811 Angel Number Meaning: Love, Twin Flames & More

Author: Sage "The Mystic" Simpson

If you have been blessed with seeing the 811 angel number a lot lately, you’re in luck!

This is a message from your guardian angels and the universe that you are ready for, or have already learned, some deep and powerful spiritual lessons. 

Your guardian angels are sending you these numbers because they want you to know that these lessons will put you in perfect alignment with your dreams.

They see that you’re ready to reap the fruits of your hard work in life, and they want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Unfortunately, your angels can only send you communication in the form of synchronistic occurrences, and this is why you’ve been seeing the number 811 repeatedly. 

They know that if you see this number often enough, you will take notice.

Before we discover the meaning of the 811 angel number, it’s imperative to explore the meaning of each individual number on its own.

The number 8 has traditionally been associated with infinity. So if the number 8 is following you or showing up in unexpected places repeatedly, this is wonderful news.

You are about to experience what it’s like to live an infinite life and have an infinitely joyous romantic relationship with the lover of your choice.

The number 8 also symbolizes spiritual growth. Have you been on a path of spiritual awakening in recent years? 

If so, this could be a sign that the hard work is about to pay off, and you will soon attract everything you’ve ever wanted into your life.

Now, the number 1 is a special one. It leads you towards a deep, unbreakable spiritual connection with the right person, or the right people.

The number 1 represents oneness, which means that you’re spiritually and consciously aware. You see what the universe is trying to communicate to you and you no longer resist what is. 

It is not easy to reach a state of oneness in this life, as we all want to retain our sense of identity and even persist with our desire to remain separate from others.

However, this can often be at conflict with our desire to find love and form deep connections full of trust and love. 

The number 1 is showing you that your spiritual journey is leading you towards a near flawless connection with your significant other, or even a special friend.

The state of oneness means to be at one with the universe and with important people in your life.

Specifically, it means that

  • You act from a place of love, rather than toxicity and fear
  • You’re ready to melt your walls and defences; and
  • You’re in alignment with what is true, rather than trying to force your own agenda onto others and onto the universe

Now let’s take a look at what the 811 angel number meaning is for love.

What the 811 Angel Number Love Meaning Is

Have you come across some struggles or barriers in your love life lately? 

Well, the 811 angel number is here to guide you towards ultimate success in love.

Your angels don’t always send you the number 811at the exact time that you’re getting what you want. 

Sometimes the angel number 811 is sent to remind you to keep going even though things are tough right now, because you’re super close to achieving your wildest dreams.

No spiritual lessons and real growth happen in your comfort zone. They happen just outside your comfort zone.

And it is often just outside your comfort zone that you begin to experience the deep love, acceptance and attraction you’ve always wished for.

If You’re In A Relationship:

If you’re in a relationship right now and you keep seeing 811 everywhere you look, it’s reminding you to relax your fears and to relinquish your need to control things.

Instead, your guardian angels are revealing the 811 angel number to you because they’re trying to communicate that they need you to stay connected to your lover, even when it’s hard.

What You Should Do Now:

Choose love over separateness. 

That’s what oneness is after all, isn’t it? 

When we look at the 811 angel number, we see that the number 1 is repeated twice, which means that extra emphasis is placed on the number 1.

The emphasis is on universal connection and your higher self here. So:

It’s very important right now that you try to leave your ego in a safe place and let it rest until it is truly needed. 

You don’t need it in your relationship at this time.

Instead, do the following:

  1. Lead with your understanding (understand your partner, and give this gift to him without expecting anything in return).
  2. Provide value to your lover. Be a high value woman. When you give value first, you are loving your partner. And this love will be returned to you infinitely if you give what he truly perceives value in.

What types of value should you be giving?

In a relationship, the most important things are emotional attraction and emotional connection, especially if we are talking about giving to a man.

A lot of women assume that value to men is just sex, but that is only the most valuable thing you can give if you want a transactional relationship, or if you’re not looking for a long term committed relationship.

Playfulness is the precursor to romantic love with a man, without playfulness you cannot fall in love together.

Playfulness is also the secret ingredient that fosters romantic love and keeps you both in love for many years to come.

So be playful (use the dark feminine art of high value banter to create an energy of playfulness and emotional attraction).

And the other key to lasting love is to allow yourself to be vulnerable to your lover. This looks like:

  • Not trying to control or manipulate him
  • Relaxing into your feminine energy; and
  • Connecting to your emotions over trying to make things logical. Often, discussions put a dampener on your authentic vulnerability, unless you’re verbalizing emotions whilst feeling them, so keep this in mind

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If You’re Single:

If you’re single right now and you’ve been waiting to find love, seeing the 811 angel number is a very good sign.

It means that everything is aligning for you in your love life, and you're ready to meet the right man for you.

When it comes to meeting the right one for you, there are a couple of important aspects that make it easier and faster.

These aspects are:

  1. Your ability to demonstrate your value as a mate, and therefore inspire a man to feel attraction towards you; and
  2. Your ability to connect and form many layers of connection with him

These layers of connection are best formed when you’re at one with your higher self and you’ve integrated all parts of who you are.

