Top 20 Dating Books For Women

Author: Martha Dugeri & Renée Shen

Dating can be a drag. It’s worse when you seem unlucky and every guy you meet is either “entirely bad” or “simply bad for you”. However, we know books are gems. They make the world— even the dating world— a much better place.

This article contains the top 20 dating books for women in 2022. 

Check them out and be sure to read the ones that arrest your attention. 

You never know, it just might have the key to your breakthrough in the dating scene.

How to get the guy brooke clarke

#1: How To Get The Guy - Brooke Clarke

How to get the guy by Brooke Clarke is a must get for every woman who wants to keep a man. Some of the things you can expect to get in this book includes:

  • An understanding of the importance of self-reflection.
  • What it means to be involved with a partner. 
  • Substantial tips on how to make words work for you on a date.
  • Sexy habits that’d make men find you irresistible.
  • What can make a man lose interest in you.
  • How to go ahead once the man starts reciprocating.

This book is definitely one of the top dating books for women. Get this free audio book here, check it out and thank me later.

Awakened Dating Drea Bauer

#2: Awakened Dating - Drea Bauer, JD

Awakened dating by Drea Bauer is one of the dating books for women you don’t want to miss out on. It is basically a manual on how to navigate the online dating scene. 

But it also delves deep into who you are and helps you become the best version of yourself. 

This book guides you to be the kind of woman a man cannot say NO to - the kind of woman that effortlessly draws in a man. The kind of woman every man wants (whilst also making YOU want to spend more time with you!)

Why wouldn’t you get a copy of this awesome book? Purchase your copy here.

17 Attraction Triggers David Shen Renee Wade

#3: 17 Attraction Triggers - David Shen and Renée Wade

This book is one the best dating books for women because it was written by two excellent relationship experts. 

The 17 attraction triggers by David Shen and Renee Wade is a must read. 

It will help you use your natural femininity and fertility cues to get a man’s blood boiling uncontrollably.

It will also guide you on how to understand attractiveness from a man’s point of view. 

If you want to find the attraction triggers genetically hardwired in men, I recommend you get this book in order to use them to your advantage. 

This book isn’t about theories. It’s loaded with proven and reliable scientific laws that always work. Don’t even think about missing out on this amazing book.

Best of all, it doesn't cost much (and you get a free volume of the first month of Renee and David's Attraction Control Monthly E magazine!) Get a copy here. 

Dating deal breakers that drive men away

#4: Dating Deal Breakers That Drive Men Away - Bruce Bryans

Dating deal breakers that drive men away by Bruce Bryan is a book that sheds light on the important red flags that scare men away. 

(These red flags make responsible and serious men run away from you).

It helps you see habits that can make you seem “not ready” to a serious man. 

This book is one of the best dating books for women because it literally gives you a tour of a man’s heart. It tells you how a serious minded man thinks and what exactly he’s looking for. You should definitely check it out - get your copy here.

An assertiveness dating guide for successful women anastasia ramsey

#5: An Assertiveness Dating Guide For Successful Women - Anastasia Ramsey

Do you want a long-term functional relationship or marriage with your sweetheart? 

Read an assertiveness dating guide for successful women by Anastasia Ramsey. 

It points out why you’re unable to keep a relationship, whilst going straight to the origin of the problem and proffering a lasting solution. 

It also helps you get in touch with your feminine side and get that work-life balance you’ve been craving. Lastly, it teaches you the role of honesty in keeping a relationship. Read this book and don’t say I didn’t do anything for you!

Never Waste time on the wrong man again michelle jacoby

#6: Never Waste Time On The Wrong Man Again - Michelle Jacoby

If you’re ready to effectively maneuver your way through dating, this book is what you need. 

Never waste time on the wrong man again by Michelle Jacoby helps you believe in true love again. 

It helps you filter through the bad eggs and helps you find “your man”. 

She does this by sharing real stories of her clients as well as her own personal story. Everything you need to find and keep the one is in this book, all you have to do is read, and you can get your free copy here.

Make your move jon birger

#7: Make Your Move - Jon Birger

In make your move, Jon Birger sheds light on the fact that our dating world has changed, and women need to change (sensibly) along with it.

This is one of the rare dating books for women that actually dares you to take action as a woman and make the first move (even if it's small). 

