20 Sure Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually 

Author: Paul R. Brian

How can you tell if a guy wants you badly sexually or if he’s exaggerating his interest and arousal?

There are some definite signs to look for, but they’re not always 100% obvious and you need to pay attention to detail. 

This is about a lot more than a guy being horny or cruising for any girl who will have him…

This is about a man who’s specifically on fire for you and can’t stop desiring you with every inch of his being.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and they’re also gateways to desire. 

If he can’t take his eyes off of you then it’s one of the clearest signs he wants you badly sexually.

Thinking about this in the simplest biological sense, continuing to look at something means we find it dangerous, fascinating or attractive. 

So unless he feels like you’re a dangerous predator or criminal, chances are his eyes are locked on you 24/7 out of intense attraction. 

This guy’s down bad, make no mistake about it. 

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#2. He Touches You Whenever Possible

It’s not always easy to find an appropriate situation for touching, but this guy will seem to find a way. 

A hand on the small of your back to guide you, a pat on the shoulder, brushing some lint off your shirt. 

If he’s got class he’ll do this in an easygoing and tasteful way, but don’t mistake the intention behind it. 

When he’s sexually on fire for you, any kind of touch is like a drug for him. 

He’ll find just about any pretext he can. 

#3. He’s Very Flirtatious Over Text

Another thing to keep an eye out for is his text game. 

Is he flirting a lot and making many comments on your appearance or his attraction for you? 

This is an obvious ploy to gauge your interest and see if you respond. 

He’s putting out his interest and seeing if and how you respond, if at all. The basic idea is that he’s giving you an opening to make things sexual. 

Whether you take that opening, and whether it’s accompanied by real romantic interest and emotional commitment to you is, of course, another matter. 

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#4. He Stumbles Over His Words Around You

When a guy is turned on a number of things happen to the way he speaks and the words he says. 

For one thing, his voice tends to get hoarser and change as the blood flow in his body increases (I’ll get to that). 

Secondly he often begins to mix up his words and stutter and stumble over simple sentences. 

In fact, this is one of the top signs he wants you badly sexually: he can’t put a sentence together for the life of him and even asking you a simple question seems to trip him up. 

The reason? He’s got his mind fixed on other subjects involving you (and they’re probably X rated, let’s be honest). 

#5. He Fidgets and Sweats Around You

When a man gets turned on, his entire nervous system and circulation speeds up. 

His heart rate increases, his mouth dries up and he experiences symptoms typical of anxiety. 

However the difference here is that it’s a good kind of anxiety: you know, butterflies in the stomach and all that jazz…

A direct result of this is sweating and fidgeting. 

You may notice he’s clammy and sweaty to the touch if you touch his hand and that sweat begins to bead on his face. 

He may also start fidgeting inexplicably. He’s turned on, you can be sure of that.

attachment style quiz

#6. He Dresses Up Around You

If a guy makes a real effort of grooming himself and dressing up before seeing you, then he likely wants you and wants to be wanted by you!

If he’s a guy who’s always well dressed then this may be hard to pick out, but if this is a man you know then compare how he dresses around you to your general impression of his style and upkeep. 

Is he upping his game around you or just always looking good?

Because if he’s combing his hair more, styling his beard, getting his eyebrows done and wearing stylish and sexy outfits when he sees you, but he looks like he’s a random guy off the street the rest of the time …

… He’s hot for you.

#7. He Really Leans Into His Kisses

Another of the signs that this guy has the hots for you is that he really puts his all into his kisses. 

He leans into them and makes them last as long as possible. (Here's what really makes a man want to kiss a woman.)

Not only that, but you’ll notice he tries to pull you back for a second round, third round and so on. 

He’s definitely into locking lips with you, and it’s no mystery that he wouldn’t be so into it if he wasn’t sexually turned on by you. 

If he’s very into kissing you, you can be sure it means he’s digging what he’s feeling with you. 

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#8. He Tells You His Fantasies

Does this guy tell you all about his fantasies?

Does he open up to you about what turns him on and also ask you about what floats your boat?

Then you can gather that he definitely wants you!

This isn’t always too subtle either: some guys will just straight up broach the subject or even ask if you have any fetishes or fantasies.

Consider the gauntlet dropped.

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#9. He Notices Everything About Your Appearance

When a man is interested in a woman, he becomes hyper-observant. 

This means he’s going to notice that you changed your hair or styled it differently…

He’s immediately going to pick up on new makeup you’re wearing, or a new fragrance…

He’ll tend to also be very appreciative. Whatever changes you’re making, he’s loving it. 

And if your appearance is staying exactly the same he’ll love that too and comment on how he likes your “look” so much.

If this guy was any thirstier he’d be stranded in the Sahara Desert. 

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#10. His Jokes Have a Sexual Edge

One of the most significant signs he wants you badly sexually is that his jokes often are tinged with innuendo and sexual imagery. 

He’ll tell jokes that show he has a dirtier side and see your reaction. 

This is basically an invitation to talk about sex in an unserious way, but it can lead to getting genuinely turned on pretty quickly. 

A laugh can become a groan of barely-subdued pleasure far more easily than you think…

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    #11. He Looks At Your Cleavage Or Behind

    OK, men are stereotypically always checking out a woman’s “assets,” so this one may not strike you as very specific. 

