The Meaning Of Gifts From A Man - 15 Common Gifts and What They Symbolize

Author: Monica Selvi & Renée Shen

Whether it’s your traditional Christmas shopping, birthdays or other occasions, gift-giving can be quite a challenging task, and understanding the meaning of gifts from a man is not a walk in the park either. 

According to relationship experts, gift-giving in a romantic relationship can be either thoughtful or selfish, depending on how long you have been dating. 

However, more often than not, receiving a gift from your partner is a sign of affection and could improve your romantic relationship. 

To help you have a better understanding of what your man wants to communicate to you through a gift, we have listed the most common gifts men give to women and what they symbolize.

Expensive Jewelry

Quality jewelry can be quite expensive, so you probably won’t receive a new gold necklace or pearl bracelet from your man every other week. 

Fact is, when thinking about the meaning of gifts from a man, jewelry is always a special one, because no man gives a woman an expensive piece of jewelry as a gift unless she is special to him, and he cares deeply about her. 

This is most of the time, of course. Good men usually don’t spend money on expensive jewelry for women they don’t care about. 


If you receive expensive jewelry from a guy, most of the time you can consider that it means he cares and wants to see you happy.

If you receive an elegant pair of diamond earrings or a stunning necklace featuring Akoya pearls from your partner, you should feel special and know that your man is committed to you and your relationship.

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This type of gift doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. 

If you’re in a relationship, getting lingerie from your lover is a very sensual and intentional act, which means that he finds you very attractive and he cannot wait to be alone with you. 

If you have already shared a few intimate moments, receiving lingerie from your man might mean that he is trying to up his romantic game. 

This is a bold move, so you should give your beau credit for being confident enough to do it. 

However, if you are not in a relationship and you receive lingerie from a man, it might be a bit creepy, not to mention presumptuous, so you might want to reconsider going on another date.  

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Most women love receiving flowers, that’s a given. They make us feel happy, and we love having fresh blooms in our homes. 

Depending on the type, if your man sends you flowers it could mean a few things. 

Red roses obviously mean that he loves you, but if he gifts you a bouquet of daisies, it might mean that he appreciates you and that you are special to him. 

For a romantic woman, receiving a dozen red roses for no special reason will definitely be heartwarming. 

However, if you don’t have a romantic bone in your body and your boyfriend sends you flowers for no reason it probably means that he doesn’t know you very well.

Disappointing, right?

If your boyfriend gifts you with something that is completely ‘off’ (that anyone would know you wouldn’t appreciate), it’s understandably a little bewildering at best or hurtful at worst.

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Chocolate may seem like a trivial gift not worth deciphering the meaning of, but when it comes to the meaning of gifts from a man, chocolates are quite interesting and aren’t always devoid of meaning.

Probably every woman’s guilty pleasure, chocolate is arguably one of the most popular gifts women receive from men, especially in the early stages of dating. 

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If you receive chocolate from a man without any special reason, it means that your beau wants to see you happy, as sweets in general have the ability to change our mood. 

Maybe you’ve had a rough week at work, and he wants to cheer you up by gifting you something you love.

However, if you receive chocolate on your birthday or Valentine’s Day, this might mean that your man couldn’t be bothered to think of something more meaningful to get you.  

A Book

Not all gifts have to be expensive and luxurious, and a book is a great example. 

Depending on the type of book, receiving one as a gift could help two people get to know each other better and improve their communication. 

Besides, it shows that your man has remembered details about you and what you said you liked, which is always a plus. 

If he gifts you a book which he already read and wants to share and discuss with you, it means that you are special enough to him that he feels comfortable sharing more intimate parts of himself with you, like his thoughts and feelings. 

However, if your man gifts you a book meant to teach you something or enrich your knowledge, it means that he is invested in that relationship and wants to see you grow.

How nice is that?!


Perfume is generally a safe bet when it comes to the meaning of gifts from a man, especially if he  knows your taste. 

Unless he really doesn’t like your fragrance and has no idea how to say it, receiving perfume from your man probably means that he wanted to play it safe. 

Bottom line:

You shouldn’t think too much about it if you receive this type of gift.

Clothes and Accessories

Clothing is a popular gift choice for both men and women, but it’s mostly appreciated by the feminine side of the couple. 

Whether we are talking about a new sexy dress, a pair of chic heels or a designer bag, receiving clothing items from your man can mean one of two things, depending on what you get. 

If the style of the present fits you perfectly, it means that your man really admires you and your sense of style. 

However, if the gift is in no way related to what you normally wear, this could mean that your man wants to see you wearing something different, probably closer to his style rather than yours. Red flags, anyone?

A Trip

In most cases, receiving experiences as gifts comes from someone who wants to go the extra mile to add value to your life. 

If it’s an experience you’ve always wanted, and he cared enough to finance it for you, it means he’s either very rich and has money to burn, or that he deeply loves, appreciates and cares about you. 

If your man is gifting you a trip, may it be a cityscape to Paris or a tropical beach vacation, he is also showing a future commitment towards spending more time with you. 

This means that he sees himself in a relationship with you in the future and wants to see more of you. 

