7 Typical Karmic Relationship Stages Explained

Author: Grace Puskas

A karmic relationship is an unstable relationship that can feel toxic at times, but is also filled with lots of sparks and attraction.

Despite the toxicity, it isn’t all for naught. A karmic relationship is also defined by a strong pull towards learning, growing, and evolving through your partner.

That is the point of the chaos and instability.

A lot has been covered by us on what a karmic soulmate bond actually is, so I strongly advise you reading that article first. 

Regardless, it’s important to know the karmic relationship stages, not just to see whether you’re in a karmic relationship or not, but to identify which stage you’re in specifically right now.

Here are 7 typical karmic relationship stages explained in depth!

Stage 1: ‘The Meeting,’ Instant Attraction

The first stage of a karmic relationship is one we can all relate to. 

Intense chemistry, exciting feelings deep within…perhaps even a sensation of a profound awakening about to be embarked on.

Your first meeting is defined by: 

  • Intense eye contact
  • All consuming excitement and passion 
  • Tingling sensations running through your body; and 
  • An inner knowing that your life is about to change

You feel supreme passion flowing through you, even if you know how to control it. Your cells “speak” to you, telling you’re about to be in for an amazing ride!

This very first meeting of the karmic relationship stages provides glimpses and even visions into your future self.

You will be simultaneously overcome with the feeling of sharing eternal and timeless love with this person, whilst also sensing that it will end one day. 

Paradoxically, a karmic soulmate is both “just for now” and “forever.”

Although most sources explain that a karmic relationship is somewhat negative and that it’s not meant to last, there’s another way to see this type of relationship…

The truth is, the love you share in a karmic relationship is timeless, eternal, and infinite. You are two lost souls swimming in the infinite sea, cycle after cycle; year after year.

You gravitate back towards one another because your souls need each other. 

There are a lot of genuine emotions combined with deep feelings of companionship and intimacy present within the first stage.

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Stage 2: ‘Discovering Your Differences,’ A Perfect Mirror

Within the first few months of the meeting, you begin to discover your differences and similarities. You grow through each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

You are the perfect mirror of one another- you reflect each other’s light and shadow simultaneously.

You genuinely feel like you’ve found a real kindred spirit and best friend in this connection, and this is because you find resonance with them.

You share many similar interests and passions, so you are technically kindred spirits. You’re soulmates who just happen to have a lot of significant life cycles to complete.

Even people who reflect each other’s demons or dark side can be real soulmates! The soul has multiple shades and colors, after all… 

So I don’t think anyone should be made to feel inferior or weak for choosing a karmic soulmate bond.

But, as the later karmic relationship stages suggest, the true and real purpose is to transcend these karmic cycles. 

These early stages are where you learn, learn, and learn some more.

It’s all about inner growth, finding balance, and unifying polar opposites. At this stage, you’ve already decided that this is ‘your person’ (for now). You commit to them.

Also, note that you’re operating off of the excitement and fiery passion, or comfort, safety, and security you felt right from the start. All seems to be bliss.

Some call this the honeymoon stage.

Stage 3: ‘From Harmony to Distortion,’ Navigating the Yin & Yang

Stage 3 is the back and forth chapter in your relationship, where yin and yang energies flow effortlessly.

One moment it’s high, the next it's low. One day you’re happy, the next, you’re arguing.

This stage lasts months to years, potentially up to a decade! It reflects both the bliss of a potential true love relationship and the struggles we as humans face.

Harmony to distortion, distortion to harmony; there are equal amounts of tension and friction as well as unity and flow.

The best way to understand this stage is like the nature of universal cycles itself. The Sun shines and then sets, giving the Moon space to send its glimmering lunar rays out to earth…

Then once the Moon has done her thing, the Sun comes back out, and the Moon returns to darkness.

This is the yin and yang effect of the 3rd stage in a karmic soulmate relationship.

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Stage 4: ‘The Choice,’ Is This What I Really Want?

This stage is where you have had sufficient time to see your relationship from a subjective & holistic perspective.

You know your strengths, weaknesses, and, more importantly, that this may not be a true love relationship. You recognize there are toxic aspects.

You may stay, you may go, or you may leave for a bit and return. It’s a very ambiguous time with a fair share of confusion and “yo-yoing,” whether in your mind or physically.

It can be months- years of going back and forth like a yo-yo. The key regularity is that you know something isn’t right, and that something needs to change.

