15 Conclusive Physical Signs He Is Sleeping With Someone Else

Author: Linda Liu & Renée Shen

Do you suspect he is seeing someone? Are you experiencing signs of cheating? 

Perhaps his body language feels “off” lately and it makes you want to look for the physical signs he is sleeping with someone else.

If you sense he’s having an affair then likely he is, and your suspicions are valid. 

Here are 15 conclusive physical signs he is sleeping with someone else:

This is one of the most obvious physical signs he is sleeping with someone else. In a world of instant messaging, everyone is glued to their phones and stores everything in the cloud.

If he walks away from you to take a call or overreacts when you see him texting then likely he’s hiding something, or someone, from you.

Obviously he could also be hiding a surprise from you, so look at this sign in context with the others.

If overall he cares less about how you feel, and he’s overprotective of his phone, then he might be hiding something.

#2. His Affection Level Has Changed Drastically.

Has he stopped cuddling you? Or perhaps he’s suddenly all about PDA now? 

If he’s less affectionate it indicates he’s getting it from someone else. 

If instead he’s overly affectionate then it’s possible that he’s over-compensating for his crimes because he feels guilty for cheating on you. 

A person’s claimed faithfulness has nothing to do with their actual loyalty to their partners, we see wife guys crossing the line all the time, ahem* Adam Levine ahem*.

#3. He’s All Sunshine And Rainbows Suddenly.

Do you hear his awful singing from the shower?

Is he smiling at himself in the mirror a lot? 

Is he preaching how good life is and how amazing it is to be alive? 

While he may tell you that he’s happy because of a potential promotion, some men who cheat indeed report becoming happier because of the affair. 

Whether he’s just sleeping with someone else or has fallen in love with another woman, an affair can boost a man’s ego, making him all butterflies and unicorns.

Not only that, but falling in love predictably makes your whole demeanour and mood change. You can literally glow with love.

Let’s hope he hasn’t fallen in love though, because that’s a much bigger problem for you than him just cheating for sex only.

Let’s hope it’s just the ego boost causing the new moods.

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#4. He Starts Giving More Of A Crap About His Looks

It’s not rocket science that a person who wants to keep being attractive to their lover will want to look like a mega glamorous celebrity for them. 

Women do it all the time, but so do men.

If you see your plain John buying new clothes, getting a chic haircut, or putting on the latest fragrance from Dior, then it’s possible he’s doing it to impress someone else other than you.  

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#5. He Surprisingly Signed Up At The Gym.

If your man with the dad bod (which you have already accepted a long time ago) starts working out when he never cared before, chances are he needs more energy for physical activities. 

Or he’s trying to impress somebody by leveling up his appearance.

This is a huge physical sign he is sleeping with someone else especially if he’s never been the gym type of guy. 

A gym membership can also serve as an alibi for his late-night “workout” with the secret underground lover.

#6. His Boss Keeps Asking Him To Do “Overtime”

You hear the sentence “Honey don’t wait for me for dinner” for the umpteenth time. 

Sure, his boss wants him to work extra hours again because that project you’ve never ever heard about is in imminent danger.

That client that probably doesn’t exist wants to have dinner to discuss work again, for the hundredth time. 

Sadly, dear, it’s very likely that he is indeed doing “overtime”, just not for his boss. 

Instead he may be doing it for a very special “client”.

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#7. He Goes Out For “Walks” Or Frequents The Supermarket.

A sudden change in routine is a huge indicator that he has a secret.

If he keeps going to the park to meet friends or frequents the supermarket but comes home with only one bottle of milk while there’s still more in the fridge, it’s a possible sign that he has been meeting someone all this time.

It’s difficult for most people with regular corporate jobs to have rendevous during the day, that’s why he comes up with the lamest excuses to go out in the evening. 

#8. He Gets Defensive When You Ask Him Questions.

Do you hear him saying “What do you mean I’m not myself lately!!!???” “You’re overreacting again!!!” 

A guilty person will likely point the finger at someone else

If he gets agitated because you suggested that he’s been “off ” lately, then it’s a giveaway that he is indeed guilty. 

An innocent person with nothing to hide is normally not defensive nor jumpy when getting questions.

#9. He Seems More “Chill”.

On the contrary, if your normally impatient, bad-tempered man is suddenly more chill than before, it’s plausible that he has found an outlet with someone else, and that’s why he’s been surprisingly calm. 

He stops fighting with you, he stops pointing fingers at you, he stops having tantrums, because he has other priorities now. 

Maybe the two of you haven’t been on good terms in a while, but all of a sudden he has been far less hostile, and that’s because someone else has been keeping him tamed.

