19 Undeniable Signs You're Experiencing Twin Flame Energy

Author: Sia Tayler & Renée Shen

If you're reading this article, you are likely experiencing the energy of your twin flame. 

And no doubt, there are many things on your mind. Questions like: 

"What do I do now?" 


"Am I being delusional?". 

It's true that at first glance, Twin Flame energy is something of a fairy tale destined for the pages of a romance novel. 

But underneath the surface lies an authenticity and truth about life that goes far beyond what we usually see, so read on to find out the signs you're experiencing twin flame energy.

Let’s get started!

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Sign #1: You Feel An Inexplicable Pull Towards Them

The first and most prominent sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy is an inexplicable pull towards an individual.

You don’t know how or why, but you just feel a strong desire to be near them. When you first meet this person, it feels like your soul has finally found its way home. They are the person you’re destined to be with, and you can’t imagine being with anyone else. 

This can be hard to navigate at times, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship, but it’s a sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

Sure, we can all feel a pull towards some people, but the pull with a twin flame is much less logical. Sometimes you don’t even know why you’re pulled to this person, it’s just unexplainable but feels like it’s “meant to be”.

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Sign #2: A Significant Shift Is Taking Place In Your World

When you find your Twin Flame, the world around you will begin to change. Your life path will shift, and you will find yourself moving further away from the life you once knew. 

Don’t worry – this is all part of the process. 

Your Twin Flame is bringing you closer to your true self, which often means parting ways with those holding you back from achieving your full potential. 

You will find that you have more in common with your Twin Flame and less with everyone else.

Sign #3: You Have Incredibly Intense Dreams About Them 

If you are experiencing twin flame energy, you will likely have incredibly intense dreams.

These dreams aren’t like any other. They’re vivid, and you might even wake up with a sense of relief or like something has been lifted from you. 

You might even find yourself having the same dream over and over again. 

They even seem like visions, and you might feel like you are communicating with your partner via dreaming.

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    Sign #4: You Are 100% On The Same Wavelength As Them

    Regardless of what you discuss with them, you will always feel on the same page. 

    You will find that you have more in common with your partner than anyone else in your life, and you will feel like you have known them your entire life. 

    This can be both a good and bad thing. It can be good because it will make your relationship stronger, but it can also be bad if you let it consume you and you lose your sense of self. 

    So it’s best to also try to connect and talk with other people and meet your needs outside of the relationship. Keep learning about life and any subject that interests you. 

    When you do this, you’ll be able to bring new ideas and thoughts back to your relationship which will allow you to add value to your twin and connect on a new level.

    There’s nothing worse than getting too stuck in a relationship and on someone that you feel too codependent or worthless without them, because that just risks you sucking energy away from the relationship and showing up low value.

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    Sign #5: You Feel A Sense Of Deep Loss And Grief When You’re Not Together 

    When you are apart, you will feel a deep sadness, almost as if you are mourning a death. You will feel empty and incomplete, and you won’t understand why. 

    This grief will intensify the longer you are apart from your partner. It will feel as if your heart is being torn in two. 

    You will feel like you want to scream, cry, and rip your hair out because you will feel such an intense loss and grief. 

    This is normal, and yet another sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

    Sign #6: Your Intuition Has Never Been More Accurate Or Intense

    When you meet your Twin Flame, you will also notice that your intuition will become more accurate and intense than it has ever been before. 

    You might feel more confident in your decision-making skills and it’s almost eerie that it appears that you have the ability to look into the future. 

    It’s almost as if you have increased ESP skills or better insight into the people around you. 

    Heightened intuition is another undeniable sign that you’re experiencing twin flame energy.

    Sign #7: You Feel Like You Have Met Your Twin Flame Before In Another Life

    This sign is incredibly telling.

    You may have a strong sense that you have met your partner in another lifetime or have known them for hundreds or even thousands of years. 

    This feeling may come on suddenly or creep up on you slowly over time. 

    If you feel you’ve had a past life connection, know that this is an unmistakable sign of twin flame energy!

    Sign #8: You Start Noticing Angel numbers

    One of the first things you will notice when experiencing twin flame energy is that you will spot Angel numbers everywhere.

    You may notice random number sequences like 111 or 777 on the street, in your surroundings and in your day-to-day life.

    If you see angel numbers like these often, it is a sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

    Sign #9: You Feel A Psychic Connection With Them 

    You will also develop a psychic or empathic connection with your partner. Some people call this synchronicity, some people may believe that this is a part of the supersymmetry that makes up much of the unexplained universe that is around us. 

    This supernatural connection you have with your twin flame, is often unexplainable to outsiders. 

    You may even hear their thoughts, and they may be able to hear yours. 

    This connection will become stronger as time goes on, and is another sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

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    Sign #10: Time Means Nothing In Terms Of Your Bond

    When you find your Twin Flame, you will feel like you have been waiting forever to meet that person. 

    You will feel as if time means nothing in relation to your  bond. 

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    You will feel like you have known each other forever and that there is no reason or rhyme for why the Universe has kept you apart until now. 

    These feelings of intense longing are a sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

    Sign #11: You Feel An Intense Connection With The Spiritual World 

    You will feel as if you have connected with your twin flame from a different dimension. 

    You may have this sense of intense connection with them, and you may have a strong feeling your bond transcends the physical world. 

