19 Reliable Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You 

Author: Paul R. Brian

Falling in love is unique for each person. 

Some people jump off a cliff and never look back. Others dip a toe in the water and slowly wade in. 

Guys don’t always come right out and fall head over heels, sometimes it’s a lot more subtle than that. 

This is why it’s important to know some of the key overlooked signs that a guy is slowly falling for you.

#1. He Looks At You More Often

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and they are a good place to get a feel for how things are going. 

This is one of the top signs he is slowly falling for you, because it is easy to notice once you start paying attention. 

Does he seek out your gaze and follow you with his eyes?

Does he make extended eye contact or look away or does he look right past you?

What feeling do you get when you look into his eyes?

These are all key indicators of where his emotional barometer is at and whether he’s getting into you beyond a superficial level.

#2. He Checks Out Your Social Media More Often

Another of the indicators that this guy is into you beyond a surface level is that he starts taking a real interest in what you’re posting. 

Now, not everyone is online equally as often, and you may be the type to post minimally. 

But even so, you will start to notice a steady uptick of him liking your posts and stories, viewing what you share and interacting or showing interest in your opinions, photos and musings. 

This might seem fairly trivial at first. 

But when you think about how much of people’s lives are online or on their smartphones these days, you have to take into account that it’s a pretty big deal. 

It essentially means his attention is more and more directed towards you. And attention and love are kissing cousins!

Keep in mind however, that men can given concentrated attention to women they deeply love, and women they only wish to go to bed with.

As such, you should be testing the worth of this guy’s attention.

Is he only looking for the fling and sees you as the ‘one of many’ type of woman?

Or is he looking to make you his one and only?

You only ever want to be in a man’s one and only category, never the ‘one of many’. 

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#3. He Talks To His Friends About How He Feels About You

When a man is truly into you, he talks to his friends and family about you.

As opposed to the kind of guy who is always unsure, or would like to keep you on the roster (along with many other women), he is more than willing to straightforwardly express an interest in you and tell others about how strongly he feels for you.

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This is a big sign he’s catching feelings and it’s not the kind of thing a man does casually or just because he wants to sleep with you or casually date now and then. 

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If he’s telling those closest to him about you it’s because he is steadily becoming impassioned with you and seriously considering a life together with you. 

#4. He Discusses Future Plans With You 

The future can be scary for the simple fact that it’s unknown. 

Maybe Nostradamus had an inside angle, but the vast majority of us really don’t know what will happen tomorrow or in five years. 

But one of the biggest signs he really loves you is that he discusses a future with you in it.

This can sometimes be subtle. 

Watch in particular for a pronoun shift from “I” to “we.”

That’s a big step! He’s now thinking of you as a unit instead of two individuals. 

This mindset shift is the kind of thing that happens because he is thinking of you as the one and only woman for him instead of just another potential partner. 

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#5He Wants To Spend More Time With You

One of the key signs he is slowly falling for you is that he wants to spend more time with you. 

He calls you up, texts you and gets in touch whenever possible to arrange a meeting because he enjoys being around you. 

One caveat here is never to mistake a booty call for love. 

If he texts you sometimes at 10:30 p.m. saying “what’s up?” that isn’t love. 

It’s him trying to peel you like an orange. 

Wanting to spend more time with you in a romantic and serious sense means wanting to talk to you, cuddle you, be in nature with you and truly get to know you. 

On that note, here is how men fall in love.

Now, I’m not saying a man will never want sex. I’m just saying it won’t be his primary focus. 


Because when a man is truly in love, being with you feels even better than getting sex.

All that matters is being with you and feeling the deep emotional connection and emotional attraction you have together!

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#6. He Listens Closely To Everything You Say

Men are famous for saying “uh huh” while they’re not really listening and for perfecting the art of the nod and smile. 

If this guy is different it’s probably more than him just being a solid bloke. 

Chances are he’s got a deeper interest in you than just bumping boots and really cares about you as a person. 

He’s listening to what you say and is truly invested. 

Be sure about this, a man only listens when he wants to, and it’s not so common for guys to just sit around and listen to a woman talk. 

If he’s giving you his full attention on a regular basis you rest assured that he's very keen on you!

#7. He’s Eager To Meet Your Family And Friends

If he’s eager to meet your friends and family, that's a great sign that he's falling for you. 

Not only does he share his connection with you with those closest to him, he also wants to get to know and spend time with those in your inner circle. 

Your childhood best friend, your parents, your siblings, the barbecue where a lot of your old gal pals will be this weekend?

He’s totally into it, even if he’s anti-social. 

Well, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to solve this case, ladies: this guy’s head flipped over his heels and now his heart only beats for you. 

Take good care of it!

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#8. Your Beliefs And Values Fascinate Him

If a man is falling in love with you, then your beliefs and values will be fascinating to him.

Even if you are on different spiritual paths or belong to different religions or cultures, he’s fascinated and invested in what you believe and why. 

He wants to know what drives you and find out if he can relate to it in some way. 

Keep in mind that even his disagreement with you could be a form of relation, whereas the greatest danger in a way is indifference!

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#9. He Talks About Kids

Depending on how long you’ve been dating, talk of having kids may never have entered the picture. 

But if you notice him start to take a stronger interest in having kids, children’s names or your thoughts on motherhood, rest assured that he’s in love mode. 

He wants to scope out your potential suitability as a mom and he’s quizzing around to see where you’re at on these subjects. 

If you already have kids he may probe to see if you’d be open to having more, sometimes not by asking directly but more by broaching the general subject and seeing how you react or engage with it. 