Or perhaps he cares a little less about your relationship now. For your sake, I hope not!

#10. He Stares Into Your Soul As If You Were Athena

Contrary to popular belief, a liar might avoid breaking eye-contact deliberately to prevent looking guilty. 

So if you see him staring at you unnaturally, it could be a sign he wants to appear as innocent as possible, because he has something to hide!

The other reason why he can’t stop making eye contact with you is because he needs to reassure himself of what he’s doing. 

He feels the need to explore whether there’s still a connection between you both, because he doesn’t know what to do about the affair. 

Trust your gut. If he seems off, then he indeed is.

#11. He Keeps Forgetting Things He Used To Remember

You ask yourself why he keeps forgetting small tasks or important dates such as getting groceries, your wedding anniversary, that boring dinner event with your mom…etc.

Here’s the thing: 

He has other priorities now, and that priority might not be you and the family anymore, that’s why he can’t stop forgetting things he used to remember, or the things he promised to deliver.

When a man sleeps with someone else, inevitably he has to spend energy on that woman to keep her happy. 

So this will not only leave less time for you and his family, it will leave less emotional energy and memory for the things he used to have space for.

This is not a sure signs he’s cheating. Some men become overwhelmed with life or just depressed.

But if you are deeply hurt by him forgetting a bunch of things he used to remember, there are two words I recommend you say to him today:

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#12. He Hangs Up Your Calls For No Reason And Prefers Texting.

A person will hang up your call if they’re busy, in a place where they aren’t allowed to use the phone, or perhaps when they’re cheating on you.

If you catch him doing this non-stop, he might be with another woman. 

If he does take your call but is trying to hang up quickly, chances are he’s busy with the mistress and wishes you would stop bothering him.

This is not always going to be one of the physical signs he is sleeping with someone else. 

After all, you could be having fights lately or he could be with the boss and be very busy.

But if this sign occurs along with a bunch of the other signs, then take heed.

#13. He Showers More Or Immediately After He Gets Home.

According to private investigators, a cheating partner will cover up their crime with showering, bathing or putting on stronger fragrances. 

It’s not just to wash off the mistress’s fragrance, but also the motel’s smell and the body fluid that was exchanged during the deed.

Even if he’s not covering up the other woman’s scent, it could also be an indicator that he feels guilty and is trying to cleanse himself by showering.

#14. He has Gotten More Exhausted.

An unfaithful partner will be physically exhausted because of all the extra late night or lunchtime “workouts”. 

It’s a huge waving red flag if he keeps telling you that he’s too tired to have sex with you or lacks the energy to take the kids out. 

Having an affair not only means he is sleeping with someone else, it also means he’s going the extra mile to drive to further places.

It could also mean meeting the third wheel during non-office hours, and that’s why he’s tired all the time and can’t keep up with you or the family anymore.

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#15. He Stops Sleeping With You.

The most important and conclusive physical sign he is sleeping with someone else is simply the fact that he’s not sleeping with you anymore. 

Men need sex, period. If he claims he’s too tired or busy for sex, that’s a red flag.

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While there’s no scientific number that specifies how often a guy should release his sperm, research conducted by Harvard Medical School concluded that 21 times per month is ideal. 

Even if you and your man don’t have sex that often, once in a while should be the bare minimum.

If he’s not sleeping with you nor having fun in the shower with himself, then he’s definitely getting it from someone else!

The Bottom Line

Whichever physical sign of infidelity you are experiencing, trust your gut instincts and let yourself feel angry if you see all of these signs. 

Why? Because you don’t deserve to be betrayed. 

Cheating is often an indicator that one’s selfish need for self-gratification outweighs their need for true intimacy

In short, they are selfish creatures who only care about themselves.


Your hurt feelings are valid, and it’s certainly not your fault that he has been cheating on you. 

Even if you haven’t been the best partner lately, he should have been more mature about the situation. 

Even if you're going through a rough time with your partner or wife, as a man, he could have behaved like an adult via open communication.  

If you decide to confront him, be prepared: 

He will likely say uncomfortable things that you are not prepared to hear. 

It’s also possible that he would never confess his deeds, and instead just gaslight you.

If you believe it’s time to re-evaluate things, trust your instincts and don’t stay in a relationship that isn’t right for you.

Linda Liu
Renee Shen

Linda Liu

Linda Liu is a freelance writer, translator and researcher based in Taiwan and Spain. With a strong passion for femininity and romance, it's her life goal to help high-value women and men become better versions of themselves.

Renée Shen

Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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