Because this is quite the lavish gift, receiving a trip from your boyfriend could also mean that he wants to make you happy and possibly take your relationship to the next level. Ladies, this guy is a keeper.

attachment style quiz


When considering the meaning of gifts from a man, this is a tricky one, as it could have quite a few meanings. 

In most cases, if a man gives a woman money as a gift it means that he just didn’t know what to get her, so decided to give cash instead. 

This is either because he is very undecisive or he doesn’t know you well enough yet. 

However, in some cases, if a man gives you money it’s because he sees you as a future investment and wants you to feel indebted to him. There is obviously an ulterior motive hidden here. 

Usually if a guy gives a woman money as a gift a lot, it may be a bit of a warning signal that the relationship is only transactional.

And if it’s only transactional, then you have to accept that he only sees you as a means to an end at best, and perhaps sees you as low value at worst.

Good men who are emotionally committed to a woman don’t usually give money as a gift unless they’ve been super busy, they’re lazy, or they don’t want to take a risk (perhaps picking the wrong presents for you in the past!)

Generally speaking, you should aim to have a relationship that’s based on emotional attraction and emotional connection rather than transactions, as that makes you dispensable, low value, and easily in the ‘one of many women’ category in his life.

Women in this category usually get replaced swiftly when the ‘one and only’, high value woman comes along and speaks to his heart, making him fall in love.

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Concert Tickets

Gift experiences have become quite popular in recent years, and more and more people are choosing this type of gift instead of material things. 

If your man gifts you tickets to your favorite band, it means that he was paying attention to what you have been telling him and to what you enjoy. 

This shows that he is committed to you and your relationship and has genuine feelings for you. After all, he did gift you something he knew would make you very happy!

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It’s already quite a task to figure out the meaning of gifts from a man, let alone if he gives you such an untypical gift like make up!

We are all aware of the fact that men don’t know much about things like makeup, so this wouldn’t be their first option for gifts.

If you man gifted you just the right foundation, blush and eyeliner, it means that he asked his sister (or any woman) for help with choosing your gift. 

This clearly means that he cares deeply about you and wanted to gift you something you like and would use every day. 

However, if you normally don’t wear any makeup, you may feel like your man is trying to tell you that you should start to wear makeup. 

This can be quite offensive, so we recommend you ask him directly why he gifted you makeup, when it’s obvious that you aren't into it.

Household Appliances

If your man gifts you a new fridge or washing machine you can consider that he is not trying to impress you, but rather, that he does have your best interest at heart. 

Just think about it, compared to a sparkly new necklace, a new microwave is not very impressive, right? 

If you receive such a gift (once, not with every occasion), it means that your boyfriend cares about you and wants to save you some costs from having to buy expensive household items.

It could also mean that he knows your washing machine is broken or that you’ve been complaining that you need a better one - or one that’s more suited to your needs!

Latest Gadgets

If your man just gifted you a fancy new phone or a pair of expensive Bluetooth earphones, he thinks that you are “worthy” of luxury gifts, and he wants to show you that he has the means to take care of you and provide for everything you need.

Depending on the stage of your relationship, if your boyfriend gifts you the latest tech gadgets it means that he wants to ensure you’re ahead of the curve with technology, and show you that he’s the man to go to when it comes to gadgets.

Of course that’s not the only meaning of these gifts from a man. A man will also give you gadgets in order to show off his wealth, whether it is to impress you, or to assure you that your future with him is safe and you will never lack anything while in a relationship with him.

Handmade and Personalized Gifts

Gift-giving can be daunting, especially if this is not your man’s primary love-language. 

If your partner dedicated a chunk of time from his busy schedule to make something beautiful and special for you, he’s a keeper. 

It means that he feels emotionally connected and emotionally attached to you, and you can’t put a price on that!

From the most basic photo album or relationship book, with all the significant milestones of your relationship, to different items personalized with your name on them, this type of gift is a very special one. 

Receiving such a gift means that you are of great importance for him, and he wants a genuine connection with you.


Unless you made an agreement beforehand that you won’t be exchanging gifts on Valentines or Christmas this year, if your man doesn’t get you anything is never a good sign. 

Whether it’s because he forgot about your birthday or he just couldn’t be bothered to get you something, not trying at all is really not acceptable. 

Even if he is really struggling financially, a handwritten card doesn’t break the bank and can make for a nice and thoughtful gift.

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The Bottom Line

It always feels nice to figure out the meaning of gifts from a man, but aside from gifts, you have to be sure that intends to commit to you emotionally.

A lot of women focus heavily on what they’re being given by a man for their birthday or for Christmas, and while that’s not wrong, the real value you can get from a man is a genuine emotional commitment from him.

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Regarding the meaning of gifts from a man, remember that every man goes through hard times, and even some of the best husbands and boyfriends may slip up at times. Especially if the relationship is struggling or the woman has done something to hurt him.

Be grateful for his gifts and thank him always, but always make him feel equally as appreciated for being him, rather than focusing too heavily on the material gifts he gives you.

Monica Selvi
Renee Shen

Monica Selvi

Monica Selvi is a content writer and regular contributor to The Pearl Source, leading pearl jewelry retailer. With a passion for fashion, health & nutrition and photography, Monica loves to combine her creative side with analytical skills, to deliver high-quality and relevant content.

Renée Shen

Author & Editor For National Council for Research on Women. Founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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