flame is missing you, so do consider it's power and existence.

Make a mental note each morning and night to be open to telepathic messages. Connect with your heart chakra and higher self simultaneously.

If you want to get a bit deep with this, do some mantras and affirmations, or use visualization meditation to connect to your higher love soulmate (your twin flame!).

#4. The Universe Shows You Through Subtle Signs

Subtle signs flow to you, such as through synchronicities, seeing certain numbers, and hearing specific subliminal messages. Sacred and angel numbers are a definite sign your twin flame is missing you.

11:11 is common, as this is the number of both twin flame love and synchronicity itself. Seeing 11:11, or 1111 or 11/11, signifies that you have attained or are very close to attaining spiritual balance.

You are holistically balanced, with your mind, body, emotions, soul, and spirit awakened, harmonized, and integrated.

If you're clairaudient or inclined in this way, you will hear messages. You may even hear your twin flame´s voice! 

Subtle energy links your conscious mind to the invisible and subconscious realms, where all “unseen” aspects of life are accessed and found.

Do you consider yourself clairsentient or clairvoyant? 

You will most likely be seeing signs and hints or clues that make your higher mind come alive. There is a buzz and instinct knowing that your twin flame is entwined to your energy field.

#5. Your Subconscious Mind “Tells” You, Through Dreams

Dreams are another key way the universe communicates with you. Your subconscious mind is a powerful guide and also one of your most loyal friends on this earth- I myself trust my subconscious like no other.

Your subconscious mind is honest, authentic, transparent, and totally benevolent. It will show you both the shine and the shadow- the light and the dark- without bias.

There is no judgment, manipulation, or hidden motives with what your subconscious mind shows you. There are some powerful messages and insights to be found.

Your twin flame's motives, feelings, emotions, desires, and even beliefs and real-world (waking life) events will be available. Dreamspace is a secret guide and gem here to bring everything unconscious to conscious light.

Your twin flame can send you signs of their love through the dreamspace, through the shared resonance you feel.

If you´re psychically inclined, you will see when they have settled and are in an unhappy relationship. If they're currently with a karmic lover and would rather be with you, aligning with true love, it can be shown.

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#6. Life Starts To Become Magical

In addition to synchronicities, you may find a considerable increase in kindred spirit and soulmate connections.

When there is a chance for twin flame reunion, or when our twin flame is about to come into our lives, we often get presented with many chances for love.

Potential suitors, soulmates, and romantic offerings come to us, in abundance! This is done as a test. Will we fall for the counterfeit, or lower soulmate lover?

Do we really want and are ready for our twin flame? 

Or would we rather settle for a karmic soulmate, and something less magical? 

True love is rare. There are many loves in this life, so you are bound to encounter “almost real-deal” loves when your twin flame is thinking about you.

Being introduced to or simply meeting new and exciting soulmates, who make you feel alive and attractive; is a sure sign your twin flame is missing you.

The key is to slow down, discern, and even get out your dream diary. Get in tune with your Higher Self- consult your guides, angels, spirit animal helpers, and inner source.

You may otherwise find yourself on a karmic or lower vibrational timeline.

#7. Shamanic Energies & Soul Alignment

You may start to become aligned to shamanic energies when your twin flame is ready to enter your life. This is because people who have evolved and ascended are connected to their primal, tribal, and ancient self.

The cosmos is ancient and deep. We live in a multidimensional world, and there are infinite timelines, realities, and frequencies available to tune into.

One of the signs your twin flame is missing you is that you start to be more receptive to Spirit Animals, Ceremonies, and Tribal and Shamanic traditions. You will start to meet more healers, shamanic practitioners, and authentically spiritual people on your path.

You also align with your soul plan and purpose…

#8. A Strong Sense of Awakening to Your Soul Mission

Because you and your twin flame are connected throughout time and space, you will start to feel more in sync with your soul purpose or mission.

This is organic and completely natural. It’s a strong and sometimes unexplainable or instinctive inner pull.

In the holographic and quantum field, the thoughts and love emotions your twin flame sends you helps you shift into vibrational alignment.

You may start to awaken more powerfully to your: 

  • Soul plan
  • Personal DNA blueprint; or 
  • Mission the divine or great spirit has in store for you

You may feel more drawn to concepts like fate, faith, and destiny.

Also, just an intuitive feeling of coming into self-alignment. 


Because twin flames coming together in the flesh is always unified with harmonizing to their soul mission. There is a bigger picture aspect to this connection!

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#9. You Will Start to See True Love in the Animal Queen/Kingdom

You will start to notice true love and deep connection among other species. 

This is due to the effect your twin’s feelings have on your subconscious mind, therefore you become more active in the subliminal & subconscious realm.

Imagine two animal soulmates, like swans... Did you know that swans mate for life? They are the perfect representation of monogamous love, true love, and loyalty and companionship. They’re also the symbol for a twin flame soul union bond.

Now consider the telepathic, emotional, soul-infused, affectionate and intuitive bond swans share. They want the best for each other, and they are incredibly lonely if their mate dies. It’s actually unbearable for most swans.

This is a trait shared amongst many animals. If you’re starting to notice love in the animal king and queendoms, it is highly likely you’re picking up on the signs of twin flame love.

Your mind is “attuned” to the frequency of unconditional love, and that deeper yearning for companionship and blissful union.

Connect to Your Third Eye to Enhance Your Receptivity…

To conclude, the best way to pick up on the signs shared above is to work on your third eye (Chakra). 

Enhance your intuition, subtle perception, psychic powers, and inner knowing. 

Work with your dreams, meditate, do a water detox or cleanse, and spend more time in nature.

Working with crystals and special gemstones is another profound way to stimulate spiritual energy and subtle awareness.

Specifically with the water cleanse, water is a direct link to the subconscious realm, waters of divinity, and psychic and astral planes. 

Water holds memories; ancient encodings of past lives, the Akashic Records, future lives, and events and soulmate bonds that transcend this one human lifetime…

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a passionate Reiki Master, Astrologer, Dream therapist/interpretor, Holistic Healer, and Herbalist. She is also a visionary poet and published author, who enjoys gardening, caring for others, healing the earth, and creating educational & spiritual videos on Youtube. 

Grace Puskas

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