He may bring it up in a joking manner to test how you react, like:

“Gee kids are a lot of work, I bet you don’t want more!”

#10. He Becomes Increasingly Attentive To Your Needs

Let me tell you what happens when a man starts falling in love with a woman. 

There are all sorts of theories out there, but the truth is dead simple:

His provider and protector side kicks in. 

He begins to focus his priorities around you and making sure you are OK in life. 

He stops whining or presenting a helpless, victim side and begins emphasizing his “strong and silent” side. 

In short:

He becomes your man.

And he hopes that you perceive it that way as well. 

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#11. He Dresses Up For You

Another of the important signs he is slowly falling for you is that he dresses up for you. 

This includes taking extra time to groom himself, wearing cologne, styling his hair carefully and dressing up in nice fashionable clothes that he feels may appeal to you. 

If he’s always a super stylish guy that’s one thing, but if you notice he undergoes a kind of makeover every time he sees you, it’s probably not your imagination. 

It’s probably him being very into you and hoping that you’ll see a place for him in a love portrait of the future. 

The next time you’re wondering if a guy is into you beyond the surface level, take a look at how he dresses up for you. 

It says a lot!

#12. He Supports You Through Thick And Thin

When a man is falling in love he makes you his priority and cares about you much more than he usually would care about a woman.

This includes supporting you through thick and being there for you. 

Because of such loyalty, you will feel comfortable with him and with opening up to him. 

He makes it crystal clear that he’s on your side and believes in you and he doesn’t judge or criticize you for your mistakes.

#13. He Wants To Know Your History

If a guy is falling in love with you, he’ll begin to become increasingly curious about your history and the influences and people who formed your upbringing and life philosophies.

He wants to know everything that happened to make you think the way you do and feel the way you do. 

Where did you grow up, what are your parents and siblings like?

Did you grow up in a religion, a hippie commune or a military base?

What drives you? 

Quite simply, a man who is in love with you becomes fascinated by you. He won’t want to waste any chance to understand more about the woman who has captured his heart and owns his soul.

#14. He’s Sexually Attentive

Is your guy sexually attentive to you? If he is, call it genuine desire and a passion for making you happy.

If he goes down on you or asks what foreplay you like instead of just thinking with his own pleasure, that means he’s willing to invest in making you happy too. 

He gives you head instead of just thinking with his little head, in other words.

If that doesn’t float your boat, he finds out what does and he floods the dam. 

Let the waters flow…This guy is falling for you faster than the Titanic. 

Attachment style quiz

#15. He Makes You His Priority Whenever Possible

I’ve emphasized here that a man who is falling for you will make you his priority whenever possible. 

Sometimes there’s an emergency or something out of his control that he must attend to at work or in his personal life. 

That’s fine. 

But whenever he can attend to you without negatively impacting his necessities, he will. 

And if you have an urgent situation, he’ll come running with his boots on. 

It probably won’t surprise you if I told you that someone who does this is worth their weight in gold.

Loyal people who are willing to give up their precious time to support you won’t come along often in life. 

If your guy is proving to be that person, it’s time to figure out whether you feel just as strongly for him!

#16. He Honours Your Femininity

Guys don’t usually have a whole lot of time for women and their feminine habits or interests.


Because men usually thrive on masculine interests, and connect best with other masculine men.

They don’t really understand or resonate with women or their emotions, and many men will criticize a woman for being more emotional or vulnerable than him!


If you take an hour longer than expected to get ready for an outing, or if you want to talk about your feelings for an hour, and he still thinks every move you make is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, he’s definitely in love!

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#17. He’s Financially Present

Finances are an often overlooked part of many relationships. 

The truth is that no matter how hard a time a man is having financially, he will never complain to you about finances or try to short you on money if he’s really in love with you. 

Those are problems he will deal with himself or try his best to address. 

(He won’t want you to see him as incapable as a provider or as a man, and he will feel bad for taking your resources). 

This is one of the most important things to look out for when thinking about whether he’s falling in love with you.

He pays for you whenever possible and doesn’t gripe or play the victim about money even if he’s having a hard time.

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#18. He Embraces You Where You Are

If a guy embraces you where you are on the path of life, rather than desperately trying to change you for his own benefit and comfort, he could well be falling in love!

If you’re still finding your way in life, that’s cool, he will be the one to help you find it. 

He never demands perfection and never demands that you be something in your career or identity before he will “approve” of you. 

He’s at your side and interested no matter where you are on the path of life. 

He’s encouraging you but never judging or acting superior. 

#19. He Seeks You Out

Last and most of all, this guy seeks you out whenever he can. 

If you’re busy, he tries to fit himself in somewhere there. 

If you’re not interested in him, this can honestly come across as needy though. 

But if you are interested it’s endearing and quite charming, right?

In fact, when you’re also very into a guy, sometimes it might feel like a privilege that he tries to always seek you out and interact with you. 

Waking Up In Your Own Love Story

The taste of love can be sweet, but it doesn’t always come all at once. 

Some of the best relationships and love stories in history happened bit by bit, like a slow delicacy you savor as it hits your tongue. 

Waking up to find that a man you care about is falling for you will be one of the best days of your life. 

Savor it and be patient. As they say, que sera, sera: what is meant to be will be!

Paul Brian
Renee Shen

Paul R. Brian

Paul Rowan Brian is a freelance journalist, author and writer from Canada. He's written for Ideapod, Hack Spirit and Love Connection and is focused on culture, relationships and self-development. You can follow him on Twitter @paulrbrian.

Renée Shen

Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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