This book doesn’t console you on how rough the dating scene is. It doesn’t teach you how to make yourself appealing to a man. 

Instead, it supplies you with the encouragement you need to stop waiting and make a move, because Jon believes wholeheartedly that it's better to choose than to be chosen. 

It says that if you can win in other areas of your life, then you can win in your dating life too. 

A summary of everything Jon Birger is saying in this book is: go girl! Get a copy of this unique book here.

Relationship goals michael todd

#8: Relationship Goals: How To Win At Dating, Marriage And Sex - Michael Todd

This book has gotten such amazing reviews and is a #1 New York Times Bestseller.

Michael Todd is Pastor of Transformation Church and sermon series about marriage and dating on YouTube that went viral, and this book proves exactly why he went viral. The life transforming ministry of Micheal Todd is also proof of how valuable this book is. 

This book is written to help you understand exactly how to have the dating life and marriage that you want.

Michael Todd tells you what's right and wrong, and his work is based on biblical principles that cut through modern culture, showing you what truly helps you win in love.  

See, it is one thing to win and an entirely different thing to feel like a winner.

This book helps you win and more importantly, feel like a winner. If you plan to go from sighing to grinning at your love story, read this book.

Never chase men again bruce bryans

#9: Never Chase Men Again - Bruce Bryans

Never chase men again by Bruce Bryans focuses on giving you the knowledge you need to both attract a man who deserves you, as well as helping you walk away from the man who doesn't deserve you. 

Bruce's often funny writing style will help you digest the information easily, and your confidence will grow just by reading this book. If you want to be more attractive and secure in yourself, this is the dating bible for you. 

You can count on Bruce Bryans to prepare you for the right man and help you shake off the men who aren't serious about you. This book also contains dating rules and mistakes that lead to desperation. Get a copy of this book now.

Get The Guy Matthew Hussey

#10: Get The Guy - Matthew Hussey

In this book, well known relationship guru Matthew Hussey expounds on how the male mind works. 

It gives tonnes of value and insights into how men size you up as well as allowing you to learn how men think. 

He concentrates on giving you simple steps to help you find and keep true love. This book will help you understand your role in finding love and guide you to making love happen in your life. Check it out here.

The 5 love languages gary chapman

#11: Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman

We humans have a lot in common, but not all of us perceive love the same way. So you could be unknowingly giving your partner *SO* much, without realising that they don't actually feel loved by what you're doing. All because they speak a different "love language".

This book is certainly one of the best dating books for women out there, because it puts a name to the things you didn’t know how to explain about yourself, as well as about others. 

You'll also learn what your potential partners TRULY want from you and what exactly makes them tick. 

In five love languages, Gary Chapman goes all out. He explains that it’s not enough to love, you must learn to love people how they want to be loved.

You can find out your love language with Gary's quizzes here. And if you want a copy of the book, click here. 

Deeper dating ken page

#12: Deeper Dating - Ken Page

Deeper dating by Ken Page warns against a soulless approach to dating. He draws from his experience as a psychotherapist and his personal experience. 

He promotes the need for passion, longing and deep sensitivity in relationships. This book helps us discover our core gifts and encourages us to generously express them.

You can get the first two chapters of this bestselling book for free here. 

The Woman's guide to how men think shawn t. Smith

#13: The Woman’s Guide To How Men Think - Shawn T. Smith

The woman’s guide to how men think by Shawn Smith is a comical and practical dating guide. 

This isn't your run-of-the-mill politically correct dating guide. Shawn acknowledges the differences between men and women, and reiterates that one sex is not better than the other - all the while giving you deep insight into the male mind.

It helps you understand the thought processes of men; specifically, their communication style and thought patterns.

It is inside information that’d prove priceless to any woman that wants to understand men better. Here's where you can get your guide to how men think by Shawn T.Smith.

The tao of dating Ali Binazir

#14: The Tao Of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide To Being Absolutely Irresistible - Ali Binazir

The Tao of dating by Ali Binazir was written initially to help friends who were struggling with their love lives. It draws insights from Taoist and Eastern philosophies to help women utilise their innate power to attract good quality men.

Specifically, it helps women draw upon their innate feminine energy (their yin) in order to attract masculine (the yang) in men.

This book has maintained the position of the highest-rated dating book on Amazon for 7 years. It has helped numerous women from various part of the world to find true love and it’d help you too.