For instance, you may feel attracted to a guy and connect with him on a sexual level, but do you connect with his emotions, too? 

Yep, that’s the harder part for most women, because men tend to be less emotionally expressive than women.

Can you also connect with the dark and light parts of a man?

Are you able to embody your dark and light feminine energy so that you can allow him to connect with his dark and light masculine?

In order to have an infinite relationship and connection with someone, you need to be able to connect with your dark and light parts.

You need emotional connection as well as spiritual connection.

This is where true freedom and fulfilment lies.

What You Should Do Next:

The angel number 811 is reminding you to not prioritize only one part of you over the other.

In other words, don’t make it always spiritual, as that’s not real growth.

Real growth with your lover comes from being able to embody and connect with all parts of each other.


Integrate all parts of yourself, even the parts that might scare you or that you don’t typically identify with.

This is so that you can grow in your ability to connect with men and with people in general.

When you can connect to all parts of yourself (the crazy parts, the goofy parts, the fun parts, spiritual parts and the intelligent parts), that’s when you are fully integrated.

This is when you know it will be easy to attract any man you wish, because he can be all of himself with you (and he feels completely accepted by you too). 

It’s actually hard not to connect with this type of person, because they are so non judgemental and so free to express all of who they are.

They are a full expression of life!

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The 811 Angel Number Twin Flame Meaning

We’re about to delve into the 811 angel number twin flame meaning.

But just quickly, if you are not familiar with the term “twin flames”, it refers to your perfect “other half”.

So perfect, in fact, that they are the literal other half of your soul, your mirror soul.

We don’t always meet or reunite with our twin flames, but when we do, it is a love like no other.

No other love could compare, because your twin flame is the one person in this life who will challenge you the most, yet cause you the most growth in your life.

This is due to the fact that they share your traumas and life experiences. They may run from your connection, because it’s so powerful. 

But with twin flames, there’s always a pull towards each other that you cannot deny.

So what does the 811 angel number mean for twin flames?

811 Angel Number Meaning For Twin Flame Reunion

The 811 angel number twin flame meaning is that you are ready to reunite with your twin flame. They are just around the corner!

All the growth you’ve experienced has opened up a path that leads straight to your twin flame.

You are ready for this powerful spiritual connection, and it is likely that your twin flame is, (or will be soon) as well. 

All you have to do now is trust in the message of the universe, be patient and you will find that your twin flame will come to you.

It won’t be a perfect road to perfect love with your twin flame. Twin flame relationships are known to be challenging and turbulent.

But the love you have for each other will always be there. That’s a constant in all of this.

811 Angel Number Meaning In Twin Flame Separation

During a twin flame separation, the 811 angel number is reminding you that your souls are still connected.

The angels want you to know that if the number 811 is following you everywhere during a twin flame separation, it’s a reminder of the staying power of your spiritual connection.

Even though you are apart, you can still feel each other.

In fact, there are plenty of signs your twin flame is missing you, even if your twin flame is the one to initiate the separation or they seem like they need you less. 

So trust in this power, feel the energy from your twin flame, because it’s always going to be around you in some way.

Remember: you are not alone, even though you feel lonely. You are a spiritual being that is connected to all things.

The 811 angel number is guiding you along one of the most spiritual and infinite pathways you’ll ever experience in your lifetime.

You just have to trust in the power of 811 - it is guiding you through a tough and challenging time towards infinite spiritual and emotional connection with your twin flame.

What the 811 Angel Number Means Your Your Career And Finances

In terms of your finances, the 811 angel number is guiding you towards more abundance.

Specifically, your angels are sending you the message that despite any recent setbacks or painful challenges in your career and finances, they are only temporary.

But you, the one lucky enough to see 811 everywhere, are an infinite soul with infinite love, creativity and ability to attract money and opportunity into your life.

In fact, the amount of money and opportunities you attract into your life is in direct proportion to how much you allow your unique gifts and talents to bring value to the world. 

Have you been holding yourself back?

Do you know somewhere deep down inside that you have more love, understanding, connection and acceptance to offer others, but have let fear get the better of you?

Sometimes it isn’t even fear, it’s just laziness holding us back. But don’t hold back your unique gifts out of fear or laziness. 

Because these things can mean the difference between a promotion or a new career opportunity.

They can also mean the difference between a business that succeeds and a business that fails.

Not everyone will maximize their gifts in this life, but when you choose to do so, your earning capacity will increase greatly.

The Message From 811 Angel Number

The takeaway message from 811 angel number is this: it’s time to let go of your ego and fears, and let love and hope guide you in your relationships.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to reap the benefits from this spiritual energy entering your life.

The 811 angel number is guiding you towards expansion and success in all of the important areas of your life, and the angels want to see you succeed.

The only thing holding you back now is yourself.

So go ahead and trust that the infinite love within you is enough to make huge leaps forward in every area of your life!


Sage "The Mystic" Simpson

Sage is an intuitive student of the universe. She is connected to all living things and deeply resonates with the number patterns of the cosmos. She studies the intricate details of supernatural patterns of the universe and teaches others to become aware of the powerful effects of these patterns. 

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