    However, if a guy is looking at your cleavage and posterior more than he does with other women then it’s a solid indicator that he’s got the hots for you far more than average. 

    His reaction will generally be to look away if you catch him staring, although if he’s quite confident or ready to make his move he may just smile knowingly when you catch him in the act. 

    It’s definitely on.

    #12. He Often Adjusts His Pants Around You

    Let’s get physical for a moment here. 

    Adjusting one’s pants awkwardly is not just a corny scene from teenage sex comedies. It’s also real life with grown men. 

    One of the awkward and interesting signs he wants you is that he is crossing his legs and adjusting his undergarments when he’s around you. 

    Basically, he’s pitching a tent but he’s not ready to invite you to go camping yet and is a little embarrassed that you may have noticed. 


    #13. You Feel His Reaction When You Kiss

    On a related note, another of the clear signs he wants you badly sexually can be felt when you kiss. 

    If he gets hard while you’re smooching, then he’s obviously sexually excited. 

    Now, maybe he’s just a horndog who gets turned on like the flick of a lightswitch. 

    But don’t discount the possibility that he’s also uniquely and strongly turned on by you specifically. 

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    #14. He Makes Any Excuse To Get Close To You

    As I mentioned earlier, if a guy wants you badly, he’ll make any excuse to touch you.

    He will also try to get physically close to you whenever possible in a literal sense. 

    If you’re at an event he will somehow turn out to be there. 

    If you’re in a crowded room, he’ll sidle up and end up at your side. 

    What are the chances? Well, they’re actually pretty high when he’s actively making the effort to be in your proximity!

    #15. He’s Obsessed With Your Smell

    Smell is very related to attraction both emotionally and physically. 

    It’s not only pheromones, which aren’t noticeable to our conscious mind or nose. 

    It’s fragrances themselves, which may stir up fond or intimate memories of various kinds and stir strong attraction.

    If he’s obsessed with smelling your hair and commenting on how you smell in a positive way then you can be sure he really wants you!

    This guy is turned on, and I don’t mean just a bit.

    Attachment style quiz

    #16. He Bristles When Other Guys Eye You

    Another thing you should look out for is when a guy doesn’t react well to other men giving you attention or flirting with you.

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    In the animal kingdom, baboons howl and show their rear ends to competitors. 

    In the human male animal kingdom it’s (usually) a bit more subtle than this but is the same general idea. 

    If he’s confident and smart he’s not going to have a visible reaction to other men approaching you, but watch for small tics like his face getting red, his nostrils flaring with adrenaline or his fists clenching subtly. 

    He wants you badly and he’s not amused by other men making a move. Clear as day.

    #17. His Body Language is Dominant Around You

    Another key thing to watch for is body language. 

    A man who is turned on will tend to intentionally display more dominant body language around you. 

    Key indicators?

    • A wide-legged stance and square shoulders.
    • Facing you directly when talking to you.
    • Making strong and sustained eye contact. 
    • Opening his arms and gesturing in a confident manner. 

    If he’s shy or feels insecure around you then this body language won’t manifest. 

    But if he’s feeling turned on by you and wants to make something happen, he’ll often manifest body language like this.

    #18. He Looks At Your Lips (And Licks His)

    Another sign that he’s going mad with desire for you is that he looks at your lips and licks his own lips. 

    The message couldn’t be clearer: he wants to kiss you and is getting turned on just by looking at you. 

    The question now is whether you feel the same…

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    #19. His Vocal Pitch Deepens When Speaking To You

    One total giveaway sign he wants you is that his vocal pitch deepens around you.

    He may also get a hoarse voice due to his mouth drying from increased blood flow elsewhere in his body and rising adrenaline. 

    The deepening vocal pitch is an instinctive biological reaction that men do when around a potential mate who they’re interested in.

    Primal, right?

    #20. He’s Punctual As a Swiss Watch

    Last and not least, a guy who really wants you tends to be very punctual. 

    He shows up on time or even ahead of time to every date and never cancels without a good reason. 

    He wants to enjoy every moment with you that he can, and he never lets any of the times you plan to spend together fall through without a very good reason. 

    This may also be a sign of deeper emotional attraction to you, which is what you really want.

    Men who desire you sexually are a dime a dozen! But a man who sexually desires you and feels emotional attraction for you is worth his weight in gold.


    When a man feels emotionally attracted to you, that means he’s much more likely to commit to you and make you his one and only woman - forever.

    If it’s only sexual attraction he feels, then there’s not much depth beyond that, and good luck getting him to commit to you. 

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    The Spark That Lights The Fire

    Sexual desire is powerful. It can be the start of real love, or it can be the impetus for a lust-filled encounter. 

    It depends on what he is looking for and what your boundaries and intentions are as well. 

    Never forget that a high value woman can set her own romantic goals and limits.

    If he’s showing half or more of the above signs, you can be sure his body is on fire for you.

    But what about his heart?

    That’s where you need to answer the question: is he falling in love with me? Here’s 8 Definite Signs He Is.

    Paul Brian
    Renee Shen

    Paul R. Brian

    Paul Rowan Brian is a freelance journalist, author and writer from Canada. He's written for Ideapod, Hack Spirit and Love Connection and is focused on culture, relationships and self-development. You can follow him on Twitter @paulrbrian.

    Renée Shen

    Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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