Whether you stay and alternate between ‘yes and no,’ or make a decision pretty quickly to leave or stay, it all depends on the current stage of your soul’s evolution.

The key questions during this stage are:

Have you learned and integrated your lessons? Do you still need more clarity and time?

Ask yourself if this is really what you want. A decision needs to be made soon; this is a timeline moment in your personal story.

Whether you choose to stay or go, staying in a toxic cycle can also be due to having insecure attachment patterns. When you are insecurely attached, it is easy to keep contributing to, and tolerating toxicity, causing both partners great suffering.

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(Why is this important? It is because your core attachment style largely dictates and influences what happens in your relationship. Thus it’s imperative you understand your core attachment style!)

Stage 5: ‘Settle Or Swim,’ All Is Not Perfect, All Is Perfect

All is perfect and not perfect simultaneously. No matter the decision you make, you begin to see how life is a game. 

There are many levels to complete on your individual journey. Some people complete them with a karmic partner, others choose to go solo.

Do you settle or do you swim, raising your vibration to potentially meet a true love, higher soulmate, or twin flame partner and lover?

There is no right or wrong answer, but it is paramount to do some real soul-searching in this stage.

Many people choose to go on a break during this cycle. Regardless of whether you remain together or impart on separate paths, introspection and conscious contemplation are necessary.

You need to explore your long-term needs and desires in depth, and ask yourself what it is you really want out of life: 

Are you genuinely happy to settle, despite the toxic/karmic aspects, or are you destined for a different path?

You can’t avoid your soul’s calling and innermost needs during the 5th stage of the karmic relationship stages. It is a time of total self-honesty, authenticity, and getting real with yourself.

Stage 6: ‘Preparing for A Higher Soulmate Love…’

Inevitably, you are bound to leave your karmic love. It’s part of your soul contract, evolutionary journey, etc. (And if it’s not, take note for a future lifetime!)

This is the stage where you’re getting ready for a higher soulmate love, perhaps even a twin flame love.

You’re healing your heartache, reflecting on lessons learned- and integrating them, and working towards self-mastery.

Preparation, prayer, daily meditation, self-healing, therapy, and “doing the work” (the inner work) characterize this cycle.

You’ve got your sights set on something better. Your vision is clear.

This chapter in your book could last months to years. Live by divine timing for the best future outcome, and for the completion of the 7th cycle.

Going back into karmic cycles with other karmic soulmates wouldn’t serve you now. You may even realize instantaneously that you’d rather be lonely, alone and patient, than settle.

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Stage 7: ‘Divine Union,’ Mission Accomplished!

Hopefully, by this stage your soul has chosen a divine union or higher soulmate love in this lifetime (if not you can still take the wisdom and apply it how it resonates with you, in your own story and timeline).

You are finally able to look back on your past, and thus your karmic relationship, or relationships, and see it as a beautiful if not somewhat chaotic part of your journey.

You have learned a lot. You committed to your soul’s best possible vibration and evolution, and you should be proud. Not many people choose a divine union relationship in this life.

And it is a conscious choice, because you are the captain of your own ship. Even during moments of darkness, unsurety, or unconsciousness, your soul was still in control.

The final stage of the karmic relationship stages is a truly blissful and mind-blowing victory.

You’ve done what most humans cannot achieve in this lifetime- found your divine counterpart or twin flame.

You will be feeling like you’ve accomplished a mission that has lasted thousands and thousands of years… this goes beyond this one human lifetime.

You and your new love share in ancient memory. You share powerful sensations of both being from faraway lands. 

You essentially traveled galaxies and universes together to get to this stage.

Happiness, eternal love, blissful marriage, and no toxic traits left to heal whatsoever. This is amazing, and something we all dream to experience. It’s fairytale love, but the grounded, real, type.

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To Conclude

Your holistic self wants full expression, and the karmic relationship stages reflect the journey and evolution of the soul.

This is something we all experience, regardless of how evolved and enlightened we are. 

Everyone experiences the stages of a karmic soulmate bond. Some of us even repeat them over and over (until we finally reach stage 7).

My piece of advice to you is to hold the course. Stay true to yourself. 

Everything happens in divine, perfect, timing, and the universe rewards those who surrender to the will of the divine.

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a passionate Reiki Master, Astrologer, Dream therapist/interpretor, Holistic Healer, and Herbalist. She is also a visionary poet and published author, who enjoys gardening, caring for others, healing the earth, and creating educational & spiritual videos on Youtube. 

Grace Puskas

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