    These are signs that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

    Sign #12: They Make You Feel More Connected To Your Spirit And Soul

    You will also find that you are much more connected with your spirit, soul, and higher self when you are with your twin flame. 

    From this higher place, you become more aware of your own self, your own desires and fears and your own subconscious patterns. This connection to yourself often inspires a deep desire to heal your own past wounds. 

    You’ll feel more relaxed and grounded than ever, and you might even encounter a full-blown spiritual awakening!

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    Sign #13: You're Catalysts In Each Other's Lives

    You’ll help each other grow and develop and reach new levels of success. Sometimes that means the inspiration to start a new business, or the desire to improve a certain part of your personal life. 


    Because the Twin Flame connection provides you both with a deep spiritual and physical connection that causes you to want to go the extra mile for the other person.

    You will experience a greater level of connectedness and love with your twin flame than in any relationship you had previously. 

    This connection isn’t ordinary. It’s a sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

    Sign #14: You're Similar Yet Completely Opposite

    There's a strong attraction between you two, but it's not the typical "love is blind" type of attraction. 

    It's more like a magnet that draws you two together and then repels you away from each other. 

    Both of you are drawn to each other, but at the same time, you try to keep your twin flame at a distance. 

    There's a constant tug of war that you have to resolve within yourself. It's a desire versus fear type of situation and is a telling symptom of twin flame energy.

    Why is this?

    It’s because your twin flame is a mirror of your own soul, so whilst you feel an uncanny similarity with your Twin Flame, you’ll also feel intensely repelled because your twin exhibits all of the most challenging traits of yourself!

    Traits that emanate from childhood trauma or past hurts in relationships, for example.

    Another reason for this similar yet opposite dichotomy is that of the masculine and feminine energies. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us, but almost all of us identify much more with one over the other.


    If you are a naturally feminine soul while your twin primarily identifies with the masculine energy, then you’ll naturally feel an attraction towards them, whilst also feeling like they’re different to you.

    But it’s not always a bad thing: without these masculine and feminine poles, you may lack sexual energy and thus attraction towards each other.

    Sign #15: You Experience Unrelenting Magnetic And Sexual Energy

    You’ll want to spend every spare moment you have with them and won’t be able to get enough.

    Not to mention you’ll want to be as physically close to them as possible. 

    The sexual and magnetic pull you feel towards each other is another sign that you might be experiencing twin flame energy.

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    Sign #16: You’re More Confident And Yourself Around Them

    You will feel as if your true self comes out when you are with your Twin Flame.

    You'll be completely at ease, and there will be nothing to hide.


    Because your Twin Flame will have a way of making you feel safe enough to be more vulnerable and try new things.

    He or she loves you and connects with you just as you are, so it’s hard not to experience an increase in your confidence!

    This feeling plus increased intuition means that it is undeniable twin flame energy.

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    Sign #17: You See The World In A Totally Different Way 

    When you finally meet your twin the world will look different to you. As a result, you will gain a new appreciation for art and nature.

    You might radiate to certain types of art or feel that certain kinds of music speak to you in a way they never have before. 

    Why is this?

    Usually it’s because in a twin flame relationship, you feel all your emotions (and your twin’s emotions) more deeply and intensely.

    And when you feel emotions more deeply and intensely, you can connect with more of life! 

    It’s almost like you’ve got heightened senses now, and you’re more connected with the world around you.

    The world suddenly looks different, and this is another sign that you are experiencing twin flame energy.

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    Sign #18: You Feel Each Other's Emotions

    Isn’t feeling each other’s emotions a normal part of being in love? Well, yes, but with twin flame energy, it goes to another level, and it’s always mutual.

    When experiencing twin flame energy, you’ll feel each other's emotions even when you’re not in each other’s presence. 

    You’ll feel them even though you might be in different places and you’ll feel their emotions even if they don’t verbalize them to you. 

    You’ll be able to sense their feelings and distinguish what they’re feeling. 

    You’ll know when they’re happy, you’ll know when they’re sad, and you’ll know when they’re angry. 

    It’s kind of like a hyper-attunement to each other that only occurs between you and your twin flame, and it’s because of the multi-layered connection you have (physical, emotional and spiritual).

    Not only do you have a multi-layered connection, but you may also find that the strength of the relationship with your twin flame begins healing any attachment issues you may have developed as a child.

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    Sign #19: You'll Experience Physical Symptoms

    It's common to feel fatigued and many who experience twin flame energy have difficulties sleeping. 

    You can also experience joint pain and strange aches and pains. You might even experience symptoms that aren't physical. For example, you might be plagued by anxiety or other emotions that seem out of place.

    Wrapping Up…

    So there you have it! 

    The Twin Flame Connection is more than just a physical attraction or an infatuation with someone. 

    As you experience twin flame energy, it's important to realize that the energy can add a sense of urgency and extreme emotion to the relationship. 

    It's common to want to rush into things with your partner simply because you have an overwhelming need for them. But, like most good things in life, it requires gradual organic growth in order to develop into something sacred and long term, so it's important to take it slow and enjoy the ride.

    Sia Tayler
    Renee Shen

    Empath, animal lover, and elder-millennial with a penchant for writing. Born and bred in South Africa, I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none.

    Sia Tayler

    Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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