Here's where you can get your copy!

Dateonomics jon birger

#15: Date-onomics - Jon Birger

Dateonomics by Jon Birger is particularly interesting in its angle. It posits that our dating behaviour is heavily affected by the gender ratio, and he lets you in on all the technicalities of the dating scene. 

Jon tells us that now there are more women holding a college degree than men, and this poses a unique problem for women, because women don't often want to date "lower" than themselves in terms of achievements.

This makes the gender ratio very "off", since there just aren't that many "eligible" men for educated women these days.

Dateonomics tells you everything you need to know about dating, and Jon also backs up everything he teaches with scientific facts and numbers. 

Best of all, Jon teaches you to use the numbers and the date-onomics in your favor.

Here's where you can purchase your own copy of Date-onomics. 

Why men love bitches sherry argov

#16: Why Men Love Bitches - Sherry Argov

Why men love bitches by Sherry Argov tells us that men are attracted to strong women. If you are a feminist yourself, or you just prefer a feminist approach to dating, this is the book for you.

Sherry argues that men prefer strong women to the docile woman society upholds. It also answers lots of questions like: 

  • Why do men change from being romantic to uncaring in a relationship? 
  • Why do men prefer strong women? 
  • Why do men take nice girls for granted? 

This humorous book gives you real life and practical hacks that give you more power and control over your dating life. Get your copy here. 

The new dating playbook scott Mcdougal

#17: The New Dating Playbook For Badass Women - Scott McDougal

The new dating playbook for badass women by Scott McDougal is just as its name implies, a bible for badass women. 

Scott uses the latest research on gender and behavioural psychology and three universal laws of human nature to help women succeed at attracting a long term relationship.

This book will also empower you to stop doing what society tells you to, to avoid being who you "should" be and instead, let your natural self be seen. 

A specific reason why this is one of the most relevant dating books for women? 

There’s an old way to date and there’s a new way to date in 2022. Scott McDougal tells you all you need to know about this new way. 

He also answers relevant questions on dating in relatable ways. Get a copy here.

Text him this not that gregg michaelsen

#18: Text Him This Not That - Gregg Michaelsen

You can’t have a list of dating books for women without a book on texting for dating. 

Text him this not that by Greg Michealsen gives you tips on:

  • How to build attraction
  • How to shatter boredom in your texting conversations with men
  • How to keep a guy interested and wanting more
  • How to  text him to keep him glued to you, attracted to you and wanting more

It basically teaches you the power of texts and helps you wield it like a sword. You can also find texting blunders you must avoid as well as what exactly to say when he asks you out.

Get your hands on a copy of Text Him This Not That right here.

Men are from mars women are from venus john gray

#19: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus - John Gray

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus by John Gray is one of the classic dating books for women. 

It teaches you how to understand the differences between men and women. This book is based on years of medical experience and results of successful counselling sessions. 

It is a book that has been around for long but has remained relevant (and timeless) over the years. Here's a summary and here's where to purchase it.

Can I be honest with you amy palatnik

#20: Can I Be Honest With You - Amy Palatnik

Can I be honest with you by Amy Palatnik is a hack that helps you sift through the endless world of online dating. 

It saves you the stress of dealing with pointless dates and leads you straight to potential ones. 

This book is one of the priceless dating books for women. It teaches you from a personal angle. It literally takes you by the hand, walks you through the world of dating and leads you to success.

Dating Books Can Add Tonnes Of Value To Your Life!

In this modern culture of "grass is greener" and FOMO, it can sometimes feel like a hopeless endeavour to find love.

But the truth is that we now have unique opportunities to find love that we never used to. With the help of dating books, someone can be by your side when you walk the path, and finding the right guy doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. Through these books, you can walk with those that have gone before you. 

You may think you’ve had enough of dating books and you may think there’s nothing new for you to learn, but there’s always more to learn. Pick one of them up in 2022 and enjoy.

By the way, to supplement your learning, here are some more resources to help you navigate the rocky dating terrain in 2022:

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	Martha Dugeri
Renee Shen

Martha Dugeri

Martha Dugeri is a medical student, part-time freelance data analyst and Creative Writer. She is currently studying to be a doctor at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. 

Author For National Council for Research on Women

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Author and Editor For National Council for Research on Women, founder of the popular women's dating & relationship advice website, The Feminine Woman.

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